Wall Street Unplugged
Episode: 1075September 20, 2023

This sector will thrive thanks to crazy government policies

I start today’s show by explaining why I won’t be retiring anytime soon…

By the time you listen to this, the Fed will have decided whether to hike interest rates… or keep them at current levels. I break down what I expect to happen… and why investors should be concerned about the latest inflation data.

Global debt has hit record levels… and higher rates will add trillions more in interest payments. I rant about how insane government spending is to blame… and how the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) proves government spending isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

A lot of folks think the Fed can solve these problems by cutting interest rates. I explain why a rate cut would NOT be bullish for the stock market. 

Finally, I highlight one sector that will continue to thrive amid the government’s crazy policies.

Inside this episode:
  • Why I’m not retiring anytime soon [0:33]
  • The Fed’s latest interest rate decision [5:44]
  • Global debt hits a new record high [8:55]
  • The government’s insane spending [14:15]
  • Why higher rates will hurt the market [17:50]
  • This sector will thrive thanks to the government’s crazy policies [22:05]
  • Don’t miss tomorrow’s Dollar Stock Club pick [29:35]
Frank Curzio
Frank Curzio, founder and CEO of Curzio Research, is one of America’s most respected stock experts. His research is regularly featured on media outlets like CNBC’s Kudlow Report, The Call, CNN Radio, ABC News, and Fox Business News. His Wall Street Unplugged podcast—ranked the No. 1 “most listened-to” financial podcast on iTunes—has been downloaded over 12 million times.

Wall Street Unplugged | 1075

This sector will thrive thanks to crazy government policies

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Frank Curzio: How’s it going out there? It’s September 20th.

I’m Frank Curzio. This is the Wall Street Unplugged podcast where I break down the headlines and tell you what’s really moving these markets.

I had a good friend come to visit me this week.

He’s from New York for like 30 years.

He just to come to here every year, but he didn’t come here last year.

So he flew in on Friday and he left earlier today.

We always have a lot of fun, do a lot of things, watch football.

We used to go to the Jacksonville game, we’re gonna go to the Chiefs Jackson game.

Glad we decided not to.

I dunno if you saw, I think the temperature on the field was like over 110 degrees, but we actually got there and for years I used to have a great connection to EverBank Field.

It’s now t i a field.

And we actually walked out the team onto the field one year, another time we got, you know, really great seats.

You normally get great seats.

And then last year or two years ago, we decided, you know what? Let’s just get the two cheapest seats.

They had this place called the Bud, bud Light Zone.

We hang out there, or the Bud Zone, not Bud Light.

Can’t say bud, but it’s a bud zone.

And we’ll stay there for, you know, two, three quarters.

The game’s good, we’ll stay the whole time and everything, so we’re gonna do that.

But we got to the stadium and I was looking at scout tickets and, and just buy tickets, whatever, even on, on, on a site last minute, it would pretty expensive, like $89 each, which is really, really, really, really expensive for Jacksonville, even though they’re playing the Chiefs was a good game.

But usually those tickets will go $4, the worst seats, new Yorkers and maybe, you know, people in Boston are laughing when they say those prices, but it was so hot, it was unbelievable.

I’m like, every, there’s nobody that’s gonna be sitting in the stadium.

Everyone’s gonna be there.

So we were like, let’s just get outta here and went to a bar and man, it was the best decision ever because one, it was the worst game.

I mean, Jacksonville like Lawrence just, you know, I won’t say he chokes, but he doesn’t really do that well.

He is just inconsistent, but no touchdowns.

I think they had 12, whatever.

It was definitely worth it because that stadium, people don’t realize how hot it is in that stadium in Jacksonville, holy cow.

But definitely a really, really good decision.

And I spent a lot of time, right? So I was, he came here Friday and I worked from home Monday and Tuesday.

Got a lot of stuff done.

’cause you know, that off’s like an hour away.

So basically home for like five straight days with the family, a friend.

And I have to tell you, I hear from so many young people in their late thirties, early forties who are successful, have good jobs, and you bought a house and you’re doing well.

And they talk about retiring and say, you know, I wanna retire by 45, 50 years old.

For me.

I had kids late in life, so I’m 51 and my daughters are one of ’em.

Is twelve’s gonna be 13 next week, teenager? Uh, gotta have a great party for next week.

And the other one’s 15, right? So they’re still in the house, they’re not driving yet.

Uh, although my 15 year old has a permit and she’s actually a good driver, thank God.

And my wife did mention retirement over the past few years, right? And that’s a conversation that I think most husbands and wives have around my age.

And she’s like, you know, hey, when are you gonna retire since you’ll work a lot? And she says, you know, I can’t wait for you to retire.

You’re gonna be home and this and that.

You know, she says, and I’ve come to realize that what my wife says and what she wants is two totally different things.

Because if I happen to retire now, which I’m not, I love what I do, my wife would literal kill me.

And when you look at most wives, especially if they’re taking care of the kids and they’re going to school in, in my situation where the kids are still in the house, their whole entire day is a routine.

And when you’re home, you ruin that routine, which means you get yelled at a lot.

I mean, you could just be in the wrong room at the wrong time.

I’m sitting there waiting, waiting for them to get ready in the living room.

And my wife’s like, what you doing in the living room? They got books everywhere, don’t you like, they just, it, it’s just like this perfect routine that they’re used to.

And when you inject yourself in it, it’s like, you’re dead.

So just get that f outta the room go.

I’m like, I’m just not even, I’m just sitting here, right? And it doesn’t matter.

You could be doing whatever.

Well, the best is I’m like, Hey, you want me to make breakfast for the kids? She’s like, no, I already own at Starbucks and I’m gonna go one mile outta my way to get it and pick up their food, but I can’t eat since I’m driving.

Then I’m gonna hit more traffic.

And when I get home, I have like another 10 things to do and with the laundry and I gotta make some calls.

And for, you know what, I gotta go pick up the kids again.

It’s like this massive list of s**t she does every day that she never gets tired of telling me about.

And God forbid, like I provide a way to make her routine easier, I’m, I’m dead, right? I, I never try, I’ve learned this, you never ever try to figure out a woman’s problems, right? You just wanna listen.

I mean, they don’t want, they won’t want a solution, right? If, if it makes her routine much, much, much easier, it doesn’t matter, right? Don’t even bother telling her because it’s going to p**s her off even more.

What she wants to do, she wants to vent.

So long story short, you, I’m not retiring anytime soon.

My wife definitely doesn’t want me to retire.

Maybe if the kids go to college, then we’ll have more time together.

But I know how busy she is and her routine is, and yes, I’m making fun of her, but it, it’s, listen with my routine as well.

If someone’s sitting in and they, and you just in the way, it’s a problem.

But it’s funny, it’s like, oh, you know you’re gonna retire when you have kids in the house still and there’s a lot of things going on and you’re working and stuff like that.

Your wife’s taking care of her and she’s also working, taking care of the kids.


She does not want you around that house, which is awesome.

And, and, and last thing here, I’m just happy to be back in the saddle working research in the markets having fun, which if you haven’t heard since I mentioned this on every two minutes in C N B C today, the 10 year is that 4.35% its highest level in 15 years.

So rates are ramping higher into today’s Fed meeting, which you’re gonna know about afterwards.

But you know, it may surprise you that rates are rising.

Consider the Fed, there’s a 100%, They’re gonna leave rates unchanged.

Yes, there’ll be commentary and stuff like that.

Like there always is and that’s what will move the markets.

But there’s a 0% chance because that’s how Powell runs his operation and make sure there’s no surprises and they put that out to the media.

So there’s zero chance, right? I hope it changes this way.

I could say tomorrow, wall Street employee premium, I was wrong, but there’s a zero chance, right? So they’re not gonna do anything.

But rates are rising sharply.

And you’re be asking, you know, look, why, why is it rising so much even though the Fed ‘s not expected to raise rates at this meeting.

And people say, well, there might be a shot that they raise in the next meeting.

Well, there’s a few reasons.

First is the latest inflationary data is horrible.

I mean, CPI P P I, they showed inflation no longer moderating.

It’s actually starting to go up again.

You look at all prices surging.

I mean I read articles today being floated out there in, in, in, you know, the media, liberal media just saying that we really don’t need the, the strategic petroleum reserve anymore.

That was back in the of course just saying that, right? ’cause they can’t replace it.

They’re supposed to do it and they’re not doing it, which is funny, but we don’t need it anymore.

That was different, you know, back in the day, you know, in times of war and stuff like that.

But we don’t need it.

Suddenly we don’t need anymore, right? So get used to that, that we’re not going to replenish that.

Uh, which is gonna p**s off the Saudis even more, right? ’cause we lied to them.

Lied to one of our, our partners.

Uh, also they’re rising due to what’s coming down the pipeline.

And what is that? So this quarter and next quarter, right? So the rest of this year, the US is about to issue a record 1.9 trillion in US treasuries, right? For that timeframe, which is gonna be used to fund our massive deficits and spending.

So mass supply TRE is being issued, that’s driving bond prices lower and yields move inversely, which they’re moving higher.

Now we need to look at the bigger picture here, which I feel like is not being talked about over the past 15 years.

Pretty much it’s a credit crisis.

Economic growth has been fueled by 0% interest rates.

And we’re looking at, at a 50 year decline in a 10 year, right? This is the 10 year.

So we’re looking at a 10 year, which was yielding 0.5% less than three years ago and is now at 4.3%.

So now what’s going to fuel our economy? Low interest rates was huge.

And everything basically feeds off the 10 year, which we know now if you are looking at what’s gonna fuel economic growth and we have much higher interest rate, it’s not gonna be the other global economies, right? China’s a disaster, which we let you know for that, for over, over a year now saying how terrible it was.

Now it’s just being reported how terrible it is.

Europe is barely growing, right? They’re terrible.

Mexico, Africa, south America, no way.

And I’m sure you don’t see this being mentioned often.

I think Bloomberg actually finally wrote a story about this global debt.

Just hit a record and take a guess on, on what that number might be.

Global debt.

Okay? Think of that number in your head.

It’s $310 trillion not to show what comes after trillion $310 trillion.

That’s up a hundred trillion dollars in the past decade alone.

Numbers kind of matter.

They matter, eventually they matter to Disney, they matter to Ford, they matter to gm.

They matter to these companies.

When people are like, oh, EVs are gonna be great and streaming’s gonna be matter numbers eventually matter.

Okay? You could fuel like a story and get hyped up and everybody gets excited like we did with SPACs and you know, the Wall Street loved it and and pumped that s**t right to every investor and and wrecked you guys, right? And made a fortune.

That’s what they do.

But eventually the numbers matter.

The numbers matter.

These are businesses, but this is the government because people think numbers don’t matter.

So we look at global jet to G D P, right? So we look at 310 trillion debt, right? Again, up a hundred trillion the past decade alone.

So global debt to G D P.

Remember countries who had more than a hundred percent of G D P, that G D P, it’s usually like a red flag.

US is now at 110%.

The UK’s at a hundred percent.

Spain’s at 102%.

Portugal’s at 118% Greece at 192% China, which is interesting.

Nobody knows.

And it’s funny because on the international monetary fund site, okay, this site exists right to list all the countries their debt to G D P ratio.

And when you go to all the countries, it says a percentage for China.

It actually says this.

It says no data, it says no data.

We don’t know what’s going on in China ’cause they don’t report it, right? So we have no idea.

But the global debt to G D P stands at 335% and the number is expected to rise substantially.

Why? Well, looking at demand for debt is gonna be much higher going forward.

Since consumers are businesses they need to try to keep up with inflation and higher prices.

You have the massive global climate change agenda where governments are spending trillions for on alternative energy.

But nobody caress at these initiatives actually work.

’cause if we looked and we monitor, we might be able, we might be able to cut costs.

You can’t say you wanna do that otherwise you’re anti-climate change and, and you know, again, you get shut off from everything and little media hates you, your business.

You lose everything, you lose your life, right? Just you question it and say do you really need to spend trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars? Could we save it? Can’t, can’t question it, right? Not allowed to.

And 40 GM are still planning to spend $85 billion over an extra years to build cars EVs that they’ll never make a profit on.

And more than half the country says they don’t wanna buy.

You wonder why the U AAW is striking right now.

There it is.

Keep the $85 billion.

Don’t make it on cars.

You can’t compete with Tesla and Rivian with, they know it.

They don’t have a choice.

If they do, what’s gonna happen with government and who knows? But you have to follow the agenda.

money on.

85 billion man as we as shareholder of those companies, it’s gotta be a lot of fun.

Imagine you spend the 85 billion and to make into things that they know they could sell gas vehicles that they do a great job doing.

I just got my Lincoln fixed after one year, which is new.

And I went there, they had an EV charging and I asked the guy, I said, you know, what do you see in EVs? He’s like, nothing.

He’s like, none of our customers want EVs.

They don’t like ’em.

I’m not saying there’s not a a a market for them.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t use them.

I agree with them.

I think Rivian is awesome.

I I may buy Rivian, probably not ’cause I like to drive it.

I don’t feel like charging things every 30 minutes.

I drive a lot, but there’s definitely a market for it.

But the home market, the massive demand that you thought you’re gonna see the, it’s gonna take over everything to mandate it in California, you outta your mind mandated in California for EVs, you don’t have the grid in place.

Gotta hope your grandma doesn’t have a stroke or something.

I mean, what are you gonna do if the grid’s down? How are you gonna get her there? I don’t know.

Hopefully she doesn’t weigh that much.

Or you can carry her 20 blocks through hospital.

Hopefully it’s in 20 block.

I don’t know.

They don’t care about that.

Nobody cares.

Just mandate it.

Then you have the massive infrastructure bills, right? Just showing you about this debt and, and how it’s gonna go higher and higher.

Trillions of more spending, more initiatives from our government that, that doesn’t have any checks and balances.

I mean seriously have water pipes been replaced? Bridges been fixed.

And Biden’s bill passed two years ago.

His infrastructure bill, right? Why point to infrastructure bill, there is still 650 billion in past funding that has yet to be allocated toward new infrastructure.

And he’s putting out of this one point trillion, 2 trillion.

This is an infrastructure bill by the way, only 550 billion of that money.

But combined with the 650 billion, it seems like it’s more.

But this is past funding.

I actually look to see where that passed funding.

They, someone was passed in 2015.

It was 300 billion.

I don’t even know you, you can’t even find it.

They won’t list it.

Especially if we go to Google, they’re not gonna list that everything’s Biden passed.

Biden passed, Biden passed, getting a liberal agenda.

You get it.

The 550 billion in new money from Biden’s infrastructure bill includes 65 billion to equip all Americans with internet.

Who doesn’t have internet iner? You have a cell phone.

I mean give that job to me.

I could do it for less than 5 billion.

I’m sure you could work with the phone companies, T-Mobile, Verizon, have them provide the cheapest free phones to people and and cheap internet service and write it off as as donation or whatever.

And Phil, whatever, $65 billion, like people really don’t have access to the internet.

What am I missing? I’ve been a lot of places and I know some areas are not as good as other areas, but really 65 billion.

You look at at, at a lot of the infrastructure bill, most of it expect the roads, bridges, energy, power grids, public transit, There’s gonna be no accountability and it’s just money being spent.

It’s like 75 billion in financial aid, right? Which is weapons.

They say financial aid and all this stuff.

It’s, it’s weapons we sent to Ukraine to fight Russia.

$75 billion.

Do you know what this number started at? It started 2 billion when they first said they were going war.

This is February, 2022.

If you get 75 billion it includes, and I read it at the beginning, 80 stingers like antiar weapons, unmanned drones, grenade launchers, massive amounts of ammunition, they listed all this stuff.

And what else you want a couple couches, the hangout free foot.

What else you want? I mean did you ever see Lord of War with Nicholas Cage? I mean it’s based on Victor Bat, one of the biggest armed smokers in the world.

Arms dealing is the most corrupt industry in the world.

There’s no accountability there.

You don’t know if they’re using this stuff.

Are they, we’re actually seeing them use these weapons? Does the Ukraine need this much support from America given there’s 30 other members of NATO which are all supporting this war? Alright, even though Ukraine’s not NATO and will never be ’cause elicit as one of the most corrupt nations in the world pre-war.

Now everybody loves them.

Just again, just telling you the truth here.

But aren’t those other 30 members, like what are they doing? Are they provid? 8 75, $80 billion that that we’ve given and we just keep go another billion.

It was 2 billion went to 75, it’s unlimited, no account.

We don’t even know what’s going on.

You see how many the accounting errors there have been? Oh we made a, we made a rounding error of two $3 billion.

Again, more than the original amount you’re supposed to give them.

Where’s the rest of of the NATO members? Are they giving them money? Nah, not nearly as much as we’re giving them but keep funding it.

Keep funding it.

This all has to do with global debt.

Whether you agree with this s**t or not, global debt’s not going down anytime soon.

And by the way, some more interesting data that you don’t see reported, at least I don’t have to dig for a lot of this stuff.

S and p reports that 35% of this debt is floating, meaning it’s interest rate sensitive or sensitive to the fastest increase in interest rates we’ve seen in the Fed era and since low rates funded this boom.

What do you think higher rates are gonna do to the world economy? And we’re looking at 18 months an increase in, in in rates 18 months.

We’re looking at paying or servicing.

This debt that we had was a couple of hundred billion dollars a service of debt.

And now after 18 months of increases and also spending the amount of spending that we continue to see from our government, we’re looking at 4 trillion, close to 4 trillion in interest payments alone.

Again servicing the debt interest payments alone.

That’s it.

It’s not like you added like 4 trillion in expenses and you have more employees for a business or you had an acquisition.

This is just extra money.

Profit and loss.

There you go.


Interest expense.

And I think that’s an insane number but I guess numbers don’t really mean anything anymore.

Nobody cares.

The s and p is trading ads trading at 20.

Why should be trading at 20 times earnings today when it’s trading at 20 times earnings in 2019 and yet earnings aren’t growing.

Oh well they’re expected to grow by next year by 12% expected we had three straight quarters of negative G D P growth.

I mean negative earnings growth.

Think about that for a minute.

How crazy is that about a debt that we continue to accumulate And what’s driving this growth is more and more government spending, but apparently people think hey it’s not gonna matter.

You keep spending 4 trillion interest payments.

Let’s see ’cause we’re seeing the housing market really start to collapse.

Demand falling off a cliff.

Nobody’s really buying houses anymore unless you’re paying cash.

Can’t afford it.

Have you seen the amount of retailers, Dale, I read off that list, of retailers and it wasn’t like seven or eight, it was like three, four dozen every one of them talking about how terrible it is for the consumers and it’s much worse than we thought it was gonna be.

This is not a one-time thing guys, when you raise interest rates, it’s not like you’re taking a write off or you’re like, okay this is just, this is gonna turn around.

This is a long drag that’s gonna get worse and worse for a very long time.

And now we’re seeing what, what’s gonna happen when you continue, the government continues spend on what you’ve seen inflation go back up.

So I don’t know what they’re gonna say today, but they’re definitely not going to say that they’re not raising rates in the future or that’s off the table.

Which by the way, you should be very nervous about.

And we’ve all this, this bull market, right? I mean everybody’s calling this bull market saying it’s gonna go high as good ’cause rates, you know they’re gonna stop raising rates.

Well, they haven’t stopped raising rates and the market went higher.

So what’s gonna happen when they do stop raising rates? When they stop raising rates and they pause? The reason why they would do that is because the economy’s slowing and they see risks and then when they start lowering, that’s a sign that the economy is doing terrible.

Think about 2000 during the.com market when they started lowering through 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, market crashed.

Think about the credit crisis market didn’t crash when they were raising rates.

The market started crashing when they were lowering rates.

That’s what they started doing, 2008, 2009.

And then surprisingly in 2010 they were supposed to say, okay, let’s get those rates back up again.

And they kept them at zero forever and said, wow, this is awesome.

This is great.

Let’s enjoy this.

Well now look where we are now because every economist, every market analyst that’s been in this industry, I don’t care if you’ve been in for 30, you throw out every textbook, throw out everything like historical means s**t right now.

We’ve never been in the market like this.

How many people you see even like really people that you follow on Twitter, social media, in the markets that say this is the first time I’ve seen this, this is even me, this is the first time I’ve ever seen this in 30.

I mean this really is the fir we we’re an uncharted territory, which means you have a huge added amount of risk.

Risk that you can’t foresee.

So if you’re in this market, I know it’s punishing you to sometimes be out of this market, especially when you have seven stocks really driving the whole thing higher.

That makes it incredibly dangerous.

So again, I guess numbers don’t mean anything anymore.

When our government believes they continue to fund growth forever, I think it’s a dangerous game to play in the meantime.

What are you gonna do about it? Buy oil.

We’re not gonna fill up strategic oil.

We know we’re not gonna do that, right? Which should actually drive oil prices higher if you do that right? But it’s not going to happen anyway.

But you’re looking at the Saudis now we’re not drilling as much.

We should be drilling like crazy at these prices.

But you wonder why oil’s going higher.

I mean, do you see that stopping anytime soon? Oh, demand is gonna fall off a cliff.

Well look at G D P numbers.

They’re actually going going to rise going forward.

Seeing China demand, yeah, it’s really weak.

Maybe you could say it’s gonna be even weaker going forward, but it hasn’t really had that impact.

How are you gonna get oil lower right now? I don’t know.

Probably gonna go a lot higher.

Even if it goes down five, seven, $8 from here, it’s still much, much higher.

So we say buy oil, you look at a Dollar Stock Club portfolio, right, which is attached to Wall Street Unplugged Premium product subscription.

You got X on the portfolio for a while now up 90%.

Daniel, thank Daniel for that one.

Marathon’s up 18% Helix Energy offshore play up 14% in two months.

Buy uranium uranium portfolio for a while with global extra uranium E T F up over 30% for us.

Cameco, I think we recommended last week we’re up already up over 5% on just so TPL l Texas Pacific Land Trust, which is a land play asset play up 40% in a few months.

We have some losers in the portfolio.

We have a couple cryptos in the portfolio that that hasn’t done that well.

But you’re looking at a lot of these names, right? We’re saying by gold now we have some positions gold in the portfolio by infrastructure since 1.

2 trillion’s being allocated to it.

And, and again, if you don’t agree with it or eventually money’s going to flow into a lot of this stuff, but play off what the government is doing, whether you agree with it or not, or climate change or whatever, it doesn’t matter.

The money is going there.

You can hold up a sign on protest either way, if that’s what you wanna do.

That’s not what I do.

I like to make money.

But if you’re looking at those names I mentioned, I mean an investment in, in any of ’em would be enough to cover the cost of Wall Street Unplugged Premium for two to three years.

So it’s like $10 a month to subscribe to that Wall Street Unplugged.

Dale and I just break down the markets, give you the actual picks to benefit from all the b******t we see in Washington on Wall Street when it comes to SPACs and things like that.

When you’re listening to every analyst tell you to buy Disney, it’s a strong buy at one 70.

What is it? 80 Now it’s, it can’t sell E S P N A B C.

They can’t sell these properties.

So you need to raise a shitload of money to pay for the rest of Hulu, which I think is gonna be a disaster.

So it can’t make money on streaming the wall Unplug premium.

Probably the best value you can get for any financial product being sold in America and best of all is we’re 100% independent.

Meaning I don’t give a s**t who I p**s off.

I’m gonna tell you the truth.

Whoever gets offended too f*****g bad.

And you know what, I think people want more of that, especially in Washington, especially on Wall Street.

Almost everything you watch is b******t.


I mean, you don’t even know what the true stories are.

You have no idea.

You just, all people know is what you tell them.

And, and when you, you, you’re glued to a certain place and from someone who actually has boots on the ground and travels to different areas and tries to tell you these stories and then got shut out and had bad reviews.

If you look at my reviews, I think, I don’t know, it’s like four point, what is it? I don’t even care about stars or whatever for the podcast.

We knew this such a long time, but there was a stretch where when I was talking about fracking and I went there like people just killed me.

This, these guy conservative analyst, I’m not conservative, I’m telling you the truth.

I’m telling you what’s going on that a lot of the b******t regarding fracking and, and the earthquakes and, and it kills animals and oh my god, it’s, it is b******t cause water contamination.

I mean, think about that.

Telling you the truth.

Gets you kicked off sites, places like YouTube, Facebook, I mean YouTube just suspended Russell brand, you know, left us pushing out news that he suddenly, right, suddenly all he’s been around forever, suddenly he raped and sexually assaulted women, right? Allegedly, good timing, considering what is he doing out there? If you watch all his videos, bill Maher, all these played attacking big pharma companies, what Tucker did attacking the BSS COVID agenda by Washington, the national media companies.

I mean, how convenient that you’re suspending him for allegations.

Not ’cause he’s found guilty, but for allegations, amazing world we live in.

I’m not a big fan of Russell brand either.

I’m just saying it’s amazing.

I mean, you could hate what someone’s saying, but you have the right to say it.

It’s free speech.

And I hate what a lot of people say sometimes, but again, I, I don’t, I would never vote to kick them off of anything because you have the right to say whatever you want.

Now you get kicked off of sights.

What do you have? the biggest liberal company by far in America, kicked them off.

These allegations, these allegations, these allegations, all these allegations, they don’t even care if they’re true or not.

Just convenient.

They have been when he’s really has this massive platform now.

Anyway, comes a Wall Street Unplugged.

Wall Street Unplugged Premium Curzio Research.

I’m not gonna follow the b******t agenda of the media.

I’m be forced to be put in line.

I I’m too old for that.

And for me, the way I was brought up by my dad, my family credibility, reputation is more important than, than how much money you make.

Always look at yourself in the mirror, right? You run outta money.

But look at yourself in the mirror and be proud.

That’s what your kids are gonna look at.

That’s why I have so many listeners to this podcast, because we tell it how it is and people want that.

Even if they disagree, they want it, they want it.

Okay, I could deal with this.

I mean, I don’t agree with what everybody says, nobody does, but man, you want it to be based on truth.

You wanna be able to look at a video and see something happening and be like, holy s**t, that guy should go to jail.

And he doesn’t go to jail.

It’s it.

It’s, you know, we all seen this.

How do these people see things differently? It’s a political agenda.

It’s crazy.

But again, why we have lots of listeners to this podcast for a very long time doing this for a long time.

We tell the truth by the best analyst analysis on Wall Street, including ideas, you’re not gonna hear Main Street media ’cause we cover so many industries and try our best to make regular folks a lot of money, which we’ve done.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing this.

People wouldn’t be paying for my services otherwise.

Anyway, mini rant there, but how about them? Eagles actually, how about the N F C East seven wins.

One loss.

Remember the division was like the laughing stock of the N F L.

He watched him.

Looks good.

Great defense.

Howell may be the most underrated.

I mean, underrated quarterback, underrated player in the N F L, knew how good he was Washington to go off the quarterback.

He played the last game of the season, won that last game.

Big game.

He looks, looks sharp, looks good, looks really good.

Washington’s for real, it’d be two kind of easy teams.

But let’s see, giants, big comeback win.

Gonna be playing Thursday again, San Francisco, you see if they’re real or not.

If that was just luck with the comeback, but pretty good stuff.

Love the N F L, love what’s going on, enjoying life.

So guys, questions, comments, feel free to email at frank@Curzioresearch.com.

That’s it for me.

If you’re interested in learning more about Wall Street Unplugged Premium, you can go to zizi research.com, subscribe there, and you’ll get a chance to listen to me and me and Daniel on tomorrow’s show.

We do every Thursday.

Gonna recommend another stock pick for you like we do every week in our Dollar Stock Club portfolio, which is free, along with your membership to Wall Street Unplugged Premium.

Also, happy to say we are making great progress with our app, which is close to being launched, just working out the tweaks and stuff like that.

Now you guys wanted, it takes a little while to do some of this stuff.

Wanna be able to launch it where you can listen to it, get ideas from you guys, and then we’ll build it out more and more and more.

So that’s gonna be really cool for Wall Street Premium, so anyone can listen to it.

Anyone subscriber, we’ll keep you guys updated on that and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Wall Street Unplugged Premium. Take care.

Announcer: Wall Street Unplugged is produced by Curzio Research, one of the most respected financial media companies in the industry. The information presented on Wall Street Unplugged is the opinion of its host and guests. You should not base your investment decisions solely on this broadcast. Remember, it’s your money, and your responsibility.

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