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Episode: 1045June 7, 2023

The SEC is going ‘Elmer Fudd’ on crypto

Frank is at an industry meeting this week—leaving me, Daniel, behind the mic.

Over the past two days, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) declared war on crypto exchanges Binance (BNB) and Coinbase (COIN). I break down why the SEC has gone full “Elmer Fudd” on crypto… why investors should expect more strong-arming from regulators… and how I’d play the crypto space over the short and long term.

The PGA Tour shocked (and angered) the sports world this week when it announced it’s merging with LIV Golf. Before joining forces, the two rival organizations were engaged in a war of words—including accusations of terrorism—and antitrust lawsuits. I highlight the lesson everyone should learn from this ugly situation… and a stock that will profit from the merger.

And finally, as a non-tech-savvy 37-year-old, I share my perspective on Apple’s new headset, the Vision Pro.

Inside this episode:
  • The SEC is going crypto hunting [1:30]
  • The political theater of the SEC’s crypto crackdown [8:00]
  • Why the PGA/LIV merger is shaking the sports world [15:20]
  • Apple’s new headset is a success story in the making [22:05]
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Daniel Creech is a Curzio Research analyst with over a decade of experience. He writes on macro trends, large- and small-cap stocks, and digital securities. He’s a regular contributor to Wall Street Unplugged, Curzio Crypto, Curzio Research Advisory, and The Dollar Stock Club.

Wall Street Unplugged | 1045

The SEC is going 'Elmer Fudd' on crypto

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Daniel Creech: How’s It going out there? It’s Wednesday, June 7th, and you’re listening to the Wall Street Unplugged podcast normally hosted by the one and only Frank Curzio, but he is traveling today.

He is out on business.

 He’s up in Baltimore, wheeling and dealing planning the future of Curzio Research.

And that leaves me Daniel Creech, Curzio Research analyst here behind the mic to fill in on Wall Street Unplugged.

Glad you have joined us.

The SEC goes full Elmer Fudd on crypto.

Two rivals make a right and are now teaming up to be in love once again.

And I’m shocked that it’s getting so much publicity across financial markets.

Get into that in just a moment.

 And Apple, the mighty Apple has released its newest product in about a decade.

And I will opine on that because as a non-tech 37 year old, I am perfect.

 It’s like giving parenting advice.

 I have no children.

I’m not a big fan of children.

 I don’t want any of my own.

I just like other people to teach their own.

 But I will give some, feedback on Apple and what I think of that.

 All right, let’s get right into it.

 I’m going to help you out here, put a very serious matter into a fun laughable matter because as we’ve joked about on this podcast, if you don’t have a smile on your face and take everything with a laugh, this world will drive you absolutely crazy.

 And as the Wayland, as the great Wayland Jennings sung, it’s okay to be crazy.

It keeps you from going and sane earlier this week.

This is a wonderful Wednesday, but on, Monday, the news broke.

So Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal comes out with a huge s e c lawsuit, claims Binance misuse funds.

 Now, the CliffNotes here is if you replace the word Binance with FTX, and you remember that whole fall album fraud and Sam Bankman-fried just replace Binance with FTX in here.

 And that’s essentially what the s e c is, is calling and accusing Binance of.

 They’re co-mingling funds, meaning you and I as investors sent money to this platform thinking we were gonna buy whatever crypto or cryptocurrency, and they were using it as their own piggy bank trading against us doing this, manipulating all the markets to make look, make it look like volumes were higher than they were.

Liquidity was better than it was, meaning you could buy and sell easily.

And so I will get into that in just a moment possibly.

But then before the ink could even dry on that, today’s Wall Street Journal front page is of course the S e c Widens Crypto Crackdown.

 Now, this isn’t a continuation of yesterday’s paper and the Binance saga.

 No, no, no.

 This is on publicly traded Coinbase, and the suits are totally different.

The Binance alleged argument and lawsuit, they are actually asking a Fed eral judge to freeze Binance us.

That’s one arm of Binance.

 They’re an international, the largest crypto exchange by volume in the world.

The s e C is asking a Fed eral judge to freeze the assets on bin us.

That’s a big deal.

 Talk about causing a huge cluster Florida, this is a family show.

 Investors are just in waiting mode, getting tossed around by the tide, proving once again, we are simply pawns in this big world of investing.

 That’s okay.

That’s not reason to quit or sit on the sidelines.

You just have to understand the reality and the rules that you have to play within and win accordingly.

 Now, I’m gonna help you out here with Gary Gensler and the SEC and what’s going on here.

 Uh, I’ll get to one of the biggest coincidences in just a moment, but it’s always easy to apply humor to a situation, to a help you understand, help you remember it, and just get through the day without pulling your hair out.

So here is Gary Gensler, the SEC Chairman, all right? And if you put a trucker hat on him, you’re gonna get this guy.

And this is the lovable wonderful Elmer Fudd.

 And I say that, see, that’s not a big jump.

 If you’re looking at my screen here, I’m sharing my screen and showing a picture of Gary Gensler and then showing a picture of Gary Gensler with a trucker hat.

And it looks like Elmer Fudd and Elmer Fudd is a lot of fun because who can forget that? He says, now I’ll kill that.

W Now he is trying to say Rabbit.

He has his own language and pronunciation like I do on many things, but it’s not R A B B I T, it’s W A B B I T.

 But Gensler, in his Elmer Fudd impression, you can just replace Wbi with crypto or crypto because he can say stuff like, kill the crypto or [unknown] crypto, or how about one of my favorites? I have come across a crypto right in my toilet.

 All right, Gensler.

 So he’s got the knives out for Binance.

And not only Binance, but Coinbase.

 And earlier this morning on cnbc, I was waiting to record this for you wonderful audience members because Brian Armstrong, ceo, E O of Coinbase was on CN BBC earlier, and he was defending himself and just saying couple of key things he said here was he said that they have met, they meaning Coinbase, have met with the SEC over 30 times, and they got no responses, no guidance, and no feedback when they specifically asked questions on different, pilots or programs or business ventures, whether it be staking or lending against crypto.

Because once you start getting the interest or accrued interest on those assets, that’s when the S SEC is saying they are securities or in line with that.

And that’s a big deal.

 But I want your feedback here, daniel@Curzioresearch.com, daniel@Curzioresearch.com, because it’s very hard, as Frank always talks about, it’s impossible, nearly impossible to fight the government and win.

And now that’s what’s going on with Coinbase here.

They’re getting sued and they’re going to have to hopefully pay massive, massive fines and move on.

 Like I said, the SEC is going after Binance to essentially shut it down, freezes assets and wipe it out.

 That’s not what their intent, it seems from the lawsuit with Coinbase.

It’s more of a welcoming into the field or the arena.

And that’s what’s interesting because Gary Gensler was on CNBC yesterday and he said a couple things that really stood out to me and I believe show the merits or the underlying, reason and cause for these lawsuits.

And I think every investor ought to pay attention because it’s not simply about what is a security versus what a commodity.

That’s what the headlines are trying to steer you into thinking and focusing on.

And I think that that’s why, and that’s the biggest red flag of bs.

Gary Gensler in a CNBC interview the other day, said that we don’t need more digital currencies.

We already have digital currencies.

 He said, we have the US dollar, we have the Euro, we have the yen.

Now this is supposed to be one of the smartest, and he is one of the most powerful people in security and exchange ruling in laws.

And this is outright scary because he literally is as smart as Elmer fud when he says this.

 Let me give you a newsflash here.

 People, the US dollar can be used as a digital currency, meaning you can use it digitally over the internet.

You can transfer money here and there.

 You can use credit cards, you can use wire transfers, whatever.

 That doesn’t mean it’s a digital currency.

Buy and buy Bitcoin is a digital currency because it’s a program.

 It was, it’s a created program that creates this, these units that people deem citizens, the free market deem valuable currency, it can be used and all that kind of stuff.

So it drives me insane when government officials say that we are going to come out with, central Bank Digital currency, CBDC, because it’s going to be totally different, and it’s going to be, it’s not.

It’s going to be the exact same fiat silly House of Cards, Willy Wonka, wizard of Oz currency that they print out of thin air and back with the taxing power i e gun to your head and the citizens to collect tax revenue.

So Gary Gensler, I couldn’t disagree more with, we don’t need any more digital currencies, um, because what you’re classifying as digital currencies is, is kind of goofy.

He throws out innovation, trust, and integrity as that’s his world, and that we believe in trust the current exchange and trading markets.

He said another thing that they want to bring in crypto into the regulatory framework, and I gotta laugh out loud because the absolute winners and, people that have to be happy about this are the people like Jamie Dimon who’s trying to not get involved in the Epstein case and the big bankers that are already in this world of Gary Gensler, where they simply rinse and repeat, oh, you make a bunch of mistakes, you pay millions, if not billions in fines for manipulating markets or hurting clients.

And customers who remember Gary Gensler says, with a straight face, somehow he must practice a whole hell of a lot in front of his mirror.

But he says in a straight face that all this is done to protect you and me, the consumer, the individual, the little guy, because you’re too damn dumb to make decisions on your own.

 And you need us, the big regulatory people, to, to enforce and to look out for you big brother at its best.

The irony here and what everybody else would like for you to forget in the mainstream media, which is why you tune in here and listen to cutting edge info and description of the news, is because this is not a coincidence.

 And like CEO of Galaxy Digital, which better watch out for the SEC Mike Novogratz CEO says that it’s all, all this crackdown is because the administration is upset because the FTX fallout and debacle and, billions in losses made the Democrats look worse than the Republicans.

 Now, those are his words, not mine.

 I’m not saying that.

 I’m simply saying, if you think this is all a coincidence to have these kind of crackdowns and to try to absolutely smear and diminish this crypto, industry as a whole right now following the FTX at the end of last year, I just would say, Hey, stay in your world.

That’s an amazing visit reality every once in a while.

 But I, I, I would tip my hat on, tip my hat if I had one onto you for thinking that it’s a coincidence.

 Now, what’s the takeaway from all this? You’re gonna have litigation and back and forth.

 The reaction was interesting.

Crypto dropped six 7%.

 I say crypto meaning Bitcoin, um, on, let’s see, Monday when these announces were coming out because it hit the paper the following day, but when Binance hit Binance coin BNB dropped, and Bitcoin dropped about six or 7%.

And then it held and then start slowly started to come back when yesterday’s paper hit, um, showing the Binance on the front story of the Wall Street Journal, Bitcoin actually rallied yesterday four or 5%.

Binance popped a little bit back as well.

Coinbase sold off when they were announced that they’re getting targeted.

They come back a little bit pre-market this morning.

They were up a little bit as well with Brian Armstrong going on CNBC.

 Now, what I think this has shaped the crypto stocks is, I think it’s moved this from a buy and hold unless you have a very long timeframe to a trading mentality.

And I hate that from an individual because trading is difficult.

 It brings in, emotions and, and higher risk of loss because it’s just a difficult game to do it through and through.

I hate that for the average investor because everybody has lives in other professions, interest, things like that.

 Investing is not everybody’s life.

Therefore, if you’re going to buy a Coinbase like Cathie Wood, the fund manager of Arc, I read on CNBC that she bought 20 million more of Coinbase, when it dropped.

She is looking out for several years.

So even if this litigation takes two years, and let’s say Coinbase doesn’t get shut down, they pay massive, massive fees depending on people’s interest then and what’s going on in crypto.

If it’s a survivor, I totally agree with Frank.

The survivors are going to last just like the.com bubble.

This is nothing new under the sun.

 Booms and bust happen all the time.

Survivors last, they control market share afterwards.

So if you’re willing to have a very long timeframe, I think then you can buy and hold some of these key assets like a Coinbase.

But if you don’t have a very long timeframe and you don’t have your emotions in check, then you’re stuck to either trading or sitting on the sidelines and, hiding out in either say Bitcoin or crypto.

Just a couple other points on how this came out.

when they sued Binance, CZ, the CEO and owner of Binance replied on his Twitter account and explained that the media got the info before Binance, which is pretty shady.

 I mean, that, that, that shows that it’s very, um, how do you say that tells me it’s very elementary, it’s very politically driven.

 Uh, there’s a lot of drama around.

And so if you share it with the press, and then also the SEC quoted a former employee of Binance and they quoted and they put it out on Twitter about how they were going to, that they were running an effing unlicensed exchange, bro.

And I just think when you lead in with that to try to get the aha moment and the, the gasping of the audience reaction, I just think that’s a tough climb, a a tough uphill battle.

And I’m interested to see how the consumer reacts and to see about.

 So I’ll be following, some inflows and outflows on Bitcoin.

 I’ll report back on that, over the next couple podcasts.

But I’m just curious to see how the Bitcoin price action and what happens there, because this just seems like they’re swinging really hard for the fences, and I think it’s going to play, I think it’s gonna backfire in the way that they want to, um, or, or not in a way they intend, because it’ll be interesting to see if you change the narrative or the attitude of the common person in crypto.

And on tomorrow’s quick programming note here on Tomorrow’s Wall Street Unplugged Premium podcast for all of you paying subscribers where we charge $10 a month for more in-depth analysis, back and forth banter between Frank and myself, as well as a stock pick.

Each week I’m gonna go into more detail about this, about the winners and losers and what I think will happen with the overall industry and why it’s going to be a flight to quality and what I expect there.

Now, I wanna turn, so to wrap up here, um, unfortunately I think this makes it a trading environment, not a buy and hold environment, and we’re gonna have a lot of price swings, but it’s gonna be a flight to quality.

 So just pay attention, keep your emotions in check, and now we can move on to the crazy drama of two rivals are now in love with each other.

And I usually keep this for the paid subscribers where I take songs outta context and apply them to markets and economicS&Politics, because I’m gonna be honest with you, it’s just a good time.

The PGA and LIV golf have announced a merger and a surprise merger for everybody.

Such a surprise that members of the PGA found out on Twitter, and that’s having a big backlash.

 But I’m going to see here, I wonder if this is the song that Jay Monahan and others were listening to when they were deciding to get back together.

 So here is Adele singing.

Was this the PGA or LIV reaching out, Hey, Jay, but when I call you, but when I call you, you never seem to be home.

The absolute crazy thing here is that, Oh, lemme Pull this up.

 What I’m surprised about is Bloomberg, yahoo, CNBC and just about everybody else is covering this LIV PGA tour thing.

And that shocks me because if you’re going to come across, on the financial side, you would expect them to Kind of have a takeaway there.

 And from what I can see, it’s really just drama.

And I wanna, I want to give you the biggest winner here who I think is going to potentially be a good trade and also investment.

This is Top Golf Callaway Brands.

 Now, they changed their name to Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp.

They used to be just Callaway Golf, and the ticker makes zero sense at all to me, but what do I know? MODG.

So MODG is the ticker for Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp.

You can see that good bar on the right hand side.

This is just yesterday when it rallied, four and five, four or four 5% on this LIV golf news.

The crazy thing.

 And you could look at Dick’s, you could look at Nike, as a bump here in golf, or you could play Topgolf Callaway, which is an old, familiar story with Frank and I.

 We recommended that, in Curzio Research Advisory in the past.

And I’ll look for it in Dollar Stock Club.

 The big takeaway here is be careful who you listen to and who you put your faith in, because what drives me nuts about the PGA and I am a huge PGA LIV fan, I’m just a golf fan.

And when some of my favorite players left the PGA and went to LIV like Brooks Koepka reigning PGA champion, who has now five majors, I wasn’t upset with them.

 I didn’t, I didn’t throw stones at ’em.

And hey, teach their own, it’s all business because the way the PGA came out and attacked them for taking essentially blood money, Saudi money invoking the nine 11 terrorist attacks, talking about sports washing and how you’re just getting over your human rights abuse and you’re just, you know, pointing to shiny lights and loud symbols over here and buying soccer teams and things like that.

 And the point is, is that, Monahan, Jay Monahan from the PGA was on TV constantly, and him and Jim Nance, Frank Curzio, retweeted it @FrankCurzio, and they talk about, Hey, you never had to apologize to be a part of the PGA and all this.

 And, and they, they ridicule them for taking the money.

And yet now the PGA has simply copycatted the bigger purses, bigger prize monies, different formats, and now they’re joining and it’s really going crazy.

 So it just shows you how politics are involved in everything.

 Unfortunately, money trumps absolutely everything in this crazy world, and that’s just another sobering reality you need to pay attention to.

 Again, getting back to this chart with Topgolf Callaway Brands, you can see it sold off hard down to the $16 range.

 This is FINVIZ, and I’m not, this is a great free website.

I’m not exactly sure how often they update these numbers.

I would have to look into that more.

 However, they showed the short float about 7% here.

 That’s not a ton, but you can get some short covering, which would cause the price to spike a little higher on any good news in this book.

 Value per share.

 Now, be careful with sum of parts, but the book value per share is essentially the fact that, hey, if you just shut down the company sold its assets and distributed it, you’d get $20 and 58 cents.

That’s a little bit higher than the current closing price as of yesterday of $19 and 30 cents.

So the big takeaway there is don’t just go out and bash everybody else on your competitors, because now when you have to get back, you have to eat a lot of Crow.

 To Jay’s point, Jay Monahan’s point, I watched a quick, um, press conference or a q and a or whatever he was doing with BBC Sports, that’s who I saw advertise it.

 And he said, listen, I, you know, people are gonna call me a hypocrite.

 I get it.

 He said, I, I stand by everything I said in the past, accusing l i v and all this of blood money and sports washing.

He said something interesting.

 He said, what I said was what I had with the info at the time.

That’s kind of a scapegoat.

 If you’re gonna go out there and say you’re sorry, and hey, I messed up.

 I overreacted.

 I said some things I shouldn’t have.

You know, being authentic apologetic, not just, um, kind of making these or leaving these outs, but now the PGA as a fan, unfortunately, it, there’s gonna be so much drama around this.

 I don’t know, other than to just grab popcorn, maybe buy some Topgolf Callaway brands.

I do think this is a good trade because as you hear more and more about Saudis and the investments and the billions, they’re gonna plow into this new for-profit entity.

Topgolf was actually mentioned in the CNBC interview with Jay Monahan and the gentleman from, the PIF, the personal or pr, public Investment Fund over that is behind the LIV.

so it, it’ll be interesting, but it, hey, it just shows that there’s all kinds of drama and politics everywhere, but they specifically named Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp.

So that’s definitely a stock that you can add to, um, and look to trade over time.

 Alright, quickly, last topic here.

We’ll keep it to three mixing in some music here.

 I do like that song.

 Uh, hello.

 Maybe we should put together a fun clip of that.

But now we are getting to the last topic here that I wanna talk about.

And again, this is because I’m not a big tech savvy guy, but as of all you, all of you know by now that Apple, the mighty apple, the big dog, the largest publicly traded company, over $2 trillion with a Tata tat in market cap released its Vision Pro.

 And Apple goes without saying, they’re just some of the greatest marketers ever.

And the marketing line here is, Hey, if you want to make goggles sound and look cool, then call it spatial computing.

Doesn’t that sound better? Hey, you wanna come over and wear goggles and look at each other? No.

 Hey, you wanna go check out some spatial computing? Why? Yes, I do, Daniel, that sounds amazing.

 I can’t wait to come over and try that.

See how marketing works.

 All right, so if you check out the screen here as far as, let me give you some quick Creech thoughts.

 The goggles don’t look bad.

Whenever I think of goggles, I think they all ought to look like, um, ski goggles for all of you snow skiers out there, you know what I’m talking about.

 It’s not that bad.

It’s hard to make goggles look halfway cool or stylish.

it’ll be interesting to see how much they weigh, how comfortable it is.

Apple always does a great job of building sleek, good looking products.

I gotta give them that.

 The technology here is gonna be awesome.

It’s going to be the best of the best, which is one reason why they charge 3,500 freaking dollars for it.

But you have to expect it’s a premium product.

 They wanna protect the brand.

And as you scroll through this, it’s actually pretty cool on the censorship and all that, cuz it gives you a hint of where it’s going.

The movie theater thing would be great.

 I worry that, and I want your feedback on this, Daniel@curzioresearch.com.

I remember when the 3D TVs came out and the, they weren’t goggles or anything, and this is a few to several years ago now.

They were glasses very similar to mine.

 They were a little bit bigger than this.

but you could just sit there, put on these sunglasses and watch this TV and have this best better experience.

I only knew a handful of people that had those personally, but everybody used the glasses once, maybe twice, put ’em in the drawer and never used them again.

They were still happy with the TV and the technology and the picture and things, but the glasses, it didn’t take off and it didn’t expand with the Apple movie headset and to make it feel like an immerse experience.

 And in a theater, I’ll be interested to see if people watch several movies at home that buy this or if it’s just going to be limited to, yeah, I tried that out and it was pretty cool, but I’m over with that.

getting back, just to scroll through the, application, or excuse me, the website and show this, what I think is cool is when they advertise this, like you see on my screen now, they show the camera like around you and what you would feel like you seeing.

Well, if you could see this, this just looks like an Ironman thing, you know, when, Ironman’s down in his layer working on stuff and you got all these, digital augmented, graphs or things that he’s just moving around and thrown across the room and all that, if that were actually true to where you feel like that and other people could see that, now you’re talking about breakthrough technology, but this is just good marketing because it’s showing you, um, how you’re going to feel, but not from the perspective that anybody else is gonna see.

So that’s kind of entertaining.

what I think will be the end result here is, I think eventually what’s very cool about this is whether or not you think this is a good idea or not.

It’s the fact that technology is advancing and these glasses, these goggles right now will get to basically what I’m wearing at the moment.

And that is just pretty cool to think about the innovation, the technology and the engineering behind everything.

The capitalistic drive to make products better and make everybody want them.

That’s a fantastic situation.

 Turning to Apple.

If I would buy the mighty apple here at all time highs, I wouldn’t buy it here.

Uh, just because it’s hard to buy something straight up, that probably means you ought to.

 But, you can see here on Finviz, it, it hit a new high.

 Uh, very recently it pulled back.

This little candle here were reached up and pulled back is the, the other day on the announcement.

But if you wanna join Warren Buffettt here and buy and hold this, you have to have a longer term.

 Uh, this is not a risky stock, meaning that it’s going to zero because of their brand.

And one interesting thing about the, um, analyst expectations, what’s brilliant about Apple here is that they’re not really thinking this is gonna change anything overnight, and they’re setting it up so that the bar is very low.

 And some analysts have, expected shipments of 200,000 in the first year.

 Now mind you, this device that they just released and showcased isn’t available until early next year.

 So they’re talking about, let’s just say a year from January to January, 2024 to 2025.

 Uh, KGI Securities analyst, Kristin Wang is expecting shipments of around $200,000.

But Credit Suisse predicts Apple could ship over a million units in the period, meaning one year.

 Uh, for comparison, apple sold more than 1.

4 million iPhones the first year, after it launched.

 That was years ago.

 Garnering 630 million in sales.

the, the, the point there is if anybody, you know, Meta has a headset, formerly Facebook, and I believe it’s their newest is $499.

So 3,500 from $499, I think there’s another version for 3 99 is a massive difference.

If anybody is going to make wearing a headset cool or hip or stylish, I think it will be Apple.

 They have, this is a lesson I’ve learned, I I’ve missed the boat on Apple.

Every time I think about buying Apple on a pullback, I think, ah, you know, it’s run its course.

 I miss it on both the up and down.

 I’m a little snake bin.

I ought to just buy some here and hold it just to prove.

But the thing that I’ve learned on Apple is that you have to focus on it.

It’s a great conversation because it’s hard to put an exact dollar amount on, but there is value between that customer and the brand.

And I know I’m not saying anything new here.

I’m simply saying that I’ve learned this lesson after watching Apple for a couple years and kicking myself that I haven’t been in one of the most innovative, well run, most amazing company ever.

And it’s easy to just say, oh, well everybody knows about Apple.

But think about the brand loyalty that they have.

The amount of people that upgrade, on iPhones every year, the watches to tablets and things like that, they have a, an amazing ecosystem.

The way they communicate, deliver, and market is just absolutely phenomenal and you gotta tip your hat to ’em.

 So, um, I do think that if the headsets and this augmented virtual reality world takes off, I do think that Apple, will be a major player in getting the consumer to come around and a, to pay up for that kind of money, even though the technology will get better and prices will come down.

That’s what happens.

 But that’s a good while away.

I think that they will pay up for a premium product and I think Apple is the guy, to do it.

 And I’ll be interested to watch these shipments.

 Apple, on any pullback, this is just great for the ecosystem.

So long term you can buy and hold this thing, Buffett’s gonna continue to be a huge holder.

 So you know, a lot of the stock is locked up that’s gonna attract other hedge funds and brilliant minded people.

 All right, three different topics.

Keep it under a half an hour.

 That was the goal today.

Thank you so much for tuning into Wall Street Unplugged.

 We appreciate it.

Again, programming note for tomorrow’s Wall Street Unplugged Premium, I will be flying solo.

 I will go over, more in depth about the winners and losers from the SEC and the Elmer Fudd open season on crypto.

 I want to talk about a, a leisure industry that continues to perform well in spite of strong headwinds like inflation and rising prices across the board.

 I’m gonna, a recent, let’s see, how do I say this without giving too much away.

One of the companies reported this week before Market Open, stock popped over 10%, bringing the other ones up.

 Uh, there’s a great public, TV personality that runs one of these companies I’ve teased a long time.

So I’m gonna give you a handful of ideas, give you a couple stocks to watch within one sector of leisure that got a boom through COVID and is not going anywhere.

and then I’m gonna talk about some other stocks that I like, such as Palantir and a backdoor way to play ai.

It’s absolutely taking off some other stocks that have fallen and are just getting stupid low.

 They’re call options at this point.

All that plus a little bit more on energy and the big deal around the OPEC meeting last weekend.

Why the tug of war on oil prices is going to affect everybody’s lifestyle.

And of course, this week’s Dollar Stock Club pick.

So be sure and tune in tomorrow for that.

 And Frank, we’ll be back for Frankly Speaking later this week for everybody.

So everybody take a deep sigh of relief.

 You’re not stuck with me too long.

Email me, good or bad feedback.

 Love me, hate me.

 Just don’t ignore me, daniel@Curzioresearch.com and I’ll see you guys tomorrow and again next week.


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