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Ep. 472: Frankly Speaking: 3 more stocks on my watchlist

Keep the questions coming!

Welcome back to another episode of Frankly Speaking.

To start off the episode, I tell listeners why I’m still bullish on Sandstorm Gold (SAND). Although the price of gold continues to fall, I don’t think CEO Nolan Watson is too concerned. Tune in to hear why I think the stock could still double in the next three to six months.

I’ll also be revisiting my outlook on the Uranium markets. Uranium is at all-time lows, however, our new President may be the catalyst we’ve been waiting for. I’ll be explaining the safest Uranium play going forward.

Then, later in the episode, I’ll be comparing some popular investment strategies. This includes individual stocks, ETF’s, and mutual funds.

Also, I give listeners updates on a couple stocks I like – AT&T (T), and Delta (DAL).

Special thanks to David, Allen, James, Bruce, and Mark.

Other stocks mentioned…

  • Pioneer Energy (PES)
  • General Electric (GE)
  • Uranium Resources (URRE)
  • Cameco (CCJ)