The Fed is f**ked. 

Today’s producer price index (PPI) data came in hotter than expected, leading investors to question whether the Fed can still cut interest rates this year. 

Daniel and I discuss whether the Fed will be able to cut rates despite data showing inflation moving higher over the last couple of months.

Social media platform TikTok is being tossed around as a political football as the House of Representatives passes a measure to ban the platform in the U.S….

Do they have a point? 

I break down a lot of facts you may not know about TikTok. 

As Bitcoin continues to trade near all-time highs, Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy raises an additional $500 million to buy even more Bitcoin…

All while selling his own stock. 

Daniel and I give our opinion on Michael Saylor… ponder if he’ll let up buying Bitcoin anytime soon… and if he’ll eat some humble pie over selling MicroStrategy (albeit for a massive gain). 

Is the metaverse back?! 

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), it could be. 

I break down Google’s latest AI agent, SIMA – and how it could reignite the metaverse trend. 

This is another example of how AI is going to impact just about every industry in every sector… 

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And finally, we review this week’s Dollar Stock Club pick. 

It’s a way for investors to gain exposure to the explosive growth in all things AI through a successful semiconductor company that has one of the best business models in the world.