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Ep. 472: Frankly Speaking: How to invest in small-cap biotech stocks

Welcome back to another episode of Frankly Speaking!

On today’s show, I open up by breaking down the small-cap biotech sector. Jeff provides listeners with a perfect example of a biotech stock fighting for FDA approval.

I’ve seen this happen too many times…

From the pre-clinical stages… all the way through the approval process… these companies undertake extreme volatility. Step-by-step, I explain the lengthy process every small-cap biotech company must endure. In addition, I tell listeners exactly when it’s the best time to place their bets on these types of investments.

Then, after revisiting my position on Northern Dynasty (NAK), I dive into a very important lesson… Stop-loss orders. This is an investment tool every investor must use in order to prevent large portfolio deficits.

I often warn investors to not “show their hand”… Tune in to hear what I mean.

Finally, to end the episode, I dive into another sector that has just about topped-out. With interest rates going higher, I tell listeners why I’m avoiding this market going forward.

Special thanks to Brain, Jeff, Kenny, Craig, and Steve for all the great questions… Keep them coming!

Thanks for listening,

Frank Curzio

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