Andrew Horowitz, Horowitz & Company
Andrew Horowitz, Horowitz & Company

Andrew Horowitz, president of Horowitz & Company and host of The Disciplined Investor podcast, joins me for a wide-ranging interview.

We start by discussing the Fed’s biggest mistake in its inflation fight… and Andrew shares several sectors to invest in as the fight continues.

He also explains why it’s time to be cautious… how he’s protecting his portfolio… and why he’s adding exposure to China, despite the country’s ongoing economic issues. 

He also shares one of his favorite stocks to buy right now.

Plus, we debate how long it will take for artificial intelligence investments to start paying off. 

Spoiler: I believe it’s already happening… but Andrew isn’t impressed. Hear why in this episode. 

Thanks to everyone who attended my live event—Crypto 2024: After the Halving—where I explained how to take full advantage of the next bull run in crypto. 

If you missed it, be sure to check out the replay.