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Don’t buy a single oil stock until you hear this

Oil prices fell for 12 straight days… Crude is down more than 25% from last month.

You might be tempted to buy on this dip… but I suggest listening to my educational segment [47:31] first. I tell you which companies will reap massive profits over the next 12 months… and which will fall another 20%-plus.

I also welcome back my favorite bear, Rich Suttmeier. Rich is a 40-year market veteran and founder and CEO of Global Market Consultants.

Rich is one of the best around when it comes to analyzing the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet. He explains the major economic risks of a rising dollar… why gold stocks look attractive… and which Dow Jones stocks are strong buys following the recent market selloff.

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Note: If you’re near or in retirement, and worried about another market crash, you’ll want to hear this. I explain why you’ll never see another credit crisis in your lifetime… and why the world’s most hated sector is one of the best places for your money today.


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