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Episode: 915July 5, 2022

According to this indicator… the Fed will stop raising rates in September

Federal Funds Rate

I hope you enjoyed your Independence Day weekend! I start today’s show with a quick rant about those who oppose this national holiday… and highlight my own fun experiences from the weekend.

While the Fed must force a recession to moderate inflation, the tactic appears to be working. I highlight some positive signs we’re seeing across markets, from bonds to commodities… and why I believe the Fed’s rate hikes could end sooner rather than later—which would cause the market to surge.

I reiterate why you should start scaling into positions right now… and share my 3-part checklist for finding the best opportunities.

Finally, I’ll be a keynote speaker at TCG World’s Metaverse Expo, held July 8–10 in Las Vegas. I’d love to see you there (booth B02).

Inside this episode:
  • A rant about July 4 haters [0:15]
  • A recession is inevitable [6:15]
  • Why the Fed will end its rate hikes soon [9:59]
  • Why you should start scaling into positions now [16:40]
  • My checklist for the best buying opportunities [23:00]
  • Meet me at TCG World’s Metaverse Expo [26:43]

Wall Street Unplugged | 915

According to this indicator… the Fed will stop raising rates in September

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Frank Curzio: How’s it going out there? It’s Tuesday, July 5th. I’m Frank Curzio, host of the Wall Street Unplugged podcast, where I break down headlines and tell you what’s really moving these markets.

Frank Curzio: Hope all of you had a great holiday weekend with the family. Celebrated Independence Day. Though it seems like every single channel you turn on, everything you read, is people that hate this holiday. They want to tear down these statues of the people that helped build the foundation of our country. Claim that it’s not free, it’s terrible, which is ironic given that you could actually say this in public and you have the freedom. You can even write stories about this and get published on the major sites. You should’ve seen some of the major sites, and ESPN, stuff like that. Some stories. You think, “Oh, it’s going to be happy time. Baseball.” No. No way. The fact you can say this in public and not get thrown in jail or beheaded… Imagine saying some of this stuff in Russia, North Korea, China. Publicly speaking out against your country. But crazy times, man. I can’t believe how many people seem to hate our country. I know it’s not that many, but that’s what gets published. And then you have it being funded by some of these big companies now.

Frank Curzio: And again, it’s ironic because these people that hate will never, ever leave. They’ll never leave. They can leave very easily. You can get the hell out of this country. Go someplace else and bitch. Believe it. It would be great for everyone. No way, you’ll never do that. No. Uh-huh. They just bitch about everything they don’t have, how everyone needs to adopt their beliefs or you’ll be labeled as a supremacist, racist, you’re evil. Again, you have to believe exactly what they believe. You can’t disagree with them. You can’t even agree with them. You can say, “Hey, I believe in gay rights. I believe whatever side…” It’s not good enough. No way. That’s not good enough. You have to make your kids gay. You have to… It’s crazy. It’s crazy out there. But the agenda just gets pushed and pushed. But this is what’s getting published. This is what’s in the media. This is what you see every day, and it’s sad.

Frank Curzio: And independence. You know how many people fought and died for our country to make it so you’re allowed to say whatever you want and do whatever you want and be whatever you want? Holy shit. What kind of history is being taught to these people? Anyway. So many people, not everyone. Obviously, most people will have their fun whether bitching, protesting. I enjoyed a wonderful weekend with the family.

Frank Curzio: I actually went to a concert with my wife. This was Friday. And it was Motley Crüe, Def Leppard, Joan Jett and Poison. And I got these tickets two years ago ,and it was canceled due to COVID. So ,it finally got rescheduled, and of course it rained. And it was down-pouring at times. A steady, steady rain for about half the concert. And I have to tell you, I couldn’t believe how crowded it was because they have Jacksonville Stadium, which is a TIA field. It used to be called EverBank, which is massive, so you have these big concerts at. And then you have this other place called Daily Place, which is really awesome. It’s about 25% of the size. You could sit anywhere, it’s great. You’re up close. It’s awesome.

Frank Curzio: They have a lot of concerts there. But this one was at Jacksonville. So ,we had floor seats. A lot of people have floor seats. And there’s one big entrance to get there. And there was a foot and a half of water in between to get there. That’s how much it rained. So people’s jeans, everything was wet. And we wore ponchos and everything. We took them off. It was great. But I just couldn’t believe how many people were there. It was crowded. Everybody going crazy. Music was fantastic. It was just awesome to see so many people having a good time.

Frank Curzio: And when it comes to Motley Crüe, basically the headline, it’s not really my thing. My wife loves Motley Crüe so I got the tickets. She’s seen plenty of concerts of people that I like. So I said, “Let me do this.” Again, two years ago. Finally they rescheduled and were there Friday. But there’s a lot of strategy that goes behind planning one of these rock concerts or going to see a rock band that your wife likes. First, when you’re seeing someone like Motley Crüe. You can throw the Rolling Stones in there, Def Leppard. All the rock bands. Brings back all those memories for your wife when she was young, partied all the time. No kids, no responsibility, so much fun. And the women get dolled up like it was the 80s. They look good. Talking 56-year-old women. Nice outfits, makeup, dark eyeliner, they’re drinking, having a good time. And even the guys had long wigs on. Dressing up like the band members, or how those band members used to look like 30 years ago.

Frank Curzio: So, when you go to one of these rock concerts, or any concert, where the average age of the band that you used to listen to is 60 years old now. What we did is we get a babysitter for the night. When you get home, it’s usually a really good time. But this concert, it was delayed an hour due to the rain, and then it started around 5:30. It was supposed to start at 4:30, and ended close to midnight. So, we got home after 1:00. And that’s not good for people my age because you’re drinking for the better part… Not for five hours, but you’re drinking. We pretty much stopped at 10:00. Usually concerts are two hours, two and a half hours. Maybe you get one for three. But this long with this many bands, it stretched out tremendously. So, you’re getting a little tired, you’re standing the whole time, you’re having a good time. At our age ,it’s not good. You get really tired.

Frank Curzio: Plus, it takes about three to four days to recover now when you used to just go right out the next day and next day and have fun and everything. Man, if you’re young, enjoy your life because things definitely change when you get older.

Frank Curzio: But anyway, the master plan was to go to this great concert, get my wife a little toasted. She goes, gets to see Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee. And when we get home, it’s a party. But it all backfired as we got home after 1:00 and we both wind up passing out. So, that’s the life of 50-year old’s with kids. But everything needs to be planned out that age. You do the homework. When it came to this, we planned the concert, the babysitters, good seating, drinking. Execution was great on my part, but I can’t control the rain. So when you’ve been planning something like this, when you look at it, it has its risks. Things can still go wrong, similar to a stock. A stock that you researched. It check all the boxes. “This is great! I’ve got to invest in it!” Falls 30% because of something you forgot to calculate. I forgot to calculate the rain. That was my fault.

Frank Curzio: Anyway, we had a fantastic time. And I’m making a joke of this. It was an awesome concert. Brett Michaels was great. Came out. He’s like, “I’m going out in the rain. You guys are Florida. You show up no matter what.” And just everybody just having a really, really good time. But I awesome weekend with the family. Hopefully, you did too. And now it’s back to work.

Frank Curzio: And we get in and what happens? The markets are under pressure. The Dow right now is down 700. I’m doing this around 11:15. We are seeing some technology stocks doing well, but Europe now is taking center stage because they’re talking recession. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Euro, because it’s close to par with the dollar. I think it’s something like a 20-year low. Whatever it is. And yes, we’re talking about that dollar. Supposed to lose its reserve currency status. Some experts are predicting since 1975, every single year, “Get out of US. You’ve got to put money… Get the hell out of it.” Everybody goes to the dollar when shit like this happens. It’s the safest thing in the world.

Frank Curzio: You might hate the dollar, but it’s a billion times better than every single currency out there. Saying that Bitcoin isn’t a currency, but even Bitcoin, with all this nonsense, with so many different places folding shops and saying that, “We’re halting withdrawals.” I can’t tell how many platforms there are that trade cryptos that are halting withdrawals right now, which is really scary. So, people are just taking their money off of these platforms, even the good ones, and it’s resulting in more and more. So again, that’s going to result in weakness for a little while until it ends. But we’ve seen this before in Bitcoin, down 70% three other times before breaking then to new highs, but let’s see.

Frank Curzio: I know institutional money can now go into this thing, but man, it’s been crazy even not just in our market, Europe, and globally, which every asset class is basically down. Every one. But even in Bitcoin, things like that. Like I said last week, most economies are going to fall into recession. And we’re walking about it like it’s the end of the world. “You can’t…” It’s exactly what the Fed is trying to do. They can’t say it publicly, but when you’re raising rates aggressively, tricking your balance sheet, it reduces the money in the system, promotes less spending, fewer loans.

Frank Curzio: So, to say we’re not going to go into a recession, it’s basically denial. And it’s political. As an acting president or Fed chief, you never want to have a recession under your watch, under that belt, which explains why everywhere we look there’s so much, “We’re not going into a recession,” talk, or, “We’re going to avoid a recession.” You see it everywhere. “We’re probably going to avoid it.” Does it really matter? Ignore it. It’s just a word. It’s was a normal course of business before the credit crisis where every four to five years we fell into recession, which is normal. It wasn’t the end of the world. 15%, 20%, 22% decline, and everything readjusts. You get the shit out of the market. Then you move to new highs. More innovation and stuff like that. It was normal but we didn’t allow that. Such a long time, it kept industry low for such a long time. Now, you’re seeing the money pour out of the market, come out of the market. Especially since COVID, where trillions was injected.

Frank Curzio: But when we officially go into recession, which could be right now. Which could be right now. And I mentioned this on Twitter, how there’s good data sites out there that are saying that we’re going to see a negative GDP print, which would be two in a row, which is surprising. I think it was 2%, fell to 1%. I think the consensus is still for around 1%, 0.8%. But these guys try to do it in real time, and they’re pretty accurate. Not accurate all the time, but again, I covered this last week, showing that… I don’t know if I did it for Frankly Speaking or actually in a segment, but it gets revised. You get revisions on a lot of this data. And you get three different revisions because it’s quarterly data. GDP, unemployment’s monthly. But GDP is quarterly, and then it gets revised three different times. And last month, it was revised from 1.6 to 1.5, negative.

Frank Curzio: So, if you’re looking at this quarter being negative as well, you’ve got to be careful because that’s the definition. And when we see the definition or we actually say it out loud, I think it’s going to be the ultimate bottom, and we’re pretty close. So. I’m still buying stocks here. People are like, “Frank, I’m…” And I get it. I get it. I know the next three months are going to be horrific, but it’s going to be horrific from a headline standpoint. Many countries are going to announce they’re going into recession. They’ll talk a great deal about it. You’re going to see defaults. You’re going to see another big rate hike later this month, 75 base points likely. Most likely. Taking the Fed funds rate up to 2.5%. We’re going to see earnings warnings. These companies are going to start reporting in about two weeks, but about three weeks and four weeks is when we really get into it.

Frank Curzio: But it’s going to get ugly, especially from a headline standpoint. With that said, take a step back and look what’s going on. The S&P 500 is already down 20%. The Nasdaq’s down what? Close to 30%? Look at the Russell 2000, small caps trading at its cheapest level in over 20 years. I can’t go back further than that.

Frank Curzio: You can, but it just gets… Again, 20 years compared to now. But you have banks raising their dividends and increasing buybacks, which is a very good sign that we don’t have structural problems like we did in the credit crisis, which you didn’t know what the damage was, or if banks would be able to lend. They had to sharpen their balance sheets, get bailed out. It’s not like that now. Most importantly, if you look at the Fed tightening. Raising rates, doing everything they can to slow inflation because they were late to the party. I’m not going to pick on the Fed again. It’s working. It’s working, and they’re not mentioning a lot of that in the media. They’re just talking about the negatives and everything.

Frank Curzio: You go on Twitter. You go on your favorite social media platform. It’s telling you, “Get the hell out. We’re dead. It’s over.” You’ve got to look the big picture here. The Fed’s doing everything it can to control inflation, and it’s working. Have you seen copper prices? They getting smashed. 17-month low. They’re below 350 now. Look at Freeport. Freeport’s down another 7%. A lot of these stocks getting crushed.

Frank Curzio: Look at lumber prices, now down 70% from their highs. Mortgage demand falling off a cliff with rates surging. If you want to borrow money, it’s much, much more difficult. It was difficult before that. Oil prices closing at $100, down 30% from their highs. $100 expensive? Yes, but they’re down. That’s what we need to see. And look at the gas pump. The gas pump in Florida, prices down about 15% a gallon in the past, what? Couple days, few days? I was surprised to see where it is. Seeing $4.30 prints when it was $4… I didn’t see $5. I saw $4.99 a couple times. It was basically above $4.85 for a while. For us, it’s close to a $15-$20 savings for our SUV, which we fill up twice a week because all the driving we do. It’s why we’re moving to Jacksonville, for our kids.

Frank Curzio: So, $40 in savings a week, $160 a month. It adds up. It adds up for everybody out there. And of course we need prices to come down a lot more, but my point here is that we’re seeing signs of prices not just moderating, which we wanted to see, and it didn’t really show up in last month’s results, in last month’s results. And remember that’s a month lag. And that’s why the market took another leg down, but they’re not just moderating. They’re starting to fall sharply from their highs. Retail is sitting on… What is it? 35% inventories, which is insane. What are you going to do when you have that much inventory? You have sell at lower prices. The market’s down, interesting enough, Ark Innovations up today, which owns what? Datadog, Roblox. You’ve seen Amazon, even Meta up. Netflix. But a lot of encouraging signs since what? We hear all the negatives every single day for the past four months. I’m not sugarcoating things. I’m not telling you things are fantastic.

Frank Curzio: I’m not telling you things are going to be fantastic. “From here it’s the bottom. You’ve got to buy. Go crazy.” No, because you’re not buying stocks here. Because the negatives that we hear, lower lows for the major indices, even supply chain concerns, rates surging, Middle America hurting, Russia-Ukraine war causing higher energy prices. We hear that. We keep hearing that every month, week over week. Almost daily for the past four months, five months. Again, a lot of it’s being priced in with the markets down so much. But if you look at certain things like some of the things I mentioned with prices coming down. Look at the 10-year, the 10-year’s at 2.8%. It’s important, guys. Watch the 10-year. This is very, very important. What was it, 3.3% recently? I thought it was like last week. So, it’s down to 2.8%. That signifies that future interest rate hikes are being priced in. The Fed may pause sooner than expected. That’s what that says, that 2.8%. And that’s huge.

Frank Curzio: Remember, gas prices going from $5 to $4.30. It’s not a game-changer. It’s not massive since gas prices were what? $3 a year ago. I get it. And that’s an argument you’re hearing now. “Well, inflation is moderated. It’s coming down, but still it’s crazy. It might fall year-over-year because it’s up so high, but still you’re going to be paying $4.50 for gas, for $5 and it’s…” I get it. I understand that. And you’re right in saying that, however I’m talking about the markets here. And it’s something I know because I’ve been doing this for a long time because I made millions of mistakes. But the more we see the economy pulling back, more we see prices fall, especially with commodities, which we’re seeing, the less aggressive Fed will be in terms of tightening.

Frank Curzio: And if the Fed even hints, if they hint at slowing the pace of rate hikes, which we’re going to get the Fed minutes tomorrow and they’re going to talk about inflation, how crazy it is again. That’s what they want to do. But going to next month it’s going to be interesting because what are they going to do? They’re probably going to raise by 75 basis points, bring it up to 2.5%. I have a feeling either then they’re going to say, “Hey, we’re going to look out and watch and see what’s going on.” By the way, what’s pricing in right now is a 50 basis hike this month. I believe it’s going to be a 75 basis point hike. And what’s also being priced into the markets right now is we’re going to be cutting rates next year. Think about that. And if we’re cutting rates, it’s a much better environment, and that’s a year from now, and we’re seeing stocks down tremendously. Again, they can go down further.

Frank Curzio: But the Fed even hints at slowing the pace of rate hikes, which they could do in September, the markets are going to surge from these levels. That’s how the press… Especially great names that are down 30% only because they’re in industry that’s seeing aggressive selling and outflows due to leveraging and everybody covering. There’s a lot of great names that shouldn’t be trading at these levels. Not all of them. Look at the cruise… You’re right. Morgan Stanley came out with a note, Carnival’s not going under anytime soon. But guy wanted to get his name in the paper with a zero target if we have another demand shock, which of course. If we do lockdowns, of course there’s going to be businesses that go under, and Carnival will be one out of 1000. Okay. It’s just funny. Again, you got your name to paper and everybody mentioned it all day. I get it.

Frank Curzio: But they lower their price target because of the debt. And they do have a ton of debt. But if you look at the other cruise lines, their debt is not a concern. Their fund. Their balance sheets are much better. They’re going to generate strong cash flow. They’re going to generate… Their earnings and revenue is expected to surge. You’re looking at demand. Just look at demand now. People go onto cruises. Again, 50% cheaper than flying, going on other vacations right now. Used to be a 20% difference. It’s about 45% to 50%, and people are tracking this data. So, not all cruise lines are the same, not all airlines are the same, not all technology and cloud companies are the same. You’re going to see separation between the ones that are good and the ones that are shit that are going to fall off.

Frank Curzio: They were able to get that premium because they’re expected to grow 300% over the next five years. Well, that’s out the window now. Now, these are young companies going through their first downturn. You’ve got to cut costs. The good companies, the Microsofts, all these guys that lived through the dot com bubble, the credit crisis. So, many new companies have come out since then, but they have everything on schedule. They know exactly what they’re cutting. “If this happens, that’s how much we’re cutting. This is a section we’re cutting. These are the people.” They have it all planned out because they’ve been there. And a lot of these companies almost went under. Netflix almost went under in 2000 and 2003. They were begging to get bought by Blockbuster. Begging at the time. Look how that worked out. Look where Blockbuster is. Look where Netflix is. Yes, we’re looking at Netflix down a lot and coming down. But you’re talking about a company that’s one of the biggest in the world.

Frank Curzio: But just a few million in extra cash on your balance sheet could make the difference of you not being around today compared to being a $300 billion, $500 billion, $700 billion company? It’s crazy. So, there’s a lot of companies that have been cutting back. And there’re still growing, still seeing the insiders buy. And a lot of positives there. So I know, when you look at your 401ks you want a puke. I get it. Watch your financial media channels, read the Wall Street Journal, Barons, IBD, whatever, it looks extremely scary. And you’re ready to just say, “F it,” and throw in a towel. I get it. You know why? Because I feel this way too. I see it. Every freaking day, I’m like, “Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? This isn’t priced in? Are you kidding me?”

Frank Curzio: I’ve also felt that way in 2003, in 2010. I didn’t get in the market earlier than I should’ve, even in April 2020, when I covered COVID, got out of the market. I was still extremely, extremely bearish. And it took me another month or so to reevaluate and say, “We have to go all in,” because I had no idea the government would say, “Oh, we’re not going to spend like what we did on the credit crisis, $480 billion. No, no, no. We’re going to start with $5 trillion. And then we’re going to keep going to $7 trillion, to $9 trillion, to $11 trillion. 52% of GDP, that’s how much was injected. And then, everything reopened and everybody was like a millionaire all of a sudden. Now, you take a lot of that money out of the markets, and a lot has been done already. But for me, I felt that way in the past. I made my mistakes.

Frank Curzio: But when I felt that way, when I feel like I do now, like you do right now, it’s usually a sign that we’re close to a bottom. It almost always results in a huge buying opportunity because you’re able to pick up amazing assets at 30% to 50% discounts, which you cannot do unless you have crazy markets like this that come around not often. Yeah, we saw 2020. It seems like it was quick. Before that it was 2009 when we saw something like this. Before that it was dot com. We had ’87 before that. But these massive moves in the market where you’re getting these opportunities to buy these assets. I think it was Zero Hedge came out with something. It was an interesting article how the guy from FTX could be the first trillionaire if crypto bounces back and becomes the industry everybody thinks it.

Frank Curzio: Because they’re buying all these freaking assets of all these that leveraged themselves at dirt cheap prices. Amazing deals for them. Look at all the private equity firms. You wonder why they’re in such great shape? Because they were one of the few in America, and even around the world, that were able to buy those European assets during a credit crisis when banks, they passed laws that said, “You have to shrink your balance sheets. Okay, you have to sell these assets.” But they’re fucking $0.10 on the dollar. “Doesn’t matter, you’ve got to sell them.” And they bought. They had the cash and bought all these assets. And look what happened. Have you seen the balance sheets of these companies? Holy cow. Go to private equity. Look how much dry powder they have. Look how much money they generate. Look at the dividends they pay.

Frank Curzio: And this is the market that they love. They love these types of market. And they’re not looking at three months. “It’s going to be a three months.” They’re like, “18 months from now, we’re going to be in really great shape.” When the Fed starts lowering rates. Got companies going to go bankrupt. The banking system is perfectly fine. It’s healthy right now. Holy cow, how do you see a recession when the banks are buying back their stock and raising their dividends? They have so much cash they can’t do anything else with it. That’s good. And you’ve got to get inflation out of the market. It’s working, but you don’t get a chance to buy these great assets at fire sale prices often, but here it is. This is the market. And if you buy, you may not do it at the absolute low.

Frank Curzio: Maybe you scale into your stocks or whatever. Nobody’s going to buy at the absolute, sell at the absolute high, even though they tell you that in all the trading systems. “I bought here and sold here, and this is how you do it. Just look at this signal.” Yeah, I know. I don’t know if it’s me, it seems like every six months it’s another 40 of those that pop up, and then they go out of business. Another 40, they go out of business. Another 40. You never see the same trading services that they’re pitching and offering and all this stuff. It’s never around for like 10 years. It’s always like, “Hey, where’d those guys go?” It’s awesome. Just buy right here. And they circle it. And, “Sell right here.” And they put up a chart. It’s funny. It doesn’t happen. Almost never happens. If you’re willing to buy and hold stocks for 18 months or longer.

Frank Curzio: If that’s your timeframe, which most of you do. Your 401ks, your retirement accounts, whatever. Right now is a fantastic buying opportunity. Be prepared to hunker down. It’s going to get a little worse over the next couple of months, but the Fed’s going to raise rates in July and that’s going to be interesting to see those minutes. Because they’re going to say, “We’re seeing clearer signs of moderation of inflation.” And it’s going to come down a lot quicker than anyone believes because it’s set up as a massive wall, and you keep approaching it and it beats you down. Go up there, it beats you down. Beats you down. It’s there. And the Fed right now is doing everything it can you don’t want to say to force a recession, but to take money out of this market. So, it’s going to force recessions around the world. A lot of different economies.

Frank Curzio: That’s fine. We’re almost there if we’re not in a recession now. But you have to look at where stocks are. NASDAQ, 30%. Seen some of these names, IPOs down 70%, 80% from their highs. Biotech’s down 70%, 80%. We’re close. We’re close. When companies are trading close to cash. When the Russell 2000 has more companies trading near cash than in the history of the index. And that’s a fact. You know we’re close. So from a risk-reward standpoint right now, again, when everyone’s negative, everyone’s crazy. They’re saying the same shit that we said four months ago, three months ago, two months ago. They’re starting to say it now and go crazy. That’s the time when you want to start adding to positions, getting into your positions here. Even scaling in, because there’s a lot of great, great names. Great, great names.

Frank Curzio: And while everyone’s and wants to hide under the bed, and doesn’t want to look at their 401k, start doing their homework. Be smart. You’ll find a ton of names paying solid dividends, raising these dividends, reporting solid growth, trading at cheap levels, historically. Almost cheaper levels than they’ve traded in decades. Where insiders are actually buying hand over fist. When I say insiders I’m not talking about 10% holders that have other people’s money. I’m talking about CEOs. CEOs already have big positions in these companies, and they have a lot of money, and they’re using that money to buy their own stock.

Frank Curzio: CFOs, people who are part of the company. That’s what you’re seeing right now. More insider buys than any other time since 2009. That’s telling you something. And those guys were wrong at the beginning in 2009, when they started biting January. That was the peak because from January to March, we saw another major downturn, and it bounced back really quick and then we were off to the races. So, those guys happened to be right. They were wrong at the beginning, but they don’t care about the next three months. You shouldn’t care about the next three months. You’re a trader, it’s different. I can’t tell you. Three months? It looks ugly, it looks terrible for three months. But when I look six months out, I can’t see the Fed raising rates. They’re done. They’re done. The 10-year is saying that right now, under 3%. Now look, there could be other events, and maybe we see something else. There are people that are cutting back. You see it. You’re going to see it around.

Frank Curzio: You’re going to see it at restaurants. They’re not going to be as crowded. Maybe the weekends are still a little crowded. In the weekdays, I’m seeing it here, I’m seeing people cut back. More people shopping at Publix and cooking than ever. And now, you’re seeing gas prices, copper prices, lumber prices, homes. You’re starting to see this fall. Retailers with inventory. You’re starting to see it. Look at Kohl’s. Horrible quarter, just like the rest of them. Let’s see what happens on Prime Day with Amazon. What’s Amazon going to do on Prime Day? It’s going to tell us everyone that they serve. Lower your prices. Lower your prices. That’s what we need to see. We’re seeing it right now. We’re almost there. You won’t catch the bottom, but I can tell you, 18 months you can almost buy any name you want. I won’t say that, “Any name you want,” because some of them have horrible balance sheets, are in trouble. But they’re probably going to be a lot higher 18 months now.

Frank Curzio: And you’ll thank me. You’ll buy me a beer when you see me. And speaking of buying me a beer, if you want to buy me a beer, which you don’t have to, I’ll buy you drinks. But I’m going to be in Vegas. I’m leaving Thursday. So our conference, it’s Meta Expo, is Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It’s sponsored by TCG, which is the company we made our big deal with and bought $5 million worth of virtual real estate in. We’re going to be presented as a keynote speaker. It’s going to be on Saturday. I think they’ve got me in at 2:45. It’s going to be a half an hour speech. It’ll be fun, interesting. But I have a lot of people asking about, they’re going to be attendance. You can go on our website. It’s a 50% discount for tickets. I think it’s like $99 or something for the ticket instead of $199. And it’s three days of conference.

Frank Curzio: So, it’s pretty cool. It’s going to be a little crazy. You’re going to see a lot of metaverse stuff and everything. But more importantly, if you do go there be sure to say hi. We’re having a booth. We’re going to be interviewing a lot of the members who own real estate in TCG, metaverse people. Again, we’re going to have some really great interviews set up. You guys are going to see all that content later on in weeks ahead. But you’re going to see me taping, interviewing, speaking. And you get to meet my team too. Going to have a lot of members of my team there, my partners and stuff like that. So, if you want to definitely stop by, I’d really appreciate it. Say hello. Love to see you guys.

Frank Curzio: So, that’s going to be Thursday, Friday. I’m leaving Thursday. It’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday. And it should be really, really cool. A lot of fun. And yeah, hopefully we’ll get to meet up and either grab a beer or just say hello and have some fun. It is Vegas. So yeah, anybody who wants to go to that, if you booked your plane. A lot of people have already booked. Again, it’s Vegas. Again, you have to fly there, whatever. But you could get discounts. Just go on our website, curzioresearch.com, and you’ll be able to get 50% discounts off those tickets. So guys, that’s it for me. Questions, comments, feel free to email me, frank@curzioresearch.com. That’s frank@curzioresearch.com, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Take care.

Announcer: Wall Street Unplugged is produced by Curzio Research, one of the most respected financial media companies in the industry. The information presented on Wall Street Unplugged is the opinion of its host and guests. You should not base your investment decisions solely on this broadcast. Remember, it’s your money and your responsibility.

Frank Curzio
Frank Curzio, founder and CEO of Curzio Research, is one of America’s most respected stock experts. His research is regularly featured on media outlets like CNBC’s Kudlow Report, The Call, CNN Radio, ABC News, and Fox Business News. His Wall Street Unplugged podcast—ranked the No. 1 “most listened-to” financial podcast on iTunes—has been downloaded over 12 million times.

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