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Episode: 1110January 31, 2024

This tech giant is a screaming buy

Big Tech companies—including Microsoft (MSFT), Alphabet (GOOG), and AMD (AMD)—are the latest to report their fourth quarter (Q4) earnings. And despite all three names posting relatively strong results, all three stocks are down.

I dig into the numbers… and highlight which stock is a buy on the pullback—and which one will get crushed going forward.

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Elon Musk is being ridiculed in the media after a Delaware judge struck down a board-approved incentive plan for the controversial Tesla (TSLA) CEO. I explain why this is a huge deal for businesses everywhere… and why Musk absolutely deserves his pay package.

Bitcoin is once again above $42,000 after its brief pullback following the first Bitcoin ETF approvals a few weeks ago. I highlight why the pullback was expected… and the next major catalyst for the crypto space—which should send some projects surging over 10,000%.

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Wall Street Unplugged | 1110

This tech giant is a screaming buy

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Announcer: Wall Street Unplugged looks beyond the regular headlines heard on mainstream financial media to bring you unscripted interviews and breaking commentary direct from Wall Street right to you on Main Street.

Frank Curzio: How’s it going out there? It’s January 31st.

I’m Frank Curzio. This is the Wall Street Unplugged podcast where I break down the headlines and tell you what’s really moving these markets.

In today’s episode, gonna break down the latest earnings by tech giants, Microsoft, Google, AMD, and tell you which one of these three you should avoid at all costs.

Elon Musk, $55 billion pay package for Tesla just got struck down in Delaware Court.

I’m gonna tell you why this is a really, really big deal and every investor should pay attention to it.

And also share my latest thoughts on the crypto market, including why diversifying outside of Bitcoin can make you a fortune over the next 18 months.

Now let’s start with earnings.

Big story.

Microsoft, Google, AMD three of the most popular and most owned stocks in the world reported earnings all last night and all three stocks were down.

I guess that could be expected given the runup in these names of the past two months.

Incredible, incredible run ups.

And when I look at each one of these names, it’s a different story.

You start with Microsoft, which I find fascinating.

I find this hilarious ’cause I cover this and I’ve covered Microsoft for, you know, 20 plus years.

Been doing this all my life basically.

And over the past eight quarters, if you notice when Microsoft reports, it’s almost the same exact thing.

I’m not saying it’s a Bernie Madoff situation, it’s not.

But if you look across every one of their divisions, okay, they’re gonna report the numbers, you’re probably gonna see the headlines.

If you cover this at home and they beat, you know the number on the screen and you know it’s revenue, earnings and then you know, you get details about cloud and stuff like that, it’s fine.

But for guys like me to look under the hood, it’s, it’s kind of weird when every single quarter, at least for the last two years, probably going back for the last three years, and this is like post COVID, they barely beat on every single one of their divisions.

Now if you’re generating $10 million in sales, a hundred million dollars in sales, okay, it’s not a big deal.

This is a company that generates over 60 billion in sales per quarter and like clockwork, Azure Cloud services up 28% compared to guidance of 26, 20 7% productivity and business process division.

That’s office LinkedIn, Again, it’s always a slightly beat across the board.

Intelligent cloud, which is, you know, that’s specifically Azure, Azure, a nuance which was the expectations.

Then you have personal computing, which is Activision, Windows Surface, Xbox, like that game of divisions and windows combined, 16.9 billion compared to 16.7 billion every single quarter you go.

It’s like this barely beat on every division.

I know they generate recurring revenue, they do a great job on the accounting side to push it out perfectly so they barely beat and it looks really cool.

So you’re not gonna see blowouts of your blocks there.

It’s like these small beats across the board and that’s great.

I mean if Google did that, it’d be even better.

I’ll get to that in a minute.

You know, they don’t, they don’t know the formula to how to report.

Disney knew the formula of how to report by just saying, Hey, everybody wants to see us add names, even if we add ’em for free, no one gives a s**t.

If anyone’s paying for streaming, they really don’t give a s**t.

Let’s just give it away for free.

Hundreds of millions of people sign up and that stock went from 80 to 180 and then people are like, wait a minute, those numbers actually matter.

And it fell.

Now they’re generating this revenue, but it is interesting how they barely beat.

And if you look at the actual numbers altogether, they came at 2 93 in earnings compared to 2 77, which a lot of that beat was, you know, and sales guidance came in again just ahead.

So reported sales, of 60.5 billion and this is for next quarter, but that was actually lower than 61 point, uh 61 billion.

So it was slightly lower, which was the guidance for site lower.

But when you look at the earnings beat, and that’s for the past three months, a lot of that could be attributed to cost cutting and buybacks.

And without those, it would’ve been a lot closer in earnings.

But now the guidance was a little light.

And here’s where you need to understand of how this works and what usually happens, okay? When you have a company that has high expectations being it’s very expensive, treating a very expensive valuation and it’s going up into the quarter, you better report very strong earnings.

And more importantly, you better report guidance.

You better raise your guidance.

Now, the fact that their guidance missed on sales for next quarter, okay, missed, it’s a slight, but it missed, it’s a big deal when your company Microsoft is trading at 38 times forward earnings, okay? They’re in the right growth market.

You can say AI, cloud growth’s there.

Massive recurring revenue, huge balance sheet, I get it.

You don’t have to try to convince me.

It’s a great, great, great, great company with the best ever.

I think it has a higher market kept on Apple right now, given that the company’s trading right now at its most expensive valuation, get this since 2000 over two decades ago.

Don’t have to remind you what happened back then.

I’m not saying it’s gonna happen this time.

Companies were much worse shape.

Balance sheets wasn’t stronger that back then in 2000.

But the most expensive valuation where you’re trading at that kind of valuation, you need to meet your numbers, you need to consistently report growth and they’re not, and the stock’s down and it’s only down a little bit, which is surprising.

I wouldn’t tell you to buy it here though.

I think you’re crazy to buy it at these levels, at this expensive valuation when they’re not putting up the numbers.

Although that’s been the playbook over the past year.

We’ve seen earnings decline year over year outside of last quarter, started growing again very slightly.

We had a year where the market where, where Apple didn’t grow sales or earnings for a full year and increase its market cap by a trillion dollars.

I mean that’s f*****g crazy when you think about it.

That’s absolutely cra a trillion dollars, massive.

But I would say, you know, not that I’m saying to to short Microsoft, it’s when I look at these companies, it’s just better plays.

And I look at Google, which is getting hurt more than AMD, which was terrible.

I’ll get to that in a minute.

But this is a company trading all time high heading to the quarter.

So the stock was pretty much, it was bound to fall heading, you know, after reporting earnings, it usually happens, that’s okay, but it’s down over 5% because they slightly missed on ad sales.

And to me that’s insane.

So when you look at earnings beat, the earnings number 1 64, it could be the 1 59, you’re beat on sales, I mean, you wanna put a perspective, sales to sales earnings are different.

Margins are different, right? You could have, you know, a trillion in sales and your margins are really tight and you’re not generating a lot of money.

But 86 billion in sales for the quarter is 43% higher though on Microsoft generated for their quarter.

And yet Microsoft trades at a 3 trillion valuation and Google trade’s elicit a $2 trillion valuation.

Not the perfect Apples to Apples comparison, but it just goes to show you, if Google gets cloud right and gets AI right, and these high margin businesses, it’s going to go to a $3 trillion valuation based on what Microsoft’s trading.

So they beat on cloud, search was was strong, YouTube ad sales were strong, but total ad sales, again, which is the main part of their revenue, and get this it missed, it missed the 65.

5 billion estimate by half a percent.

By half a percent.

And the stock is getting nailed today down 6% right now as I look getting absolutely nailed and remember Google’s not Microsoft trading at 38 times forward earnings, not AMD trading at 50 times forward earnings who actually lowered guidance.

Again, we’ll get to that in a minute.

It trades at just 22 times forward earnings, which is pretty much a market multiple.

The mark’s trading at 20 times earnings, but it’s growing sales over 30% annually.

Earnings growing even faster, much, much faster than the overall market.

And if you go last quarter, what happened, Google got hit after last quarter as well and it wasn’t ’cause of ad sales, it was ’cause of cloud.

So cloud only grew 22% last quarter.

So cloud was us.

You know, you have these KPIs keep performance indicators and they wanna see cloud growth, they wanna see ad sales and stuff like that.

But apparently cloud was a really big deal for Google last time.

’cause ad sales were strong, cloud wasn’t grew 22%, they were expecting I think 23, 20 4%.

The stock got hit before recovering, going to an all time high into this quarter.

If you look at cloud this quarter, it grew 26%.

Easily beating estimates, but yet the stock is getting hammered because one tiny thing within ad sales, and that’s why I’m saying follow the Microsoft playbook.

I’m sure you could have squeezed out a little more.

You have recurring revenue as well coming in you massive sales coming in from everywhere.

I’m sure you could have got that number a little bit higher and pushed out sales.

Again, this is, you could say it’s manipulation of earnings.

Every company does it.

I mean it’s no coincidence Microsoft beats on every single division just buy this much every single time they report every quarter for the past two, three years.

They’re smart.

So be smart.

I mean they were focusing on cloud ’cause hey, we just got our ass kicked last quarter because we didn’t meet cloud estimates.

But now you did.

And now ad sales a half a percent lower and we’re not talking about, I mean a half a percent on 65 billion, a half a percent.

And it starts getting nailed.

So for me, I look at Google where it’s trading and how they are in ai, cloud is growing.

They’re gonna be fine with search and revenue.

They understand the importance of getting AI rights is it could impact their business the most.

And they’re doing great.

You wanna get a little more clarity on it.

It’s hard to get clarity when you generate 68 billion in sales or 86 billion in sales and you’re looking at at, you know, Microsoft generating over 60 billion in sales.

So cloud’s not gonna be a meaningful revenue generator, but it is gonna save a ton of money for them in terms of productivity, in terms of efficiency, in terms of cutting costs.

So you’re not gonna say AI generated this much money, it’s not gonna be significant for probably another three to five years as big as it’s gonna be.

It’s not like Nvidia is like the pure play here.

I mean they, you know, the chips are the best.

They’re getting revenue directly, right? So they get revenue first and then everybody else uses those chips and then they get build software systems and, and you know, use GPUs and, and to grow whatever they’re building.

So when I look at go here on this pullback, I think it’s a screw in buy, I mean cloud growing, which is huge, massive amount of data.

So AI, they’re gonna be one of the biggest players in AI along with Microsoft, along with Amazon on the software side of this thing.

But I think it’s a, it’s a screw in buy here.

to 38 times full earnings with Microsoft, which is crazy.

And they lowered their guidance.

Now, AMD on the other hand, this is a pretty crazy stock when I look at AMD I mean, people are saying they should be included as a mag stock.

We heard that in Davos and it’s not just started running and running and running and running.

Nobody cared it just running right? Oh, they gotta catch up to the video.

They’re not even freaking, they’re not even, I mean they’re not even in the same vicinity.

Not, not even close.

I mean they’re like in China and, and and NVIDIA’s the US I mean they’re not even, they’re not even like near Nvidia, okay? They’re number two in the market, but they’re number two like Wendy’s as number two compared to McDonald’s.

When you’re looking at the what stock you wanna buy, okay, that’s, it’s like, it’s like all right, what sneaker are you gonna buy? All right.

Nike makes the best sneakers.

Reebok second or maybe whoever is second, Puma, whoever said you don’t even care who’s second.

It doesn’t matter who’s second.

That’s how far second they are.

And this is a company that ran up tremendously and they don’t have the earnings support.

So it’s trading a 50 times forward earnings, forward earnings getting into the court, you know how high that is, getting the average S&P 500 companies trading at 20 times earnings, two and a half times the market to 50 times.

It doesn’t mean you’re expensive.

If you are growing your stock and growing earnings at sales at gangbusters, that’s fine.

And I’ve learned that lesson the hard way through not owning Netflix when it traded at 120 times forward earnings 10, 15 years ago.

Microsoft traded at that valuation, Apple trade, all these during their early stage growth traded at massive valuations and people avoid them.

’cause I gotta buy a PE that’s lower than the market.

No, it’s about price to earnings growth.

How much are you growing? So if you’re trading at a premium to the market, which growth stocks dominated the market? The past, you know, since the credit crisis, pretty much growth, growth, growth value sucks.

Growth, growth, growth.

That’s fine at 50 times if you’re growing.

But they’re not.

They reported inline earnings and sales for the quarter, which is fine, you wanna look at the guidance, but they lowered their guidance, their margins are flat at 51%, meaning that they don’t have pricing power yet.

Nvidia could charge whatever they want for these freaking chips because you have the biggest companies in the world with the biggest balance sheets dying to get that edge and AI buying those chips, what they 40 grand each buying 10 12 per system and building it and buying hundreds of systems, spending billions on it.

They have pricing power right now a MD doesn’t have pricing power ’cause they don’t have great AI chips, they have secondary chips for people that are like, Hey, I want to get into ai.

You know, it sounds like a good, a good thing to do.

It’s like the, the, the Bitcoin miners.

It’s like you talk about the biggest miners in the world that have all these operations and you have a little kid in in his, you know, basement saying, oh I got you know, a new graphics card that’s pretty fast and I’m gonna try to mine for Bitcoin, a mine for whatever cryptocurrency.

It’s a big difference.

And you’re looking and say why are results so weak? Because a MD unlike what you’re told, is not a pure play on AI.

It’s not like Nvidia is pretty much the pure play on AI and yeah the gaming systems but still those chips are used for everything.

Of course the board, even for crypto miners, especially with the half incoming gonna make it harder, you need faster chips, which means a lot of these miners probably gonna go outta business ’cause they can’t afford the chips.

And now you’re gonna get half the reward with the Bitcoin halving coming up in April.

Anyway, get to that more in a minute.

But when I look at a MD and the whole entire company, gaming is a big portion of it, down 17% they call it segment, it’s called embedded, which is industrials PCs down 24%.

So you’re seeing growth within that AI portion of the business.

But these are big segments for AMD which are getting destroyed.

So you’re gonna see sales come down as they transition this business.

You’re gonna see earnings come down as they transition this business.

But for the stock to be trading at fifth times forward earnings, you need to see this thing growing.

And it’s not.

And the fact that the stock’s only down 3% any other time outside the past two years.

’cause the market’s all wonky with the government spending trillions a MD or any stock trading at 50 times forward earnings at lower guidance would be down 15% that day and it’s down 3%.

So my question for a MD bulls, if you own this stock and you’re like, hey I love a MD, why would you own a MD at 50 times forward earnings and growing at 10% when you could own Nvidia trading at a 30% discount to a MD growing three times faster and is the pure play premier AI company in the world.

And that’s how you have to look at investing.

I mean you look at it that way and make sense.

It’s not that I don’t wanna buy Disney, I just think Google trading much cheaper than Disney.

You have the AI component, you have the, the the media component.

You know, why own Disney when it’s not even, you know, it’s not even a growth stock, it it, it’s, it’s a cost cutting story.

I don’t know why the hell they, they reinstated some of that dividend.

What is it? Why pay 1% dividend? I’d have no idea what management is doing.

Use that money for content, use that money for anything for Disney.

Why would you do that? I have no idea.

No idea.

Lemme pay 1% dividend when I can get 4% for free in a bank.

Why? Just shows you where Disney is right now, but you’re owning the number two player in this space.

Everybody’s hyping this thing up like it’s the greatest thing ever.

And it’s not.

It’s not.

And it could go higher.

I’m just saying if this goes higher, NVIDIA’s gonna go significantly much more higher.

And I think the downside risk here, what you’re seeing in terms of growth, in terms of margins not increasing, you’re in AI, you should be able to, if your chips are that great, your margins should be exploding here.


I know you have, margins are s****y for PCs and stuff like that but they should be exploding here like they are for Nvidia where they have unlimited pricing power right now ’cause they have the greatest chips and people need them.

If you want to get that edge in AI, which is critical right now at this stage, but to me looking at AMD I have no idea why you own, it’s not gonna get, it’s not gonna get bought, it’s not gonna not gonna get taken over by anybody they got.

It’s too way too expensive.

You just gotta pay premium for the stock at 50 times forward earnings.

Especially when you have two divisions that are terrible.

No, absolutely not.

So probably gonna cut costs pretty soon.

Probably gonna lay off employees.

They gotta get those earnings up somehow ’cause you’re not gonna be able to maintain this valuation.

So CEO on TV today, she’s great, but the bottom line is you missed your numbers, you lower guidance.

It’s not good for a MD.

Be careful owning this stock.

I know it’s a fan favorite.

I know when you go on tv, everybody loves AMD it’s a great, this stock has run up tremendously and it’s doesn’t have the numbers behind them like Nvidia and moving on because we’re gonna get lots more earnings.

And Daniel, I love covering these things in detail and giving you ideas and stuff like that and how to invest in, in, you know, which we do in the Dollar Stock Club portfolio for Wall Street Unplugged Premium.

You host every Thursday’s on fire doing great, especially the last picks, last 10 12 picks.

But wanna move on to very important news is Elon Musk who’s in the news like every day given that the left media hates this guy, even though he is done more for climate change than any individual on the planet, which he pointed out, which is true, they just hate him.

But Tesla has board of directors approved an incentive-based package for Elon Musk in 2018.

If we hit these incentives, it would reward ’em $56 billion.

Holy s**t, the guy’s gonna get paid $56 billion.

That’s insane.

That’s insane.

How could you pay anyone $56 billion? That’s crazy.

Well it’s not really too crazy because his board approved this and everybody was for it because in 2018 the stock was at 20 and he said if I get this stock to a hundred to 150, these incentives come in.

And as a shareholder and even everyone at the board directors who’s the usually have share-based and said the packages as well are automatically gonna approve this because the stocks are go one 50.

That’s great.

Everybody makes out.

And he said, if this happens, hey, I invested throughout the company every single time we raise money you Sarah’s gonna go bankrupt.

Tell he’s been, he writes the biggest check in almost every time they finance over the past six, seven years.

And he said, well if I do this, this is how much I’m gonna make.

And he did it.

The stock was in the low twenties, it went to 300 still trading, you know, around $200 a share.

But a Delaware judge came out and voided this package.

Of course left media’s loving this if you go and look for in stories all writing about it, right? Hundreds of stories mocking ’em across all the major media platforms, which is expected.

But guys, this is a big deal.

First, if you look at Delaware, it’s the most business friendly state to a lot of companies incorporate, we’re incorporating Delaware, I mean so much stores, 60% of SB 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware because of how favorable they are to businesses.

Delaware, the little tiny Delaware.

And now you do this, be careful Delaware, because if I’m a corporation right now and most of these companies and CEOs Haven incentive-based packages, if I know that I meet those incentives and you’re gonna strike me down and say I can’t get paid in a court of law.

My board of directors approve this no matter what the amount is, they’re not gonna incorporate in Delaware anymore.

And that’s a major, major, major source of revenue for that state.

And the fact that you were able to do this in a court of law, when again this is approved and we have our security token, a trades on tZERO gives you a direct equity stake in our company training at at round two.

So if I said, Hey, I have all these incentive things and everything, if this thing goes to 50, I’m gonna make a $50 million paycheck.

Would you approve that? Of course you would at 50 if you’re a owner.

And it’s two absolutely because one, I’m like, holy s**t, if it goes at 20, I mean the guy’s not gonna get paid.

It goes a Thursday’s not gonna get paid.

But this is a really big deal.

Like if you look at CEOs who a lot of these CEOs structure the package this way.

I mean, are you not gonna get paid after you gave your life and your services to everything and you did everything you can, you took time away from your family, you met these goals.

So you can’t look at it as 56 billion.

Why does he need 56 billion? Absolutely crazy.

This is set, this is what he was going to make if he met these goals.

And he turned this into a trillion dollar company, which is now 600 billion and he wants to be a 25% owner.

Now when I look at this, because there’s a company I’m gonna give away, a lot of you probably know it, especially if you’re subscribers and it’s called Wrap Technologies.

Okay? There’s this stock wrote all the way up, came down, and then when it was at a dollar $50, 75 pound a table.

So much so that I have three quarters of a million dollars in it, roughly been buying it at these levels as well.

Why? ’cause I think it’s a 20, 30, $40 stock and it has the potential to get there.

I don’t say that, but if it doesn’t, I could tell you, if you’re like Frank, you’re full of s**t, well I’m probably gonna lose a lot more money than anybody else who buys the stock.

I know the story very well.

It used to be a great story.

And now it’s not just a story.

Now you seem revenue start pouring in.

I cover taser.

It’s similar to that.

It’s a wrapping device, gonna give it away because I’ve been pounding the table the last three, four months telling everybody to buy the crap outta this thing under two, under 2 50, 2 7 5.

And it’s about three 50 now.

I think earnings are gonna absolutely soar.

And if you, there’s only one competitor industry, which is Axon and they traded 13 times sales.

And if this company, you put a multiple on that, I think they could do a hundred million in revenue over the next 12 months after doing 8 million, 12 million.

And this last quarter they just got a record order, their largest order in the company’s history, $5 million, just one order.

And I think a ton of these orders are gonna come in because they’re in close to 1500 law enforcement agencies now.

So it’s not just a story, a concept of oh this device might make it on the belt.

It’s, it’s there now they took over cameras, now they’re gonna have D State, data storage just like Axon, which gets 90% margins.

And you know, again, no other competitors are really in this industry.

Axon has a monopoly.

These guys capture It’s huge.

Now, when you go to Scott Cohen, he just took over the CEO role and Scott Cohen’s a friend, I’ve interviewed him on this podcast again, if give this away, don’t get mad ’cause you guys should have been pounding the table under $2.

Now he became CEO, which is a lot different from executive chairman, okay? It means your, your whole life get your whole life, you know, operations or employees.

Everybody reports to you, okay? Executive chairman is 10% the job of the CEO.

You’re busy, you’re on the board of directors, it’s fine, but you know, it’s, it’s hands off.

Lemme look at the numbers and you could point different directions.

The CEO’s very, very hands on going across country, meeting people, everything right now.

He didn’t in his pay package, he just became CEOA couple weeks ago.

And I said this is massive because I looked at the pay package, he’s not receiving a dime, he’s not getting paid any more money even though he is gonna take a considerable amount of time.

And he’s doing this as someone who invests in lots of companies and put these together, kind of like Anderson Horowitz, Peter Thiel.

They don’t take the CEO job.

He’s taking the CEO because that’s how big of this opportunity.

It’s, and his pay package includes, I think it’s 600,000 options.

And they’re only gonna invest if rap goes to a billion dollar valuation and it’s three 50 now.

And in order for that to happen, it has to go to $20 a share and stay over $20 a share for 60 straight days.

He’s gonna get a nice pay package.

I’m for that.

I’m a big owner in the stock.

I would love to see it go to 20.

That’s a lot of freaking money I’m gonna make.

I’m not gonna get mad that he’s getting a big pay package because he’s putting all the effort into driving the stock towards those goals.

That’s why I love rap, that’s why I love that.

And that decision just came out recently.

I love the fact that he’s there because he’s gotta be there long term and he’s incentivized to drive this thing to over $20 a share.

By the way, if things go right, I think it could be triple that now.

That’s why it’s one of my largest positions.

Can do your own research, don’t just go in blindly and it is a small cap stock.

But that’s how I feel.

It’s my largest position.

So when you structure these deals, it’s really important guys, because the way this went down where out of nowhere, right? This was struck down but struck down by Delaware and a Delaware court to the point where I guess I’m gonna incorporate someplace else.

To me this is a big overstep.

But it could result in a lot of the SB 500 companies saying, Hey, you know what, if you CEO that has a a, most of ’em have incentivized pay packages and say it could be 20 million, Like that’s a lot of money.

But if the stocks up 30, That’s the package and it’s, it’s best for everyone.

So it’s not like, oh you’re paying this guy for doing nothing.

That s**t the golden parachutes and s**t.

When you leave a company and you get paid massively, I mean, who’s an idiot Left JC Penny and got paid a fortune and, and you know, destroy that company where he go to to Home Depot or Lowe’s, wherever Lowe’s, I think it was.

I mean that’s horrible.

Remember Mal turned around, Ford had a massive pay package turned around a company, it looked like it was going bankrupt in a credit crisis, but that stuff’s approved by the board, this shareholders.

And that makes sense.

But now that you achieve that and the stock goes up, you’re gonna like, people gonna complain and b***h about it.

Forget about the media, the people that don’t own shares, but as a shareholder that’s what you want.

I don’t wanna pay this guy like, you know, a hundred million dollars over four years and the stock does nothing f you.

I’d rather pay you three times that amount and the stock’s gonna triple and everybody gets paid.

Everybody’s happy.

That’s great.

All the incentives are aligned.

But the fact that Tesla is down on this news is telling ’cause it should be good news, right? You’re saving what, $56 billion? Holy cow.

But it means that shareholders, most loyal people of Elon Musk are worried that he may take a lesser role at the company or not be as involved going forward.

Pay close attention to this story.

I dunno if it’s gonna get reversed or not, but Delaware, if Delaware is a stock, I short the s**t out of it right now after this decision because those 60, 60% of those companies has to be 500.

All of them, almost every single one of them.

The people in those board, the CEOs see that they have pay packs, is structured to these incentives and these goals and most are tied to the, to the stock price.

And if you meet those and you’re not gonna get paid, man, you better incorporate someplace else.

This is a great opportunity for other states to jump in and say, Hey, you know what? Get a ton of the business.

’cause Delaware just went from one of the friendliest states to incorporate to one of the worst states to incorporate after this decision and it’s gonna have massive, massive effects going forward.

Trust me on that.

The last but not least is crypto.

So Bitcoin theum catching a bid after falling following ETF approval news.

I love Peter Schiff.

I told you Bitcoin, I mean he said Bitcoin’s going to zero forever buy gold for the last 15 years and you know, every single asset you could have bought a rock and it’d be worth more than gold.

A rock that doesn’t have any minerals in it and you probably sell it for more, make more percentage wise than what gold went up in the past.

What, since 2013, 14, when it hit the top.

I feel like he’s been playing trading it at 1900 to 2000 and back and forth for, for like, you know, at least three, four years it feels like, right? But all the bears came out and said, oh the ETF’s not a big deal.

Listen, we held an event, we told you about this.

We said, look, the catalyst for Bitcoin have never been greater.

And it’s the ETF approval’s gonna bring billions and billions of constant flows into the market.

And then you have the Bitcoin half incoming, which happens every four years.

They reduce supply growth in half, which automatically results in Bitcoin or the price moving higher, right? If you lower supply and just keep demand the same, it’s gonna go higher.

But you’re not keeping demand the same because you have this massive demand coming in for the first time of billions of dollars going into these ETFs that are buying Bitcoin.

So after the ETF approval, we said it’s probably gonna come off a little bit and it did, but it’s gonna be one of the greatest buying opportunities because this, it’s not just the ETFs, that’s just one of many, many, many catalysts, okay? ’cause now you turn this industry, which used to be cyclical into a secular growing industry with this money constantly coming in for years and decades to come ’cause it’s here.

Funds want it.

More importantly, the funds want, ’cause people want it.

They wanna invest.

That’s their goal right now, especially if you’re under 40 every reason to buy gold, you worry essential banking spending like crazy, safe, whatever, it’s Bitcoin.

People going into Bitcoin.

Now we all know, or you should know that Bitcoin does very well into the haling, which occurs every four years.

This does well into it and also does well for about 18 months after.

But we also had this sell off because you see demand’s not really there after two years and then it comes down into the next halving, right? So you see, you know, this constant up and down, up and down cyclical market.

Now you have this demand coming in where you, you’re gonna see constant demand over the next four years.

So the next Bitcoin haling is in April, it’s a couple months away.

And the last time this happened, May, 2020, then May 11th, 2020 be exact Bitcoin surge 640% over the next 18 months following the halving.

So, so great news, you wanna own Bitcoin, but like I said earlier with a MD and Nvidia, and like I say all the time, it’s not just, I’m telling you I wouldn’t buy Disney, get rid of Disney.

It’s that there’s much better place than Disney here.

Now Bitcoin does well and you hear that everywhere, but what you might have not known is that if you look at the crypto market in terms of total market cap and you strip out Bitcoin, it went up over 2000% over the same timeframe in 18 months compared to 645% for Bitcoin.

So nearly three to one, the rest of the crypto market went up.

And people don’t talk about that.

They’re like Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Halfing, Bitcoin Halfing, Bitcoin, halving.

Gotta own Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin.

I get it.


This is the huge opportunity.

When you look at cryptos, don’t think about them being s**t coins.

They’re, they’re software companies.

But now that you’re seeing the money pour in, now that you’re seen the regulation, all affairs FTX and all this garbage failed, all this garbage removed from the industry, now you’re gonna see the innovation come and it’s some of the most incredible innovation because it’s disrupting the biggest boys club in the world, which is the financial sector.

And that’s exciting.

All these b******t fees you pay all the banks bail out anyone they want, they could take on as many risks we saw in credit crisis and destroy people.

Nobody goes to jail ever.

All this b******t.

That’s how Bitcoin was launched anyway, right? All the b******t avoids central banks, all this crap.

But now you’re seeing innovation, you’re seeing great, great companies.

A lot of these names are in our portfolio Crypto Intelligence portfolio now.

So when you see the Halfing coming too much, you’re gonna see tons of headlines, but they’re only gonna be much in Bitcoin.

But you look under the hood, you’re better off owning a lot of great names or having exposure to these names.

It’s a risky sector.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not telling you to sell Bitcoin, okay? I own Bitcoin, I’m not gonna sell it.

But imagine a of generating 645% returns on Bitcoin, over 2000% on Ethereum, 4000% on Binance, Notice that you heard a a lot of these names, that’s why I pulled them.

Not just cherry picking here or there.

These are names that you know, Dogecoin, 10000% Solana up over 13000%.

Axion fee up 24000%.

Where could you possibly see those gains in the stock market? Please tell me.

I’ve been doing this for 30 years, especially now.

You might’ve been able to do it 10, 15 years ago buying some of these big technologies really early on.

Now it’s almost impossible because they come out IPO with stupid valuations and if things work out, you’ll see three, 400% gains.

Good for you.

Almost every single SPAC has gotten annihilated.

’cause they came outta crazy valuations insiders cashed out $22 billion.

They cashed outta these companies.

They told you, well great companies buy them, hold them long term.

Well you got f*****g annihilated.

And now Gary Gensler, SEC, what a great man.

Now you’re gonna provide regulations finally on SPACs when nobody’s launching ’em and nobody cares after Wall Street’s out of them.

You wonder why Bitcoin and crypto is a big deal.

This is why these are the returns that you could generate.

So next wave of cryptos, again, don’t look at them as s**t coins.

Some of them are, but these are software companies, innovations, they’re coming.

Many of these names we found Crypto Intelligence portfolio like I just mentioned, and they’re doing well.

It’s been on fire the past four or five months before that.

We know crypto has been terrible.

FTX Celsius, a lot of this s**t.

But four months ago I was selling this newsletter and said buy it because you could buy the best names and generate massive returns.

Just like in 2008, 2009.

The bottom of that market, over 20% of the S&P 500, roughly 20% is trading under $10 a share.

I dunno if you’ll find any company s and p 500 trading under that.

Maybe a couple.

Now I held a live event and this was in December and I highlighted massive catalyst coming for Bitcoin and crypto, the Bitcoin, ETF approvals and stuff like that.

But also said, look, buy now, you’re probably gonna see a short term pullback in Bitcoin after the ETF approvals, right? Sell the news event like we see in stocks.

Many of you attended that event and it was for absolutely free, right? You attend the event.

And I couldn’t believe how long you stayed on.

I think we held it for two hours only because an hour and 15 minutes of that was q and a and it was live.

It wasn’t like, hey, here’s a live event.

It’s a, you know, a PowerPoint with someone, talk with me, talking in the background, it’s live.

If I drop coffee on me, make fun of me, go into the chat, have fun with it and got a great turnout.

I couldn’t believe how many people stayed and just ask some questions about crypto and it was awesome getting free event.

So next Thursday I’m gonna hold another live event Crypto 2024.

It’s not gonna be 100% about Bitcoin, but it’s gonna be about showing you how to position yourself to potentially make enormous gains.

As you know, when you see things that we promote, I don’t say that often, but we’re not cherry picking ideas here.

I mean these are massive gains that you could see in crypto.

Wall Street’s not covering this.

These are names that you can get in early during the very early stage at 10 million, 20 million, $30 million valuations.

And if they work out, they become a So Salonas, anos, all these, you know, avalanche, you know all these great names.

Again, names that we have in portfolio that we’re doing incredibly well on.

Lemme show you how to find those ideas to the event.

It’s gonna be Thursday, next Thursday.

It’s not tomorrow, but next Thursday.

Okay, so to register absolutely for free, go to CurzioCrypto.com.

Again, live event.

It’s not gonna be like a 45 minute thing.

I’m probably gonna talk about 15 minutes of some of the stuff I’m talking about and show you how it’s not just Bitcoin.

’cause there’s people that are just religiously tied to Bitcoin.

That’s fine.

It should be part of your portfolio like a Microsoft or an Apple’s part of your portfolio.

It doesn’t mean you don’t own small caps.

You should have exposure to risk.

And when you’re buying risk, it’s about risk reward.

So I’ve done it all my life within small caps.

When you look at the potential reward of the risk that you’re taking, you have to have exposure to crypto, a little exposure.

You could lose money, of course you can, but the amount of money you could make could be life changing.

It allowed me to buy a brand new house and build my first ever house in a great neighborhood in Jacksonville.

And these are the gains that crypto could offer you that you can’t find everyplace else.

So again, register for this event, it’s free.

Go to curziocrypto.com and next Thursday, which is February eight at 7:00 PM So first 15 minutes, provide charts, talk a little bit, and then it’s gonna be a q and a.

Ask me whatever you want.

It’d be a lot of fun.

We had a lot of fun last time and I couldn’t believe again how many people stayed on.

I said, all right, you know, fine.

I was just ha hanging out.

I’m probably gonna have beers with me at this time.

Just drink beers and answer questions and talk and have fun, right? That’s what you want.

You wanna, you want, you wanna be a fun event, cool event, educational, you guys learning about crypto and understanding why you need to be in this.

And nobody’s really talking about crypto coming back.

Why? Because we have these big earnings coming and we have the Fed coming out today, which everyone’s saying is not a big deal.

Which I said wouldn’t be a big deal in December.

And look what happened, right? It’s the pivot.

Now they walk back to pivot back and forth, all this b******t.

But in the middle of this crypto is just catching a bid and it makes sense going into the halving and it’s gonna make sense long after that.

But the amount of money coming into ETFs, you have to have exposure to the sector.

It’s real.

And have exposure to the right cryptos.

Not just any b******t ones or garbage.

That’s my job to really dig through and find out the best names for you.

And I’m gonna teach you how to do that, how to get exposure.

What platforms do you use, how to stay safe.

Everybody’s worried about crypto and money getting stolen and stuff like that.

That’s why you see all these stories being highlighted.

I think it’s, I read a stat like less than 0. 4% of all transactions where legal in all of crypto, you don’t hear that stuff, right? The government doesn’t want you to hear that stuff.

They wanna shut this s**t down ’cause it impacts the very industry that they predict, which is the financial industry and the banks’.

Why Jamie Damon hates this industry so much.

Elizabeth Warren talks terrible about, most politicians hate it ’cause they get lots of money from the banking industry and it provides them control.

This is the only industry finance, right? If you look at, at all the industries across the board, guys, if you look at the banking sector, it’s the only sector where you can’t start a company and become one of the largest in the world like Tesla did with with autos.

You go throughout all industries.

Meta became one of the largest companies in the world.

Nvidia just surpassed Intel and everybody else, you know, to become the best chip maker in the world.

And the greatest, you can’t do that in banking.

They don’t allow it.

You’re you.

They just don’t allow it based on the capital ratios.

So no matter how great you do in banking, you’re not allowed to get into that top four.

The boys club told every bank fails, they take the assets, the Fed backs ’em, and they give ’em JPMorgan for free.

And then JPMorgan fires all his employees.

That’s why it’s training at all time high.

Again, a lot of b******t.

Crypto disrupts that entire industry, which is by far forget about technology finance by far the most powerful industry in the world.

So next Thursday, February eight, to Curziocrypto.com.

So that’s it for me.

Questions, comments, email me Frank@Curzioresearch.com, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow on Wall Street Unplugged Premium.

Take care, love this episode.

Wall Street Unplugged.

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