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The key to good corporate risk management

My guest today is former chief audit executive, Brent Brickman. Brent takes us on a behind-the-scenes risk management journey…

Companies put out financial statements… and investors take them as gospel. If it were only that simple…

Those pages are made up of the moving parts of a company. A proper reporting of them requires sound internal controls.

Enter the internal auditor.

If you haven’t given much consideration to the role of an internal auditor before, today you’ll learn just how critical they are for a company to run well—and their role in helping create reliable financial statements.

Brent explains what a company needs to efficiently and legally run its business—and the damage improper or weak controls can do to stakeholders.

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Note: Today’s show is part two in a non-stock-themed series. On Monday’s podcast, we learned how football can help provide a framework for investing from 13-year Canadian Football League pro Angus Reid.

Look for your next episode on Tuesday, March 12.



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