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Richard Suttmeier

Rich has been analyzing stocks for over 40 years… using both technical and fundamental analysis to find trading opportunities (long and short) that he passes on to his followers.  

Rich founded Global Market Consultants in 1989, while also working as chief market strategist at several financial services firms. Since 1984, he’s been writing newsletters and providing market commentary for prominent financial media sites, including CNNfn, Fox Business, Forbes, Investopedia, and He’s also a regular guest on the Wall Street Unplugged podcast, where he shares lots of trading ideas. 

Rich graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology in industrial engineering and earned his Master of Science degree in Operations Research Systems Analysis from Brooklyn Poly. 

With this foundation—in addition to his many years of trading experience—he created a proprietary trading algorithm, or “Black Box,” that gives him an extraordinary ability to predict where a stock is headed next. 

Rich is currently editor of 2-Second Trader, a weekly trading service based on his incredible algo-trading system. 

Give me a ticker and I will provide an analysis on the fly.  –Rich Suttmeier

Why does this asset class explode after every financial crisis? How do you get in before it happens again?