How to find value in the discard pile

Asymmetry in stocks exists where most aren’t looking…  

And the value one finds on the trash heap can be quite exceptional.

No one subscribes to this view more than my guest today, Chris MacIntosh, founder and editor of Capitalist Exploits…  

It’s exactly how I think, too.

Chris scours the market’s discard pile looking for deep value—and he shares some insight for those of you who’d like to try it yourselves.

It’s a hard job… Most of what’s in the pile actually belongs there.

But oh, man, when you find a buried treasure… the returns can be spectacular.

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Topics discussed:

  • This deep-value investing style isn’t for most folks
  • The importance of having a mental model
  • Embrace the silence/ignore the noise
  • Oil drillers (yep, they’re on that pile)
  • A glimpse inside Chris’s global, macro-thinking brain

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