Why “Boots-on-the-Ground” Research Matters

If you follow my investment advice, then you probably know how important I think it is to get out into the field—to learn about businesses firsthand, to ask questions, and get answers in person.

On today’s episode of Talking Stocks Over a Beer, I go in-depth about this important component of my research.

I start out by recapping my recent travels—everywhere from London to Florida—and my observations from those trips (observations that sometimes fly in the face of conventional wisdom).

Later, I welcome a good friend of mine to the show, Greg Rice.

Greg has served as a senior executive at a major investment bank, as well as partner at a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund. He’s currently investing in farmland.

Today, Greg gives us some amazing insight on how investment banks work on the inside… the difference between “buy-side” and “sell-side” research… and how it all impacts us as individual investors.

We share some great stories of our field research trips—and why these trips are crucial to our investment strategies.

This podcast is about helping the individual investor—and that’s you.

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