A vocal Tesla critic on why it’s only going to get worse…

The bears love him…

The bulls can’t stand him…

But regardless of what side you’re on… it’s always worth listening to Mark Spiegel’s latest views on Tesla.

Mark is the founder of Stanphyl Capital hedge fund—known for his exhaustive analyses on both the long and short side. And he’s an outspoken critic of Tesla.

Today, Mark shares his views on Elon Musk’s SEC settlement, Tesla’s just-announced third-quarter production and delivery numbers, and what’s not included in the release.

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Topics discussed:

  • Musk settles… So what?
  • Production numbers—It’s the demand, stupid
  • An onslaught of competition
  • The bull case… is there one?

Note: Tonight my colleague Frank Curzio is hosting a special “trade war” event with guest Jeff Phillips. As tensions escalate between the U.S. and China, one obscure corner of the mining industry could see a major boom.

Jeff is one of the best resource investors out there. He’s made a fortune spotting opportunities like this.

In an exclusive interview just for Curzio readers, Jeff breaks down why now is the best time to invest in this niche mining sector… and tells you what to look for before buying any stock in this super-volatile industry. It kicks off at 8 p.m. EDT tonight… So be sure to check your inbox.



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