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A perfect setup for higher uranium prices

When markets are opaque and underfollowed… misinformation occurs.

When those same markets have been in a bear market for years… any changes that might be brewing beneath the surface often get overlooked—if not completely ignored.

This is what’s happening in the uranium market right now.

My guest is Rob Chang, board member of UR Energy & Fission Uranium—two high profile uranium companies.

Today we dig into the fundamentals that could lead to rising uranium prices… and big gains in uranium miner equities.

It’s a perfect setup for this necessary and ridiculously cheap commodity.

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Topics discussed:

  • This brutal bear market in uranium
  • A lot of false starts… but now isn’t one of them
  • The real and growing nuclear power demand
  • Primary supply (there’s not enough)
  • Secondary supply (there’s been plenty… but that’s about to change)

Note: After working as a uranium analyst for 13 years, Rob recently took the role of CFO at Riot Blockchain. Today he and I briefly discuss blockchain and why he’s so impressed with distributed ledger technology. If you’re interested in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the best assets to buy now… click here to learn more about Crypto Intelligence—a new service here at Curzio Research.



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