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Episode: 1096December 6, 2023

2024 will be a banner year for crypto

I’m turning into the parent who yells at soccer games. I want your opinion: Am I the problem… or am I just supporting the kids’ best interests?

Crypto’s recent rally has been incredible—especially as it comes out of a terrible bear market. I break down the catalysts driving crypto higher… why this bull market is far from temporary… one company’s brilliant Bitcoin strategy… and how crypto gives investors the chance at 10,000% gains. 

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Inside this episode:
  • I’m THAT soccer dad [0:30]
  • Crypto’s incredible bull market is just beginning [5:00]
  • Why Bitcoin ETFs are a massive long-term catalyst [18:30]
  • One company’s brilliant Bitcoin strategy [26:30]
  • Your chance to get in on the next Apple at the ground level [29:05]
  • Crypto 2024 LIVE: Save your spot [42:30]
Frank Curzio
Frank Curzio, founder and CEO of Curzio Research, is one of America’s most respected stock experts. His research is regularly featured on media outlets like CNBC’s Kudlow Report, The Call, CNN Radio, ABC News, and Fox Business News. His Wall Street Unplugged podcast—ranked the No. 1 “most listened-to” financial podcast on iTunes—has been downloaded over 12 million times.

Wall Street Unplugged | 1096

2024 will be a banner year for crypto

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Frank Curzio: How’s it going out there? It’s December 6th.

I’m Frank Curzio. This is the Wall Street Unplugged podcast where I break down the headlines and tell you what’s really moving these markets.

Yeah, I think I’m becoming one of those crazy parents just yells like a maniac in the stands where their kids are playing sports.

Both my daughters playing on their sports teams.

One for middle school for basketball, the other for And I just went to my second soccer game this week for my oldest daughter and her team is really, really, really bad, really bad.

And you know, I’m being honest, hopefully no one from the school listens to it to this podcast, especially the coach.

But I mean, they’re so bad that they haven’t, the last two games, they did not have one shot on goal.

Think about that.

This is soccer.

Not one shot on goal.

I mean, they didn’t even have an offside call, right? Which is when you’re hanging and you’re kicking it far.

You know, and it’s funny with soccer because if you get beat you could just stop.

And it’s, you know, a lot of times it’s off sides.

They don’t have like a blue line, right? Just you past, if the offensive person’s passed, the defensive person, when the ball gets kicked forward, it, it’s off sides.

Usually if you’re playing offense, you’re playing aggressive, you’re gonna get off sides calls.

You see it in professional soccer all the time or, or everything.

They haven’t even had an offside.

They’re not even playing offense.

They don’t even pass the ball to each other.

But the ball just comes to ’em and they kick it.

And all the teams that they’re playing against, they pass it like six, seven times, pass the, and just score.

And I’m like, you, you, you, two months in now, all I wanna see is you progressively get better.

And last game I was, they played away.

And if you know the away stadium, they usually have the stadium.

It, it, it’s, it has a track around it.

So it’s like a, you know, football field.

But they turn the soccer field.

And on the other side they have small thing benches.

Which by the way, I was the only one on the other side, right? I walked all the way around there on the side that you walk right into.

It’s usually that like the home seat.

The other way is the way seats.

And I’m the only person there ’cause it’s a little cold.

It’s 50 degrees, 55 degrees in, in Florida, which is like the equivalent if you live in New York to about 20 below.

I mean, people wear like, you know, scoffs and earmuffs and stuff like that.

So I’m on this bench by myself, but I’m pretty close like to both of their benches.

And I’m voicing my opinion, like I’m just like, come on, like what? This is a joke.

Like hit the, you know, that kinda like turned around at me.

But I never wanna be one of those parents.

When I was a a, a referee for basketball, I actually kicked a parent.

I only did this once in my life.

I kicked a parent out of, of the gym because just cursing at really freshmen kids and just curse ’em like a maniac.

And I gave the, the bench, the team a technical foul, kicked them out.

And it was crazy.

But sometimes parents go nuts.

But you know, I guess I’m becoming one of those parents that are vocal and just, you know, sit there and watch the game.

But when I see it, they’re not even passing to each other.

And the goalie gets it.

The goalie gets it and kicks it right to the other team.

Then had team scores.

This is 10th grade, this isn’t like fourth grade.

And I’m like, come on, they gotta get like better, right? They should be passing the ball to each other a little bit.

I mean, I really know nothing about soccer and coach the team better.

It’s just, come on.

But anyway, I get advice from you guys.

The same thing that you, your kids’ games and go crazy.

Or is it just you sit there and you’re like, eh, you don’t really care.

’cause at the end of the day, 99.

9% of ’em are not gonna make it on a professional level.

But still, if I’m going there, I’m driving to the game in the middle of the day, which a lot of these games take place at five o’clock, four o’clock.

Got, you know, they think like nobody works.

Gotta leave early, get everything done early and you go there and they don’t have a shot on goal.

You know how boring that is in soccer.

It’s not like basketball you’re gonna shoot you miss.

All right, good try.

All right, that’s cool.

You like tennis, you get a couple points.

You didn’t get a shot on goal two games.

Holy cow.

I don’t know, maybe it’s me.

Maybe I’m outta line.

Feel free to email me, frank@curzioresearch.com.

Anyway, earnings season officially over the markets are kind of as boring as the soccer games I was watching in the past couple days.

Nothing really going on, right? ’cause earnings season’s over, you gotta get jobs data later this week, which comes out the first week of every month.

It’s all the big stories out there.

And you, you know, there’s not a lot of big stories when c NBC’s really pumping this, you know, the largest banks and the CEOs are testifying on the hill today, which is, you know, the most boring s**t in the world.

You know, the banks are gonna talk to Congress and say how we wanna have less capital ratios.

And even though, we’re re reporting their record profits last quarter while firing 20% of our employees, it’s gonna be an interesting conversation I guess, but I really don’t wanna watch that on tv.

So we’ve got a lot of boring stuff going on.

But what’s not boring right now is this incredible move in crypto.

And I said crypto, I didn’t say just Bitcoin, Ethereum, which a lot of people follow.

And Bitcoin surgeon, 44,000 theory was 2200.

Most people know about those crypto in general.

A lot of the good names are starting to surge and, and it’s kind of remarkable when you see what’s happened in this industry.

I mean block five, voyages, Celsius, Gemini, some of the biggest names for bankruptcy, silver brig getting signature forced into liquidation by our government.

So the SEC cracked down on all banks, right? Threatened ’em with penalties and audits if they do anything related to crypto.

There’s actually emails of this.

If you guys do anything in crypto, you’re done.

We’re coming after you we’re gonna audit you.

And then what does it do? It opens a door to the large institutions launch ETFs.

Good job.

We saw the collapse of FTX, I think sandbag.

What was he worth? 23, 24 billion at one point.

All the fraudulent activity there.

The market lose 2 trillion in value based on bankruptcies and the freezing.

Many of investors’ assets.

Recently, a few weeks ago we saw Binance get hit with a $4.3 billion fine in top names of the industry.

CZ pled guilty to criminal charges.

And he said, oh, you gotta post $175 million in bail.

And he reached his pocket.

Here you go.

There you go.

I’m good.

And they were so p****d.

They like, well we’re putting another $50 million fight.

Reach his other pocket.

He’s like, here you go.

Could go to jail.

18 months.

That guy’s gotta be worth 10 billion plus at least that guy has so much money, it’s insane.

Gonna walk away.

Good job for him.

Not bad.

Probably do it all over again.

Criminal charges, You need to tell me anyone on this podcast listening to this right now wouldn’t do that yet.

Despite all of the garbage, all the negatives, all the craziness, right? These crazy events stuff that, that would make investors say, I’m nowhere going near that industry and almost making the entire industry uninvestible.

Bitcoin is up 175% this year, the best performing asset.

They say well there’s a better performing asset name it.

Maybe there is.

I don’t know.

I mean the NASDAQ’s up 36% year to date, one of the best years in 40 years or tremendously.

I think it’s up 10% alone in, in November.

The s and p’s up 19%.

Dow Jones up 10%.

Uranium has been on a tear.

Your is on fire spot uranium price of over $80, but they’re only up 80% year to date.

Gold all time.

High gold’s up 12% year to date.

I feel like goal is at 1900 for two, three years I feel like.

And it went down to 1750 and then back up and pushed almost 2000.

But yeah, I feel like it’s been near, its all time high for such a long time now that pushes all the gold.

Invest the goals on fire.

It’s great.

Is it? I mean you have 12% year to date.

Look at asset class underperformed everything over the past And you’re better off generating probably 0.2% interest on your money and it’d be better than gold.

That’s how bad that investment’s been.

And for a very long time.

And if you’re looking at the stocks, the stocks are still down 30, 40, 50, 60%.

You look at gold prices where it’s not gonna be related to, to especially junior miners where they’re not producing anything.

The large producers are New months goal goes higher than margins go higher.

It makes sense.

The other companies just, they don’t generate revenue, they dilute the hell outta you.

It’s only pay their bills.

They’re in founder shares, they don’t care.

They’re into, you know, most junior, if you look at the executives of these companies, they’re into like 7, 8, 9, 10 different companies.

They’re always pitching me different ideas on different companies.

I’m like, shouldn’t you be focusing on your company? But they’re not gonna benefit so much from higher prices.

Gold prices.

I mean, no one’s coming and buying them for the ounces in the ground right now.

They’re not.

Are you seeing that? You’re seeing junior minors get bought? I’m not.

I know the industry very well.

I haven’t really seen it.

In fact, look at the whole S&P 500.

There’s only one stock that’s up more than Bitcoin year to date.

And that’s not too hard to guess Nvidia.

It’s up just over 200% Compared to 175%.

Bitcoin’s up can get a date.

Now you have skeptics out there and they’re gonna tell you, well we have interest rates coming down that leads to more money pushing into speculative assets like Bitcoin.

Ah, funny though, if that’s the case, you probably see meme stocks hitting new highs and they’re not.

It’s a GameStop have a little bit of a run there, but well, well, well off their highs.

You see small caps killing it right now.

The Russell 2000 is only up 5% this year.

It’s made a nice run over the past, you know, since November along with everything else in stocks.

But you would see the move in, in almost every speculative asset going much, much higher.

Not just Bitcoin, but Bitcoin and hear me out here guys, this move higher.

It’s not temporary, it’s not a fad, it’s not seasonal like we’re seeing the stock market, right? Fund’s playing catch up since most are underperforming their benchmark.

They generate alpha.

That’s what they call it.

Or how CTAs might be new to you.

Commodity trading advisors, a lot of money serves momentum.

So they take long and short positions.

They bought 225 billion, 225 billion worth of stock during the past month on this rally.

See that momentum pushing it up.

You wanna know why November was such a great month that it stocks are trading so much higher.

I mean it’s more than seasonal.

They’ve gone up the best month wide almost 40 years.

But by the way, Goldman tracks this stuff, they track it religiously.

And they said it’s the fastest increase in exposure that we’ve ever seen from CTAs.

In other words, this is gonna un unwind eventually, I would say in the next couple months.

But if you’re looking at this, Goldman came out and said, look, we don’t even know if there’s anyone else to be bullish out there.

Where’s the money gonna come from? Think about that for a minute.

If you’re looking at at at what they’re projecting over the next couple months, they’re projecting a pretty big pullback.

Morgan Stanley, Mike Wilson’s been bearish forever.

I know, but also JPMorgan is expecting the markets to come down 10% next year into an election year.

’cause that’s how far advanced we’ve got.

You can say, well there’s a new bull market, it’s great.

Like I said earlier, bull markets, you don’t see companies laying, almost every company S&P 500 is laying off employees, they’re cutting costs, their sales are not going higher, their earnings are going higher.

’cause they’re cutting costs and bull markets.

You see more money going into things you see, you see more investments, more CapEx, they’re cutting back on all this stuff.

You’re hearing it from the software companies, you hear it from the cloud companies, you hear it from the major technology companies.

But nobody cares right now.

You have government money flowing in.

It might flow in next year into an election year.

The market usually does well, but then again, it doesn’t come off with a NASDAQ going up, you know, 35, 40% in a year, either going into an election year.

Let’s see what happens.

But this isn’t seasonal or a fed when it comes to Bitcoin.

It’s real.

It’s something that we’ve been saying since September.

’cause there’s lots of short-term catalyst that we pointed out.

But not just short-term, long-term.

You saying short term catalysts.

There’s lots of them.

It’s the reason why we offer a special discount of Crypto Intelligence.

We lower it to a price where we said, listen guys, get in.

And it was, I’m not saying this because I’m saying I’m patting myself on the back.

I I I want you to make money.

That’s my goal.

We don’t get paid by companies or anything like that.

I want you to get in when it’s right.

And a lot of times people get in when a trend is red, red, red, hot, which is the worst time to get in.

When you’re looking at at, at where you got in and where a lot of new subscribers have come in.

I mean, the gains that you’ve seen in that newsletter over the past three months were up 83%.

The average position in that portfolio.

When people say, well, Bitcoin’s on fire and Ethereum’s on fire.

It’s not just that it’s a lot of names and a lot of good names and to move high, it’s, it’s, it’s a secular change.

It’s being fundamentally driven.

You might say, you know, by what? Well, we know ETFs are coming.

It’s a big deal and it’ll take a while before people really have exposure to Bitcoin.

But for the first time, people are gonna have exposure where they don’t have wallets.

They could invest through a 4 0 1 kss.

We’re talking tens of trillions in assets, tens of trillions and there’s lots of ETFs coming.

And you want me to pull up a chart for you right here? If you watch this, on a YouTube channel.

So I’m pulling this.

So you see Grayscale arc, iShares, Bitcoin Trust, bitwise, VanEck, WisdomTree, Invesco, I mean 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Bitcoin ETFs are on their way.

And ARC is probably gonna get approved first.

So you’re gonna see massive marketing come out.

That’s where you, you can see marketing everywhere, all over tv, all over CNMC, all the news channels when this happens and their approval and it has the first deadline, second that final deadline, it looks like they’re gonna get approval within the first, second week of January.

And then you have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 others that are projected get approved in mid-March.

That’s an important date to get approved.

Okay? Now you have tens of trillions of assets having access to crypto.

They didn’t have, you have tens of millions of investors instead of, you know, clicking out or clicking on on the 401k that you want exposure to a small cap fund and a large cap fund, the S&P 500 and maybe a little international exposure.

Now you have Bitcoin.

They’re doing this ’cause people want to invest in Bitcoin.

And notice, like I said, the the mid-March date, I mean it’s relevant here because when you look, the Bitcoin HALING is coming up in April and that’s a big deal that happens every four years.

And these are the two things that we cited.

These are just two catalysts that we cite.

Okay? Everyone’s talking about these.

So you could say it’s largely priced in and I would agree, but the ings, if you look when they happen a year before and the last one happened, I’m bringing up a chart here again, if you wanna watch this on YouTube now I’m gonna explain it to you Bitcoin halfing.

And what happens is it doesn’t decrease supply, but it decreases supply growth, right? So the block is reduced by 50%.

So it slows that supply growth, right? And you know, that’s important and the Bitcoin half, there’s a reason why if you look, going back to the first one that took place 2012, then 2016, every four years, 2020 and now the next one’s gonna be 20, 24 April.

But the year before and the year after, I’m showing the increases here, are amazing.

It’s 400% increase just before the half things, 700% increase after.

And that was in 2012.

I mean 110% increase before the, that the second halfing, which is 2016, this is the year before or year after.

That’s where we’re in that period right now.

So I’m saying right now where these names are the best names in crypto, you can buy the Microsoft’s NVIDIAs and Apples for 80% discounts.

You don’t see that unless you have a crazy, crazy black swan event in which we basically had in crypto or what we had during the credit crisis where 20% S&P 500 was trading under $10.

What we saw when we had lockdowns S&P declined 36%, but a lot of stocks fell 60, 70, 80% right? You don’t get times like this.

It’s not often where you see catalysts like this.

But the Bitcoin halfing, great timing.

These ETFs are gonna be launched right before this.

And that’s gonna be a very big deal because you usually see these big gains one year before, one year after.

So these are just a couple of catalysts that we mentioned And saying since, hey, you know, September we’re gonna see a surge, Bitcoin, Ethereum.

But now we’re seeing the best and biggest crypto names.

So it’s nice when the average position, our portfolio up 83, 80 4% in past three months.

In fact, right now, if you take the average position of the entire portfolio right now, right now, if you look at now the last three months is up 117%.

Again, I’m not saying this to brag, you guys know I, I cover my losers more.

I’m saying it ’cause I’m very happy for my investors.

That’s the goal, right? The only thing I care about, that’s what you pay me for.

That’s my job.

When you pay me for my newsletter, that’s my job to give you ideas at the right time.

So you make money this way when you come in you’re like, this guy’s real wow, I’m gonna subscribe to his stuff for the next 10, 20, 30 years.

The reason why I’ve been doing this for such a long time.

But these two catalysts now well known, everyone’s talking about ’em.

So when you see that Bitcoin A TF approvals, which again it’s gonna lead to tens of millions of new investors, trillions of capital having access to Bitcoin, you could say for the very first time.

’cause people just might feel uncomfortable going to Coinbase or having wallets and stuff.

But when this happens, we may see a little bit of a pullback here in some cryptos in Bitcoin buying room is sell on news type type event.

And it will take a couple years to see meaningful adoption once we see the these approvals.

But this is only gonna be temporary because when you look at the ETF approvals and the Bitcoin hacking, they’re a small part of a much, much bigger story within crypto.

For example, when you’re gonna see the Bitcoin ETF approvals that everybody’s talking about, we’re gonna see Ethereum, ETF approvals.

There’s a lot in the works that are gonna get approved.

’cause once you approve Bitcoin, you’re gonna approve Ethereum.

Not only that, you’re gonna see structured ETFs within crypto, actively managed crypto ETFs make their way into the market.

You’re gonna see all these, think about all the ETFs that were created for every single market sector type of, of style of investing, everything.

Same thing within crypto.

That that’s what this opens a door to.

More and more people owning, not just Bitcoin, Ethereum, but all cryptos.

We look at the bigger picture here in this industry.

There’s so much more going on under the hood right now that makes us move different from past bull markets.

Bull markets that what do we’ve seen? We’ve seen, you know, these massive bull markets and then we’ve seen like a decline.

And we’ve seen that since 2012, 13, 14 because goes to 20,000, then it pulls back to 6,000 and we go to to, to every bull and bear market.

But these, you know, these, these new highs and then these lows and these new highs, this time it’s gonna be different.

And I could tell you why.

First, Bitcoin is now a well-known asset.

It’s here, it’s an alternative to gold.

Whereas an actual store of value.

And if you look at gold being a store of value, I don’t get it.

I never got it.

If you’re looking at, wow, gold’s gonna go higher ’cause interest rates are coming down.

I talked Dan about this, brought up a good point.

Okay, if interest rates are coming, how come gold didn’t hit new highs? When interest rates are zero, higher rates are usually bad for gold.

’cause if you hold gold, you’re not getting paid anything on it.

So you have higher interest rates and you could put your money someplace else and earn an interest.

Rate’s supposed to be bad.

And the whole argument was like, yeah, but if you look at real interest rates would accounts if inflation, then a real interest rate is still zero.

The real interest rate isn’t zero anymore.

I mean you have rates at at at four, 5%, whatever you want to take the long short whatever, four 5% and inflation is 3%, 4% right now.

So you have real interest rates that are positive and gold still hasn’t really done anything.

You say, well it’s hit all time high.

It’s been trading near, it’s all time highs, 12% this year.

But now Bitcoin, if you’re looking at the younger generation, they’re never ever gonna buy gold as a hedge.

Also against reckless spending by central banks.

What we’re seeing, we’re supposed to be cutting back, we’re not cutting back.

That’s a mistake I made this year thinking like, hey, you know what? Stocks are likely gonna come down, be careful.

We still did good in our portfolios.

We didn’t say sell everything.

I was just saying, you gotta get worried.

I didn’t position ourselves in the, in the biggest stocks that did the best, but we did pretty good considering.

But wow, holy cow, I didn’t expect another trillion dollars in spending from the government.

All these plans coming, getting approved.

Are you kidding me? Holy cow.

And it’s still going on now.

So they’re not gonna stop spending and it’s Bitcoin that they’re turning to, to buy and hold for the rest of their lives.

If you want proof of this.

And there’s another cool chart here, and this is like the long-term holders of Bitcoin, okay? And this chart’s a little over the place.

Again, if you wanna see YouTube, it’s definitely worth it.

These are long-term holders, long-term holders of Bitcoin.

You know, again, people holding Bitcoin for a long period of time, is up to a new record of 76%.

Now what does that mean? There’s two lines in this chart, okay? If you look at one of the lines is gray, and that’s the price of Bitcoin.

The other one is blue showing the percent of long-term holders.

And if you notice something, this chart goes back to, you know, 2011.

But if you notice even at 2011, 2000, 2012, when the price of Bitcoin went up, these long-term holders used an opportunity to sell, which is normal.

Okay? Market’s going up, I’m gonna take some profits, which is normal.

You saw that in 2014.

You saw that in 2018, prices went up 20 thou and long-term holders came down tremendously.

They started selling on that.

And we’ve seen in 2021, prices started moving higher, right? For the first time ever, the price of Bitcoin is rising and you’re seeing a rise in the amount of long-term holders.

They’re not selling into this.

I mean, are you a believer that Bitcoin’s going a hundred thousand? I am.

I don’t know if it’s gonna happen a year.

I don’t have it’s three months, maybe three years.

But as it goes higher, think about what’s going to happen to the rest of this market.

It’s not just Bitcoin.

It’s not just Ethereum.

There’s so many great names in this industry.

Incredible innovation here.

So I look at these charts and see this stuff, it, it’s really incredible what we’re seeing.

So you have long-term holders, including Michael Sailor.

I mean, how many people destroyed that guy? Just like Kathy Wood, remember Kathy Wood in 2021, mark came down, they were destroying her, she was anti positions.

And like she’s out of her mind.

Look where she’s now.

And it just goes to show you, you know, when everyone’s against you and trust me on this E, even for from when it comes to stocks, when I have people saying, you’re crazy, you’re nuts.

Your chances are you’re gonna be right.

It’s when everyone agrees with you with your thesis that you think is contrarian maybe, or you think it’s special and innovative, that you have to worry about it when everyone tells you, no, this guy’s felt like Michael Sailor even, I doubt him.

Michael Sailor is taking the cash balance of his company and putting it into Bitcoin.

So he just bought another 10,000 Bitcoin in November for MicroStrategy, which now holds 175 million Bitcoins, one of the largest holders.

He’s not selling anytime soon. He has 7.7 billion worth at the current price of 44,000.

I think he’s up close to 3 billion on his entire holding.

Now, from his average cost basis, he’s never, ever, ever selling this asset.

Now who does that remind you of? Remind you of? Somebody reminds you of pretty good investor Warren Buffett, where buy and whole long term is a lost art.

And it’s even data supporting this.

I mean, the average holy period for investors when it comes to stock has fallen to 10 months.

And to compare, it was five years in the seventies, three years of the eighties, one and a half years in the nineties.

But now everything is short term.

The information we get is immediate.

It’s instant results.

Like I, even me, I get judged on a stock if I recommend a stock goes up 20% in a month.

They’re like, you were right.

That was great.

You can go down 60%.

I wasn’t right yet.

I mean, we have a long-term thesis on this.

Let’s see if everything plays out.

It’s kind of amazing how we’re built Now.

Everything is short term.

Short term, short term.

I wanna be billing it tomorrow.

I need to make this money tomorrow not buying and holding long term.

How many of you out there are listening to this Seriously that owned Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple at one time or another and sold it? Think about that.

I have, I bet you every one of you, do you still own it? Good for you if you do, but mostly you’re like, oh, I had Amazon like 10 years ago.

I had, but you sell it.

’cause as soon as you hear all the news about something bad happening and everyone says the same thing, it’s so funny at CNBC, they’re like, I’m gonna own this into the quarter and if it goes down, I’m gonna buy more b******t.

Because the reason why it goes down is that they missed estimates or they fired their CEO or something happened or whatever.

And this whole negative sentiment is on the, it’s almost impossible for you to buy it.

Like, oh, I didn’t know it was gonna be that bad, you know? But everything’s short term.

But now look at Bitcoin.

It’s not short term.

People holding this asset forever.

And I could tell you research in crypto for close to seven, eight years now, which makes me a dinosaur in the industry.

Most people I know who own Bitcoin are never, ever, ever going to sell it.

They’ll never sell it.

Now think about what Michael Sailor’s doing, what he talked about, and what do we have? Imagine if five, 10% of this flows into Bitcoin since inflation and money printing, right? It’s gonna continue to destroy the purchasing power of the dollar.

And we all know essential banks will never, ever, ever, ever stop printing money.

We all know that for a fact.

And we’re talking about hundreds of millions of real capital flowing into Bitcoin possibly.

But again, it, it’s not just a Bitcoin story.

It’s not just Ethereum story.

Ethereum has been up tremendously to 2200 now, close to 90%.

You get a date amazing.

Bitcoin gets all the headlines.

But again, it’s not just those two, the biggest and the best names in the industry, the ones with the most innovative technology.

I’m talk about innovative technology that I’ve ever seen in my 30 year career.

Technology’s gonna dis disrupt some of the biggest industries in the world.

And now you have regulation coming finally, which is on the table now.

It’s going to unleash innovation pretty much beyond anyone can imagine.

That’s how fascinating this industry is.

And when I started my newsletter, crypto Intelligence, whatever it was six years ago, whatever I, I said when I was researching this stuff, like 90% of this is complete garbage.

It’s s**t, it’s filled with fraud, probably puts in the same camp percentage-wise as fraudulent companies, as as junior miners.

But the 10% I was researching guys was so fascinating.

It blew me away.

I mean, it’s disruptive.

It reminds me of, of like cloud computing in 2012.

Early stages of social media or data analytics, you know, trends most investors didn’t really understand early on until the big gains were like already made in these sectors.

You know what cloud is? Because now you know, they have it on a, on a consumer level.

I need more cloud for my phone, for my iPhone.

But cloud people, I remember people looking at the cloud, what is it? I don’t get it.

Just unlimited storage, unlimited storage of data.

Then you throw in 5G and now that brings in ai, which could analyze this stuff milliseconds and be able to predict what you’re gonna do in the future.

All these trends sink in with each other.

But a lot of times you, you know, you, you realize this stuff and it’s too late.

Do I go to consumer electronics show every year, which is a month away and I’ll be there.

But today when it comes to crypto, and please hear me out here, you’re getting the chance to buy the next Microsoft’s Nvidia Apples at bargain basement prices.

And you can’t do this in stocks anymore.

You just can’t.

’cause they come out at crazy valuations when they IPOI mean Uber came out at $75 billion valuation before individual investors could actually purchase that stock Rivian at 66 billion before he got the chance.

Look how much growth is in there.

Rivian iss what like a 15 billion, $12 billion mark cap.

Now UPS 60 billion arm holdings, which is recent 55 billion even Visa, which has performed well if you’re an investor that wanted to buy that for the first time and IPO to 44 billion Snowflake.

In SPACs in 21, early 22 mean over 800 SPACs in two years, were launched raising a quarter of a trillion dollars.

And the average company post-merger is down more than 75%.

They’re only $10.

Well, they’re a dollar now.

You could still buy ’em now if you want.

And look, I’m gonna be real with you.

I’m p****d off a lot of my friends in the industry.

I don’t give a s**t.

I’ve been doing this for my entire life.

I always say 30 years and three decades.

But, but really I grew up in this industry.

My, like that, right? We used to talk about stuff like this when I was eight, nine years old at dinner table.

I was licking stamps, folding envelopes, putting ’em in bins, and we had to carry them into the car to bring ’em to the post office to send his newsletter someplace, right? When I was a kid, right? He paid me $5 an hour for doing that.

I’ve been in this, the, the whole, my whole life.

I can honestly tell you that the stock market is 100% rigged.

Even the financial new newsletter industry is now rigged.

I, it used to be the place to go to for average investors.

They said, well, I don’t believe in Wall Street, but this guy really knows what he’s talking about.

I like this guy.

It’s really cool.

Get down like my Father’s Day, right? Like 10, 12 people that you listen to, they had their own financial newsletter.

So I gotta follow this guy because I don’t trust Wall Street.

Now, the financial new, there’s an industry, it’s become Wall Street.

It’s a pump and dump scheme.

Get you into the biggest trend of the world.

And that’s it.

And, and then, you know, you know, you guys subscribe to tons of newsletters and selling you hopes and dreams and completely wreck you.

And the best part of it, the guys that f**k you, they, they, they don’t even get in trouble anymore.

I mean, look at Jonathan Branson cashed outta more than They lied about the company.

They actually lied.

I actually provided footage on a previous podcast, what they actually said about the company.

This isn’t a speculative investment.

No way we’re gonna be profitable soon.

I mean, think about that, telling that to everyone all while they dumped the stock And now they’re saying, we’re not gonna fund it anymore and the company’s gonna go bankrupt.

It’s a matter of time.

It’s gonna go bankrupt.

Okay? Nobody says this s**t or calls them out and nothing happens to these people.

Nothing even happens to these people.

And we live in a world where you can get caught on camera doing s**t and you could be like, and watch Governor News sitting and, and DeSantis debate.

It’d be like good points back and forth.

But you know, DeSantis, they, they put up figures and facts and he’s like, Nope, that’s not true.

San Francisco’s fine.

Nope, it’s great.

No way.

It like you could catch someone on video shooting someone in the chest and they’re like, I didn’t do that.

And the people who vote for them are gonna be like, yeah, I don’t think he did it.

I mean, we live in a world that’s just crazy, right? You used to get called for this stuff, it’s on tape what they said, what they did, and they get away with it.

That’s a stock market.

But in crypto, it’s a chance for you to invest in the greatest, most innovative technologies put near the ground floor when valuations in the tens of millions, not the tens of billions, right? That we see the, the valuations and these things IPO at.

So if you hit a home run, right? If you hit an Uber or Airbnb, it turned out to be a industry leader, you’re in a very early stage.

The only way you could do that with those companies is by being a private investor, knowing the right people.

But now you’re getting in early where the returns have the ability to, to change your life like 50 XA hundred x 10,000 x.

You think that’s a crazy number.

And I’ve never said that number.

I don’t think in my life 10,000 x I’ve never said that in my life.

Sandbox was off 15,000 X polygon was up close to 14,000 x Solano was up 10,700 x.

I’m not cherry picking here you can go to the top 100 cryptos and trace them back just seven years.

Go back to 2016, 2017 till now.

And despite all the ups and downs, you’ll find a time when almost all of them saw more than 5000% gains.

If I had a guess, most of them, if not all of them, within that cycle, you can’t say that for stocks.

And now you look at, at crypto, the next cycle is here.

I mean it’s gonna disrupt the entire banking industry, the entire finance industry bonds, which is $120 trillion.

Industry real estate, which is a $600 trillion industry.

I mean you have the communication cycle.

What does that mean? Well, think about the internet, t ccp, ip, how it communicates.

Without that we just have data roam around and nobody be able to transfer to or or you know, you need this communication, this network to communicate.

And blockchains don’t communicate with each other until now.

I mean, think about banks.

What you do when you transfer money from Venmo, PayPal, even wire, it’s very easy.

It’s a simple service.

Quick, seamless, safe.

Then on crypto you’re gonna see the same thing without using something called bridges, which bridge these things.

And that’s where most of the hacks come from.

So it’s always a problem.

Now you’re seeing technology come out where that communication, the network ability, so much so with Swift is exploring technology with one crypto, which we recommended four months ago.

It’s up 130% already.

I think it’s gotta be up a thousand percent for us.

It’s the most remarkable technology.

But it’s allowing all the blockchains within these banks to communicate with each other.

If you’re not familiar with Swift, the largest banking system in the world includes a network of 11,000 of the largest bank transfer money globally in the instant.

I mean it doesn’t get bigger than that.

And now they tested this technology and it works within these banks to make it seamless, safe, fast, cheaper.

To me that’s amazing.

And swift, you should be familiar with ’cause it’s the the why.

You see these de-dollarization trend because the US was not supposed to take Russia off the SWIFT system.

They press a button and you destroy someone’s economy.

I mean just the global trade within.

They can’t trade things back and forth.

You’re shutting off their economy like whoa, we better get off the dollar here and the dollar’s not going anywhere because you know, I talked about that.

But you are seeing a trend where more deals within oil, within energy, with different things are being used in different currencies other than a dollar ’cause that scare the s**t out of ’em.

What happens if they don’t, if they feel like, you know, they don’t want, they don’t believe in climate change as much as the us like we’re gonna die tomorrow if we don’t do this stuff right? Sometimes this stuff’s over the top, then they could just shut you off.

Which is crazy.

Look at tokenization.

Guess should be familiar with our company.

We tokenize our company selling off a piece of that asset.

Every single bank is launching their own blockchain right now.

And they’re gonna begin to tokenize their private assets, which amounts of tens of trillions, if not hundreds of trillions of dollars.

Illiquid assets that they could sell pieces off of.

And in order to do this, you need the blockchains to communicate.

That’s why this is such a big deal.

If you don’t believe in this trend, again, we were super early on it, just Google it, tokenization Google, you’re gonna see a massive amount of stories over the past three, four months up to like yesterday, the day before.

You see all these stories about these banks launching tokenization, how they’re launching their blockchains.

Massive trend.

And a lot of these things are gonna trade on a new exchange.

It’s gonna be 24 hours where the New York Stock Exchange is likely gonna be a thing of the past.

This stuff is real.

This is stuff that I’ve been digging into for six, seven years and maybe the crypto companies in the middle of these trends, which by the way are being funded by the research and most innovative people on earth like Jack Dorsey, Brian Armstrong, I mean think about politics and if you like these guys, Kathy Wood, Mark Anderson from Anderson Horowitz, biggest venture capitalist fund in the world world, Paul Tudor Jones, mark Cuban, Eric Vies, Roger Veer, Justin’s son, Stephen Cohen, bill Miller, Ray D, that’s just a all beat.

They’re all into crypto now funding this ’cause they see it.

But many of the most innovative names are cryptos in the middle of these secular trends are still trading more than And these highs are reached when, when Bitcoin traded at 66,000, now it’s at 44,000.

I mentioned earlier, do you think it’s gonna go to a hundred thousand? I do.

I I mean I can’t tell you when, but I know it’s gonna go there.

When I look at, at Bitcoin, when I look at crypto, global adoption is here, it’s different this time around.

It’s not a fad, it’s not this temporary trend.

It’s not just because of the ETF that’s opening the door up to this massive global market.

It’s not just a Bitcoin halfing.

This takes place every four years.

It’s much, much more bigger than that.

When you look at this global adoption, it’s gonna result in massive, massive gains for so many cryptos.

And I’m not just talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum and I feel like that’s a much bigger story nobody’s talking about.

They just talk about Ethereum and they’re talking about Bitcoin and the moves in some of these names.

And by the way, when I say 10000% gains, I mentioned earlier something that I, I never said my 30 10000% gains.

And I wanna put that in perspective for you.

’cause if you invest $5,000, that could turn it into $500,000 if you invest just $20,000, that could turn that into $2 million, which is life changing.

And we just saw a smaller crypto called Bitcoin incognito.

I don’t know anything about it.

But in one day it moved 900% in one day.

I mean even on the FDA approval of a small cap company and biotech, you almost never, ever will see a gain like that off of an individual stock.

You won’t see it in the stock market.

And when I say this, I’m not promising you or guarantee you anything here.

You know what I’m saying? You’re gonna generate these massive returns.

What, what I’m telling you and I can promise you I is, you’re gonna get the chance, the opportunity to possibly generate gains like that.

And that’s what you need to do.

What you speculative capital, a small portion of it, don’t throw your life savings in this industry.

It’s risky.

But if I’m gonna throw my stuff in here, I wanna make sure that that risk reward is favorable.

I don’t wanna risk a hundred dollars to generate a hundred dollars and if I’m taking on excess excessive amount of risk to at least 300%, 400%.

But this is an industry where you could literally get a hundred times thousand times, 10,000 times gains that you can’t get anywhere else.

Unless again you’re a private investor.

Have access to special deals getting in Coinbase.

And some of these people got in, you know, I actually covered this, you know, and it came out what whatever, a hundred billion dollars valuation before it came down.

It’s even better now.

And I have access to some of these deals which we offer do Curzio one membership where, you know, most of these deals you need to be an a credit investor.

But for average investors who are expecting these returns, this is why it’s such a big deal.

This is why the ETF approvals is such a big deal.

It’s why you should be invested as a small portion of your speculative capital in crypto.

I mean for mom and pop investors, this is a lottery ticket.

But with that, with significantly better odds and it’s not a, a win or lose, it’s not like, oh, if I get this wrong I’m gonna lose all.

You could put stop losses on it to minimize your risk.

You take small positions, what we do in, in our portfolio, but every single investor should allocate money to this industry and even a small party speculative capital because it’s the only place that I know where if you hit a grand slam, it has the opportunity to change your life, your kid’s life, even your kids’, kids’ lives.

And that’s what we wanna invest in, right? That’s suspective nature of this stuff from covering the stock market.

You just, you can’t get that anymore.

And that’s what’s opening up right now within crypto.

That’s what’s so exciting.

So it’s not just these two short-term catalyst.

You have the beat the Bitcoin ETFs, that’s great the happening, that’s great.

But now new regulation coming, providing the framework where you could trust the industry.

Now you’re not gonna have these a*****e kids launching some of these things that are crazy that are just trying to steal money from.

People mean more transparency, which leads, when you have transparency, now you have the big guys coming in with the capital ’cause there’s a a regulatory framework.

And what does that lead to that’s gonna lead to more innovation.

And I’m getting tons of questions on crypto obviously.

’cause we have a crypto newsletter and I’ve covered this industry for a long time.

Tokenized our company.

I love this industry.

And people ask me, Hey, Frank’s a move for real.

Should I just buy Bitcoin, Ethereum? How can I find trade the best tokens outside of the, of just, you know, a few of them? And because demand is so high in terms of the interest from you, I’m gonna hold a special event to answer all these questions.

So I’m calling it Crypto 2024.

It’s totally free to register, totally free, totally free you most dedicated listeners.

And it’s gonna be 100% live.

I’m not talking about live where oh it’s live, but it’s really taped, which you could see it’s really a lot.

So any mistakes I make, you can make fun of me, whatever.

And I’m gonna answer your questions at the end of it and talk about, go into more detail about these trends, why this is game changing.

Share a few ideas with you.

It’s gonna be unscripted it that q and a if you have any questions or whatever.

But you could register, I’m gonna hold it on Tuesday, December 19th, 7:00 PM just two weeks away.

But you could register by going to Curziocrypto.com.

Okay? So it’s Curziocrypto.com and I’m bringing this page up.

So Tuesday, December 19th at 7:00 PM all you have to do is put your email in the register.

It’s absolutely for free.

So you could, you could register, not show up if you don’t want to.


Again, not selling anything, this is something I want to cover for you.

But getting so many questions.

And again, my goal and what I get paid for and what I do is to try to get you into great ideas.

The ideas I’m seeing in this, I feel like people are not talking about crypto on the level that I just broke out to you and talk to you about for the last 40 minutes when I usually try to keep these podcasts to, to within 25, 30 minutes.

But this is important.

This is an industry that’s here.

It’s gonna get bigger regulations come, it’s gonna make it more transparent, more innovation.

We’re talking about disrupting hundreds of trillions of capital with some of these technologies.

And I’m fascinated, I read this stuff 3, 4, 5 times to understand it ’cause it’s fascinating.

We just recommended a stock in Crypto Intelligence, that’s coming out today.

And you’ll see me, I’m trying to explain this thing, you know, I wanna read it ’cause it’s difficult and explain.

Again, this is the communication thing, what I was talking about.

There’s another company where competitor to unis where you use that as a defi exchange to, to, you know, with, with, it’s only on Ethereum network.

There’s flaws with that.

There’s flaws with pancakes off.

This one’s different where it doesn’t provide any bridges.

It’s much safer.

And not only that, with unis, SWP and pancakes swap, which are great services, their tokens are actually worthless.

They’re absolutely worthless because if you’re looking at these tokens and these cryptos, the values only tied to the utility function and there’s no utility.

So to holding this or stakey coins or do everything you don’t get, like as a token hold, you don’t get rewarded with this new technology.

You actually get re reward.

It addresses all the flaws in terms of safety, in terms of scale.

I mean this is the new technologies that are coming out.

It’s backed by a huge, huge, one of the biggest names within crypto, I’m sure you’ve never heard of it, but this is the technology, this is the access.

This is some of the stuff that, that, you know, I have great contacts in the industry that, that, that always send me great information from my network that cover this stuff.

But you know, this is the time to get in.

If you’re really looking for gains with your speculative capital, okay, this is it.

This is how you do it.

Because you don’t see that in the market when it comes to speculative capital.

You get a hundred percent gain.

You can have Nvidia be up You don’t see the gains, you don’t get in early like you can in crypto.

And that’s why you’re seeing such a younger generation go into this.

You’re seeing the gold crowd go into this and use it as gold, you know, and that Bitcoin’s gonna be able to fuel and the driving Bitcoin, Ethereum is going to fuel the rest of the industry.

And you’re seeing it right now and it’s incredible names, most names that you haven’t heard of.

It’s a little bit of a learning curve.

But if you have any questions, that’s what this is for.

This is why I do this.

Try to educate you on stuff like this.

Especially someone who’s been covering for a very, very long time, who’s made mistakes, who’s seen losses.

Again, it’s been a really s****y market for 18 months, but everything that you went through and now you’re saying Bitcoin’s up this much, it’s here to stay.

And there’s lots of tailwinds that are gonna be around.

This is secular change in the industry and I’ll be talking about it again.

Free event Crypto 2024, Tuesday, December 19th.

Put your email in there, www.Curziocrypto.com.

Very, very simple.

And put your email in there.

I have this up right now on my screen, but www.Curziocrypto.com. Free.

Ask any question you want, have fun, make fun of me.

It’s gonna be live.

Unfortunately, you get to, you get to see my ugly mug live.

But again, I think it’d be worth it with the q and a at the end, especially a lot of the questions that I’m getting, I just don’t have the time to answer all of ’em from you.

Uh, when you guys email frank@curzioresearch.com, but, gonna cover everything you need to invest, how to invest in the sector platforms to use, which people ask me about the biggest trends inside crypto.

I named a couple of ’em, and of course they’re gonna be sharing some ideas with you.

So guys is, for me, when I leave, I usually say Go Eagles when I sign off.

But man, they got their risk kicked pretty bad by the 49ers.

Hopefully I learn a lot from the loss.

Like you actually lead linebackers to win in the NFL, but they’re playing Dallas.

That’s gonna be a massive game for both of those teams.

So instead, let’s go Jay Hawks.

I have my Jay Hawks bottle here again, you have more fun listening, so watching this on the YouTube channel, but let’s go Jay Hawks.

I can’t talk about the Eagles, especially after last loss.

So if you’re a Wall Street Unplugged Premium member, I’m gonna see you tomorrow.

My partner Crime, Daniel Creech.

I’ll see that.

Take care.

Announcer: Wall Street Unplugged is produced by Curzio Research, one of the most respected financial media companies in the industry. The information presented on Wall Street Unplugged is the opinion of its host and guests. You should not base your investment decisions solely on this broadcast. Remember, it’s your money, and your responsibility.

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