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Where to Find Value in Mining Stocks Today

There’s been a lot of pressure on mining stocks, and I know a lot of you are wondering if the bottom is in and it’s time to buy.  

Jeff Phillips, President of Global Market Development, joins me this week to share what will be a boost to these companies… what he looks for in a resource investment… and where to find the best value.

You’ll also hear Jeff’s favorite ideas in gold and uranium today…

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0:30 – The Amelia Island Shrimp Festival and how to buy art as an investment

7:30 – My guest this week is Jeff Phillips, President of Global Market Development and an investor in mining companies

9:24 – How Jeff compares this downturn in mining stocks to others in the past

11:03 – What Jeff looks for in a resource investment

15:51 – What Jeff considers red flags in a company pitch

19:14 – Mineable resources seem scarce, so what do companies do?

22:04 – Jeff’s thoughts on uranium, which has been under pressure for a long time

26:20 – Some ideas Jeff likes in the mining sector

34:00 – Why I love and trust Jeff

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