These investment strategies sound absolutely crazy… until you look at the returns

If you want to increase your overall return on investment, today’s show is a must-listen.

But you have to be willing to venture where other investors fear to go… and try unconventional ideas.

My guest is Chris Mayer, editor of Bonner Private Portfolio, an investment research service from Bonner & Partners.

Chris is an incredible stock analyst with over 20 years’ experience. He always provides unique investment insight during our interviews. And, based on your feedback, he’s one of my most popular guests.

Chris shares two of his favorite sectors to invest in… which are completely off Wall Street’s radar… and highlights several names within these sectors you should be buying right now.

He also explains why you need to “mix it up” when it comes to investment philosophy. He provides a great example of a unique strategy he used to generate exceptional returns on an industry-leading stock—even though sales and earnings were declining.

Then in my educational segment [57:00], I break down a strategy that will sound absolutely crazy—it flies in the face of almost every investment book you’ll ever read.

But it’s one of my favorite ways to make incredible returns in one of the most volatile sectors in the world…

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Note: As I mentioned on today’s show, some of the most incredible stock ideas I’ve heard from my guests come out in conversations “off-air.”

So I created this to get you in the room while the mics are off. It’s a simple way to share behind-the-scenes intel from my network of insiders. And right now, you can try it out for only $1.


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