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Episode: 1106January 17, 2024

The good, the bad, and the sexy from CES 2024

CES 2024

I’m back in the office after attending the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024). I break down the various technologies that were on display—both the good and the bad—from wireless TVs and language processors… to autos and ESG… to the latest (surprising) sex tech.

I also share my favorite hands-on experience from the show, which included a combination of augmented and virtual reality.

Unsurprisingly, the theme that dominated the show was artificial intelligence (AI). I highlight how AI will impact the workforce (for better or worse)… and which companies have built an early lead in this space.

Speaking of AI winners, in today’s issue of Curzio Research Advisory, I share one stock that investors have left for dead… But it’s poised for an incredible turnaround thanks to how it’s utilizing AI. Join today to get the recommendation.

On tomorrow’s episode of WSU Premium, I’ll reveal more companies that caught my attention at CES 2024… and who the biggest winners will be as AI is implemented across a range of industries. Don’t miss it.

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Frank Curzio
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Wall Street Unplugged | 1107

The good, the bad, and the sexy from CES 2024

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Frank Curzio: How’s it going out there? It’s January 17th. I’m Frank Curzio.

This is the Wall Street Unplugged podcast where I break down the headlines and tell you what’s really moving these markets.

Just got back from the CES.

You guys are excited to get the update going there for 12 years now.

So all the technology companies, 4,300 or 4,500 antennas around there this year, which is a lot.

I think the record was 5,000, but they go to CS to launch or to tell you the products are gonna launch over the next three to six months.

And it’s usually at this exciting conference.

I think there’s 140,000 people there this year, which is insane when you think about it.

You get to test these technologies, have a media pass and you know, it’s really, really cool.

Uh, but I tell you, the travel there back and forth with the weather was really crazy.

I mean, I had a big delay on the way there, and on the way back I flew to Phoenix, which I never do.

So I went to Phoenix from Las Vegas and then straight back and it was American.

I was on first class.

’cause you know, we have lots of miles and everything from the business and stuff like that.

So I always try to upgrade that to, to first class.

And I wound up getting kicked off of first class on the way back after I waited an hour before the flight left.

And it was gonna be a two hour delay, but I guess they switched planes and said, Hey, there’s another plane coming in.

It turned out to be a smaller plane.

They didn’t even notify me or anything.

I went right up there.

They’re like, oh, hold on one second, you gotta go to the side.

And then they had to find a seat for me, which, p****d me off a little bit.

But, um, then I got on a plane.

I’m like, whatever.

Right? Not a big deal.

They refunded me and gave me a credit and stuff like that, but I just a, the fact that they didn’t let me know until I got to the desk.

Uh, so then I’m like, all right, so I’m gonna go on my phone.

They have Wi-Fi and I’m gonna watch.

Uh, the Chiefs came, the Chief Dolphins came ’cause it’s about a four hour flight from there.

Three and a half hour flight from Phoenix back to, to, to Florida to Jacksonville.

So then I find out that it’s not on TV any place.

And I’m like, man, that sucks.

So, and I didn’t know that it wasn’t on a TV network.

It was actually on Peacock and you had to pay to stream it.

And a lot of people were really p****d.

And when I got back, I found out about it, but they were so p****d that 27 million people actually paid for that.

They paid to watch that game.

That compares to 29 million people that watched the game.

I think it was before that, the day before that, or maybe it was the first game, which was the Browns and a Texans playoff game on a regular network.

So think about that.

Everybody was p****d off, but they pay for it.

And that’s gotta be really great for the N-F-L-A-A and a game changer when it comes to streaming.

I mean, that just goes to show with streaming, it’s all about new content.

It’s why Disney’s getting crushed now, people leaving the droves and Netflix, I mean, they can’t compete with Netflix.

They can’t compete with Max that are spending 30 billion a year.

Think about that.

30 billion.

I mean, you could probably buy three NFL teams for that, and that’s what they spend a year, $30 billion a year just on new content.

But sports is a huge deal now, I mean, if you look at Prime and Amazon, they bought up the rights for Thursday night football and they said they had more signups.

You had to sign up to Prime in order to get that.

And they said they had more signups, record signups than anything that they’ve ever done in the company’s history.

That includes their prime days, that includes Black Fridays.

They never seen that many people sign up before.

I mean, something to look at.

’cause Disney right now is negotiating with the NFL to, to get rights to broadcast those games.

That was announced a couple weeks ago.

I bet you that contract’s gonna look a lot different now, for streaming platforms because the demand that you’re seeing, you’re going to see all the big guys.

Whether it’s, you know, you have Google already locking in the Sunday football package.

You have Amazon Prime, you’re going to see, you know, they’re starting locking sports, but you know, who knows? But these guys have an unlimited amount of capital.

You know, Disney doesn’t, it might be even hard for Netflix, but the rights that they’re gonna get, I mean, that contract’s gotta look different now that they’re seeing that there, people are going to pay for it.

It’s almost like, Hey, we get on a, on a, on regular tv.

But the fact that people, 27 million people paid for that was insane.

It p****d me off because I thought I was gonna be able to watch a nice football game, playoff game on the ride home.

But that didn’t happen.

So anyway, that was an interesting trend.

Also a trend that I saw just, you know, Netflix was there and there was showcasing a new, a new series gonna come out.

Uh, I forgot the name of it.

Very, very popular.

Uh, that’s from the Game of Thrones creators.

But you’re seeing this, this secular trend that people not going to the movies as much.

I, I think that’s a secular declining trend.

Uh, I dunno if people are used to short videos now or, or, you know, through YouTube or Instagram or TikTok.

But that’s a real trend when you’re not seeing people that go to the movies, even to watch the Marvel movies, which are fantastic in those types of settings.

Uh, there is a change going on.

And I think Netflix is gonna be a monster, monster, monster winner.

Especially now they got advertising revenue.

Uh, you know, they raised their prices.

Everybody’s paying.

They didn’t really lose any subscribers.

They’re gaining subscribers.

I, I think, you know, they’re just light years ahead of everyone in the big winner that space and, and Netflix probably gonna do well going forward.

Uh, but that was something interesting, coming back from the Cs.

Here are some of my initial takes of what I saw, and I enjoy it because I’m learning new technologies and new things.

But it, it’s definitely different because back in the day day, everybody used to attend this thing.

I mean, all the major auto companies used to attend.

And this was even before, you know, EVs became popular, now they’re showing off their EVs, but now GM and four weren’t there.

’cause they’re not pushing their EV agenda.

They’re trying to cut costs, especially since, you know, the strike took a lot of money away from ’em as well.

And they lost money from that.

The O AAW strikes.

But TNT on, you know, NBA, that, that was a great show.

You had Barkley there, they did broadcast live one year from there.

Uh, you had, you know, it was Shaq, Barkley, all those guys.

Kenny Smith and celebrities everywhere.

There wasn’t a lot of celebrities.

The booths were a lot smaller.

I was surprised there wasn’t a lot of stuff in there where, where the boot size was the same within Sony, but they only had like half the stuff.

They usually have.

Uh, you know, and that includes lg.

They usually have this big display with all the TVs together.


They had something of a smaller display for the first time.

Samsung was just as big.

Not really anything exciting to launch.

Uh, you know, again, everyone’s talking to ai, which I’ll get to in a second.

You know, TV’s are great, technology’s great, but we saw, you know, at least I’ve seen a hundred inch plus TVs, They’re promoting, you know, thinner.

I mean, it’s, everybody’s thin as almost like you can get and very light.

Uh, you are looking at pixels, you’re looking at eight K, but eight K’s not 4K is not really available in some sports.

You could watch it with 4K, but, nothing really to see so much in, in, in a lot of the, the majors, their announcement, the, the majors.

I’m talking about sodium, I’m talking about Samsung, lg, those are the big guys that have, if I had a guess, they have to pi spend millions of dollars on that boots.

I mean, if you follow me on Twitter @FrankCurzio, you’re gonna see lots of videos, really, really cool stuff.

And, and, and, you know, I’ll leave those videos there, but you could see the sheer size of some of these boots.

That’s really incredible.

And I was looking at it, I was like, holy cow, this is insane.

Uh, but it, it was definitely different.

You know, it’s not where you, you know, they’re displaying stuff that’s a lot of fun.

That’s cool.

Again, for me, I like it.

I’m learning new technologies.

But it was a point where anyone could go there.

You could see lots of celebrities.

There’s technology there that, I don’t care who you are, what you do, you could be a, a mom.

There’s this technology there for, you know, baby technology and, and you know, just almost anything that you possibly do, you’ll find interest in.

I mean, you can see the drones and they had a, you know, a mini drone display with drone soccer, which is one of the fastest growing sports, which is really, really cool.

Again, you could see a lot of this stuff on my Twitter page @FrankCurzio, ESG.


I mean, if you look at ESG, do not go to Consumer Electronics Show.

I dunno who tells these guys to go there.

But, but you know, ESG is not exciting.

Okay? It, this is the Consumer Electronics Show.

I mean, leave that stuff for the institutional conferences and, and check your box and put in your presentation, the five pages that, that’s mandatory.

This way you get your good ESG rating and you’re allowed to get marketed by com.

Whatever you want to do, right? The whole political nonsense.

Nobody really wants to see that s**t.

’cause it’s not exciting.

It’s not fun at all.

I’m not saying you don’t need, I’m not saying that, you know, the technology’s garbage or what the, I’m just saying at the consumer electronic show, you wanna see something exciting and it’s not exciting.

Uh, one startup in Eureka Park and Eureka Park was huge this year.

That’s in the Venetian, which is the hotel I stayed at.

But in the downstairs area, that’s where they have all the startups.

They had so many startups there that they had to bring some of them upstairs.

And they’re labeled by country where you see, you know, all these, you know, 50 companies from France, a hundred companies from South Korea, China, they had to bring a lot of the, you know, I think they brought China and Japan upstairs in a Venetian, which I never saw before.

I thought that was ironic because that’s the biggest showing of the big, the, the most startup companies that I’ve seen in 12 years at the Consumer Electronics Show.

At the same time where the funding market is more tight than it’s been in 20 years.

So it’s not easy to get funded right now with higher interest rates.

Everybody’s talking about that.

Uh, so I just thought that was interesting.

I dunno if that’s a a, a sign of a top, but Eureka Park was really good.

They had lots of great technologies there and startups.

But one of the companies out out there had a banner and it said, boring, but it’s ESG.

I was like, first of all, it costs you minimum, minimum 30 grand.

They say it’s 20 grand.

But I, I’ve had a conference there at, at for Curzio Research at in Vegas, and that’s, if you don’t want carpet, if you don’t want Wi-Fi internet or anything, they bang you out.

It’s a whole unions and stuff like that there.

I mean that it, it’s, it’s amazing.

I mean, it’s unbelievable.

I actually tracked my walking and I was, you know, five miles one day, three and a half miles the other another day.

That’s just me walking around the conference.

That’s how big these things are.

If you haven’t gone, and how many companies there, it could be overwhelming.

But that banner I thought wa was funny and probably not a good marketing strategy since no one’s gonna go booth.

Uh, when you have, you’re saying that this is boring, right? So the ESG thing and, and, and, you know, alternative energy thing, you know, less is exciting and you could show something that’s really, really cool that everyone’s gonna take.

That’s it’s the CES is designed for you to have open access, to take pictures, to display all over social media, put on hashtags.

They actually have all statistics of the hashtags and everything, you know, to see what’s popular.

But, you know, just keep the ESG at home because I’m telling you, you know, from this conference, I don’t, a lot of companies like John Deere talk about it and, and other companies talk about it, and it’s a small section within this massive booth.

But if that’s your feature, no one’s gonna come to your booth and you’re probably gonna waste a hundred grand, 200 grand, which is probably the minimum to get in on the main floors.

So healthcare technology was really cool.

Some of the cool things, Siemens, this was cool.

They had it in, in like a, a, a glass case where it was like a hand, it said press it and, you know, you saw the fingers.

I’m like, what is this? And then they show a video behind it, which is about a five or 10 minute video that I actually sat there and watched.

And it’s a prosthetic hand, but a new one where due to 3D rendering, and that 3D technology and special sensors, they showed like kids who were either born with like a half a arm or maybe had an accident.

And if you see the regular prosthetics, it, it’s, you know, you could put things on but you can’t really use your fingers.

This thing was absolutely incredible.

It gave you chills.

’cause the kids put it on like within 10 minutes.

I don’t know how their body got used to it or, or you know, got the feeling.

But the technology basically clicks in with the sensors and they were moving their fingers in this thing, and they were able to throw a ball.

They were able to catch it.

Uh, they were able to write and the kids were like, oh my God.

Like, you know, just to see their expression, it gave it a chills.

It was like, wow.

I mean, this is where you want technology to go, right? This is really cool s**t.

Uh, they had facial recognition, technology for healthcare where not only one-on-ones and like telehealth for doctors, but also you could take selfies and it monitors blood flow to your face.

And using AI, it could predict your mood.

Uh, so again, that’s good for, for telehealth calls with doctors and, and see, you know, again, your mood and, and, and how you feel and, and things like that and how they could diagnose and, and talk to you about it.

But it just gives you like all these stats and statistics and, and based on a blood flow in your face.

And, you know, I saw people do it and, and it looked pretty cool.

I just found it a little weird.

There’s another way, there’s a mirror by, Barracoda BMind, that’s the company.

So there’s a mirror that uses generative AI and natural language processing and to understand your daily mood and stress levels.

And then it generates like special light therapy, I guess to calm you down, to make you less depressed.

But it was a big deal, apparently.

It’s, it’s where this technology’s going where you might think it’s crazy, but if you could really get to the point where facial recognition and seeing the blood flows and, and things like that where you could diagnose certain things that, that’s pretty cool.

A wearable arm gadget, this thing is like a big glove and it helps people with Parkinson’s.

And there was a guy there who was about 80 years old with his wife, and they asked him to come to the conference.

And this was in Eureka Park.

And when I saw this, I’m like, what is this? And, and I heard this technology before and people promote it, but the FDA rarely approves it.

This is something in the FDA approval, it’s so much more powerful.

It’s like getting a testimonial right from, from somebody saying, this guy’s great.

It’s awesome.

This guy was like, Hey, I used this.

I couldn’t walk.

I couldn’t do it.

He could be, you know, he talked, he still had slurred speech.

He couldn’t talk at all.

Now he could talk better, he could move, he could write, he’s not shaking as much.

And it, I mean, it was incredibly powerful.

He wasn’t like, you know, an 80-year-old guy who’s like, the sales guy was kind of like, you know, this old guy was just like, yeah, you know, I’ll go and, and promote it because this has the, you know, changed my life where I couldn’t do anything.

Uh, I like to look more into that technology.

I thought it was fascinating.

But just to see that guy, I mean, you know, I mean they just asked him to come to the conference or whatever, but he was real, when you’re 80, you’re not fake.

Uh, it’s not like some guy’s promoting it, but he was, you know, shaking and said, you know, I’d always, you know, slur my speech a little bit.

Uh, but I couldn’t speak at all.

And, and I thought that was fascinating.

He’s like improved his life tremendously.

I talk about TVs from some of the other places, but there was a new company that has a wireless TV and it has a six month battery.

I don’t know how how great it’s gonna work in terms of, you know, 4K and stuff like that.

But just think again, some of this i i i our prototypes and think where it’s going.

Now, not only is this TV wireless, again, wireless runs on a battery, but it has this suction cup vacuum technology that you could take it and place it any way you want.

Any flat surface on a wall.

You can go to the bathroom, put it on the wall, take it down again, this is 55 inches, And, and you can just put it wherever you, wherever you could put it in your car.

And if there’s a flat surface like outside, you could put it outside and display it there and watch TV again, it’s wireless.

I thought that was really cool.

Again, I’m not too sure of how great that technology and how bright it is and you know, and, and 4K is gonna take up a lot more energy and stuff like that and battery.

But just, I could see that being a big trend two, three years from now.

That that’s really cool.

You know, no wires, battery technology.

I mean, people thought, wow, you’re never gonna drive a car with a bat.

Now, you know, you see EVs, lots of EVs from, from Tesla and other companies.

Uh, sex tech was a big deal the past few years.

Always gets a lot of eyeballs, right? Sex always sells.

And a lot of this stuff is for women.

And you can guess what for, right? So for the first time there was sex tech and technology for a male.

And there was this device that basically goes up and down, right? Electronically, goes up and down, up and down, up and down.

And you know, so you get the point why that’s good for males.

But what was interesting is it connects to Wi-Fi and the internet and they sign deals with adult movie companies where the device is gonna mimic what that person is doing in the movie and the motions with you.

So basically you become the star in the movie, right? And, and I thought that was interesting also, that the technology could be controlled from anywhere and you give someone else access.

So he was like, you know, if you’re, if you’re away, your wife, could you put this on and your wife could control it from someplace else, you know? And I don’t know, to be honest, I dunno.

I, you know, look, it, it, it was cool and I just, there was a ton of people there around the booth.

The way they explained it was really cool.

It wasn’t like uncomfortable and stuff like that.

And, you know, again, I don’t know, maybe I think about this differently than everybody else, but, I dunno if you have someone else control it from someplace else.

But, I thought it was interesting.

It was the first male sex tech that, that I really saw.

And, demand was huge.

I mean, they were selling some of these things right there, and I think it was like three, four years old, but they’re really marketing it now.

Uh, but I thought that was interesting.

Av VR, right? So augmented reality, virtual reality, emerging those two worlds.

We’ve seen a lot of that technology, especially within businesses and, and, and engineering and stuff.

And, you know, is this trend gonna be huge? One of the biggest things I always felt with AR and VR, and one of the best applications you could have is putting on these glasses and being at a real live sports game and being able to watch it anywhere and interact with anyone.

And I did that.

Okay? There was a Cannon booth that was there, and they were working with the technology from VirWoX.

I was watching a game, and this was between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors.

And this was a game that was taped, I think a, a few days ago.

So it wasn’t live put on the glasses.

I’m on the court.

I could watch from the rafters.

I could watch from the sidelines.

And I’m not an avatar, right? I’m not an avatar in the middle.

I’m, I’m like a camera that you can’t see.

And because of 3D rendering, they could get any single view from any single place anywhere.

And I was on the court at the 3.1, remember, they’re playing this game and Steph Curry’s going through his legs, going through his legs.

He fakes the shot.

Donovan Mitchell’s covering him.

If you know basketball, Donna Mitchell’s a great player as well.

Uh, and he jumps up to try to block and, and Steph Curry goes around, hits the layup, you know, the other team takes out the ball.

I turn around, they’re all coming past me.

I’m on the court watching this game and I’m actually watching from below looking up at Steph Curry.

And I could adjust it where I’m even with him.

I can go to half court and once they pass me, I could turn around and watch these guys playing the real game behind me.

I was fascinated by that.

I think that’s a fantastic idea.

This is a company of VirWoX that has, contracts with some of the NBA teams, including Cleveland, that uses technology with their players to better understand, you know, what’s going on in the court in real time.

And I said, how long is this technology away from becoming real? And he s and I said, how are you gonna make money off it? He’s like subscription revenue where you could buy all the NBA games and you know, you have access to all of those games.

Or it could be NFL games, you know, and then in playoffs they’ll probably charge more for the Super Bowl and stuff, you know, ’cause they don’t wanna take away from the actual tickets.

Again, there’s nothing like being like a Super Bowl.

Trust me on that, watching, I should even mention Eagles, how terrible they would’ve finish this year.

But I did go to the Super Bowl that they won in Minnesota, which is fantastic.

Great experience.

They said it’s about two years away.

So this technology is about two years away and they need faster speeds because of the 3D rendering.

And, and that’s a big deal.

Like, you know, the 3D it’s able to capture even what a camera cannot capture.

If they can capture some of it, they could kind of figure out the rest of it is in real time.

But to have it in a live game and a 3D technology, 3D rendering, it, it, it’s, it requires so much speed that the speeds have to get a little faster and you have to get a carrier to actually commit to that.

I could see Verizon or at and t actually doing that, and sharing in a subscription based revenue with the NBA and and, and, but to me that’s fascinating technology.

That makes a lot of sense.

And just, I was there, I was on the court watching this game.

They were scoring and you could see the score and everything.

And I mean, it was incredible.

And it was, you know, it was fast.

You know, you could tell it was a little bit computer generated, but it was, you know, real time within the game in terms of the speed of the game.

And just being able to watch that.

I was fascinated.

I mean, you could sit there and just watch it from the front row, but you could be, again, rafters or beyond the court.

It’s not like your avatars running on the court.

It, it’s just a view that you have, kind of like those views from the NFL with the cameras that come down to wires and then they get ’em in the huddle and they come back out.

It’s kind of like that.

You get to see everything.

Uh, which I find fascinating and that’s coming pretty soon.

Uh, because when I look at, you know, the 3D glasses, everybody wants glasses, like my glasses where, you know, they connect and it’s, you know, augmented reality and you know, you have little pierce here, your ear, and you could talk, and I could bring up all stats on my glasses that no one else could see.

Uh, if you wanna find out profiles, somebody or you look at something and it gives you all the information on it or the store and the ratings.

They’ve had glasses and Meta and RayBan join together.

And they, now they have glasses that are pretty cool for five years.

The last five years at least, they’ve been showcasing this technology.

So many companies, the glasses, the glasses, they never freaking work, ever.

They never work.

Every time I sample ’em, they’re like, oh, well we gotta we gotta fix this.

We gotta fix that.

Come back later.

So when I saw Meta and RayBan, I’m like, all right, I gotta try these glasses.

I tried ’em on.

Sure enough, we’re having trouble with the technology.

Uh, we can’t get it to work right now.

Come back later every single year.

Every single year.

They’ve been trying to perfect this every year.

And, and it’s hilarious to me that they can’t get it right.

So we’re still a long way away from that as well.

And if you have the Ray Band glasses that connect, let me know.

I’m sure they work, they just didn’t work there, but they never work in these displays that might have to do something with the Wi-Ficonnections there.

Because when you have 4,500 companies connecting at the same time, some of them did have trouble connecting, which is weird at the consumer electronic show, the biggest conference in the world.

But, those are some fascinating things that I saw at CES, all disappointment in terms of the excitement.

But that’s okay for me ’cause I’m looking for new ideas.

And then you have the biggest idea of all, which is AI.

And at least 80% of the companies there had AI, right? Just, just said, okay, we’re using ai, we’re doing this.

And I took an executive tour and learned a ton about this trend and visited companies.

So it’s like a tour, about 15, 20 people.

I thought Stevie Wonder was actually gonna be on our tour, believe it or not.

Uh, I think he was in different whatever.

But, um, they, they say celebrities get these tours all the time, which I thought was funny, but I didn’t know if that was a joke or not.

But apparently they would.

There’s other celebrities that are supposed to be there, but they like to take these, these tours, and not be bothered.

So, you know, you have these headsets in, you go around, they go to different boots and things like that, which is pretty cool.

But I learned a ton of how amazing this trend actually is.

But there’s a lot of things that I feel, especially there, that people don’t get.

And when you look at the numbers, it was, they had some numbers and they give you statistics, like 80% of productivity gains you’re gonna see from AI in 2026.

That’s gonna be around 2 trillion in benefits.

But what you have to realize about AI is it’s not a technology that’s solving new problems, it’s solving existing problems more efficiently.

So if you look at an example in healthcare, which is drugs, and it takes a long time to bring those to market.

And the patent’s like 15 years, whatever it is, people complain.

But it usually takes seven, eight years to bring that to market.

When you start, you know, when you first file for the patent and you gotta go through the phase one, phase two, phase three, it costs sometimes a billion dollars to go through that process.

That’s why so many drug companies wanna hike up the prices so much because they only have maybe six, seven years to sell this thing, to really get it out there.

And then after that you can create generics.

Now, AI allows that and allows that process to be much, much faster.

So instead of maybe six, seven years, it’s three to four years.

Now you’re bringing great drug.

Remember you have all these compounds that these drug companies have, and they wanna use them for as many things as possible.

This way they make money, right? And different drugs.

That’s the whole biotech and healthcare industry.

And these companies, they control the compounds and they have tons of data.

And when people say AI, you have to think data.

’cause it’s all about data connection and or data collection, right? So when you’re collecting is data, that’s how you determine everything about a person.

And you’re able to predict what they’re gonna do in the future and how you, they could, you know, you basically want to create two more, Frank Curzios and the other two do all the freaking crazy things that I have to do all the time, and it gives me more time become more efficient, more productive myself, right? By doing this instead of hiring people to do it.

Uh, and that’s part of the whole AI trend.

But when I look at the conference and, I, I went to these companies and asked ’em where they got their data sets from, and they have the proprietary data.

I mean, how are you gonna learn from me? And that’s the problem.

I didn’t understand where, you know, they don’t have my data yet.

So how can you say you’re using ai? And a lot of these guys couldn’t answer that question.

Again, we’re not talking about domain companies.

Uh, I think a lot of these companies aren’t going to see revenue from AI or meaningful revenue anytime soon.

I would say more than 90% of the companies, and again, AI is all about the data, but they wanna track with data.

Every movement, every sale, every feeling, you know, analyze, predict what’s gonna happen in the future.

But how do you get the data? Because if someone comes to you and asks you that they wanna collect the data, you’re gonna say no every single time.

Especially now.

So with these new companies, how do they get the data? Well, maybe you use some of their services.

I don’t really know your services.

A lot of these companies don’t really have, like they were, there’s an a i company that, you know, you could have pictures and, and have a video and then it determines what kind of music will be great for you in that video.

And they show that, that they have 10,000 examples and they put music in.

It was cool.

But how do you know what music that I want? You only gonna know that by knowing me.

And the only way you can know me is by tracking that data.

And maybe you could, maybe they buy that data from the big guys.

But when you look at the Facebooks, the Googles, they already have our data, right? They stole it without asking.

Uh, if you want proof of that, it’s why every, even today, every PC, phone, laptop, their default setting when you get these devices, allows companies to collect your data, send a third parties, track you through the mapping services, every single thing, right? That, that’s the default settings on these things, which is insane, right? So they have all your data already, which makes them the king of the world.

So Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon are going to dominate, completely dominate AI, tremend.

I mean, just having the data is all AI.

If you don’t have the data, you can’t really say anything about AI.

And I learned that a lot with a lot of these companies.

Now companies love this and it’s the holy grail because it provides more efficiency, it’s gonna increase productivity, and they could generate more profits.

However, it’s also a double-edged sword because these technology companies and many people pitching this technology and think about before you love AI and you gotta give someone your data and all this stuff.

’cause when you do that, there’s a very high likelihood you’re going to lose your job, okay? You’re gonna see probably 30% of the workforce disappear from AI.

And I’m talking about next two to three years.

So these companies see massive productivity gains and more efficiencies, and they’re able to do this while laying off a lot of their employees.

So what does that do for companies? You’re increasing profits dramatically while increasing your output.

So your margins of profits soar and you get rid of one of the most highest expenses for all businesses, which is salaries.

You can’t do that with all jobs.

There’s gonna be guys within technology that are special, that are creative, that you need these developers and they’re gonna be in high demand and even more high demand when AI’s taking place.

So now you’re gonna be laying off a lot of people within the space, the current people you’re not laying off.

It’s gonna give incredible amount of power to where they’re gonna negotiate, pay extra equity stakes because they’re gonna be able to create their own AI systems for different companies.

And a company like ours where we have data for 15 years of podcasts and teach, you know, maybe we could feed everything, all the notes that I have, I usually have bullets, you know, and then I’ll go into, you know, different things and go anywhere in this podcast.

But, you know, putting in all those bullets and everything I’m gonna talk about in the podcast, and, you know, times that by, you know, twice a week, It could spit out different stories and produce tons of content, right? So, you know, you could build your own AI programs and these guys are gonna be able to sell those companies for a lot of money.

You know, maybe 50 million, a hundred million, who knows? But you’re gonna have to negotiate their pay coming up and raise their pay, especially for the guys who really, really are great developers within the AI community.

But when I see at the CES that everybody’s pitching this thing, I I feel like they’re pitching it for their companies.

And they’re not the CEOs of the companies that are out there.

These are the people that are working.

And I feel like telling them that you’re pitching something, it’s ironic because this is going to take your job.

And I feel like a lot of people there didn’t realize that.

Even people on the panels and stuff like that who weren’t, you know, key executives, CEOs, CFOs, chief marketing officers, whatever.

And when I look at AI, it’s, it’s a fascinating trend, but it’s a big boy trend.

And I’m not too sure what the benefits are gonna be for consumers because you’re gonna think you’re benefiting.

You know, you can use chat GT PGPT and just, you know, type in essays and whatever, and, and that’s cool.

But again, they’re getting all the data, they’re getting all the information from you, and that’s how they’re improving that system tremendously.

Uh, but I think the benefits for individual consumers are not gonna be s felt for a very, very long time.

And the benefits for companies is massive, and that’s why they’re pumping AI.

And AI is great and AI is this, and it’s kind of like, I hear consumers like, AI, AI is great.

I’m like, it’s not that great for you, man.

It really isn’t.

So be careful, be careful like pumping this and saying, this is a great story and this is awesome because you know, you have to be careful.

It’s all about data collection, it’s all about analyzing that data and that’s how you become more efficient.

That’s how, you know, the predictability models and stuff like that work.

Uh, and that’s gonna result in a lot of average jobs and worker bee jobs, which every company needs people just, you know, typing up something.

Or when i@street.com, you know, the banks just reported.

So what does street.com do is, you know, they had like 30 people there, 40 people, they’re writing kind of generic stories, right? Let’s get a quote from someone in the industry, you know, whatever JPMorgan beat estimates and, and you know, Goldman Sachs beat estimates thanks to this division, blah, blah, blah.

Here’s a quote.

And guy’s like, well, I think, you know, it’s going higher, but it’s like, it’s kind of like something like that is almost generic and you gotta be careful if that’s your job in a certain industry, you have to learn something differently.

You have to be creative, but it’s coming, this is coming for your jobs.

And they don’t wanna say that, but it’s very, very true.

I’m not worried about AI where it can’t be controlled.

Generative ai, you have to put inputs in in order for it to work.

So people say like, it’s gonna take over the world in a terminate and stuff like that.

You know, I, I’m not worried about that at all.

I think that’s really big because it provides extra layers of security for existing systems that you’re creating, which is much, much more money, more data points you have to put in.

And that limits the competition, which makes the big guys even stronger.

And to use the best AI technology you have to buy the most expensive chips from Nvidia.

And AMD’s doing pretty well now, just launched their, their line of chips, which are not in the same ballpark as Nvidia.

Not even close, but it’s a big boy market where, you know, the chips are super, super expensive.

The technology and putting everything on that’s gonna be required in terms of, of, you know, cybersecurity and things like that, it, it cost a lot.

Where I see the big guys just having a massive edge in this industry.

But just learning, talking to companies and understanding this technology, it, it’s fascinating.

It’s changed the world, become much more efficient, you know, super high fast speeds doing things, you know, just, just helping you become more productive.

But I’m not seeing the massive benefits to consumers as much as you’re gonna see the huge, huge benefits to corporations.

Again, it’s gonna result in more productivity gains and less costs, which is gonna result in a lot of people losing their jobs.

And that’s gonna result in the higher profits, higher margins for these guys.

So the big guys are gonna get a lot bigger.

I wouldn’t put Tesla in there, but I would put Google in there.

I’d put, you know, just the foreign name, just you have Google, you have Meta, you have Microsoft, and Amazon.

Those guys have been collecting data on you for the last 15 years.

Uh, they know everything about you because most of us put everything about it.

You know, our social media life, what we’re buying on Amazon, everything’s there.

They know everything.

Imagine having all that data now, throwing AI in it, what’s gonna predict, I mean that’s an advertiser’s dream.

Plus massive more storage, which makes, especially Amazon and, and Microsoft with the kings of cloud.

You could throw Google in there who’s a distant third.

Oracle’s in there as well, as well as IBM, they’re like tied for for third, fourth, fifth.

But that’s great for those businesses as well.

Uh, Adobe too has lots of features that they rolled out that actually you could use ai.

There’s a company that I just recommended today, which is a surprise company.

I’m sure you guys are gonna be thinking like, how’d you recommend this company? It’s well off the radar, but using AI right now.

And man, it’s a company that hasn’t done well for a long time, not IBM and now with their new features and you’re seeing the ad revenue turn around with the new model and stuff like that.

I mean this is the company we just recommended, CRA who Curzio Research Advisory members are going to get, at the end of the day today.

So really cool stuff.

And tomorrow in Wall Street Unplugged Premium, I’m gonna break down some individual companies and some companies that are gonna benefit not just the four big ones that I mentioned, but a few others.

And we’ll come up with a new recommendation, you know, with Daniel.

It’s a premium podcast we do all the time.

If you’re not a Wall Street Unplugged Premium member, you can become on by going to wsupremium.com.

It’s just $10 a month guys.

And that gives you access to a dollar.

club portfolio where we recommend a trading idea almost every single week.

And some of those have been doing great.

I mean, we’ve been all over uranium with uranium.

Holy s**t.

You see where uranium prices are, it’s like $105, I dunno where they’re today.

$105, remember 35 probably 18 months ago.

Holy cow.

Just unbelievable.

And you’re looking at almost the whole industry and all those stocks are trading near, if not 52 week high all time highs.

Uh, some of those have been in our portfolio, just different trading ideas and stuff like they get all that access and access to as far as podcast, Wall Street Unplugged Premium with Daniel Creech.

And we have a lot of fun now podcast, but we give lots of ideas.

I’m gonna share some more ideas from the CES and the conference also.

It is earnings season and we’ll break down some of the recent earnings, especially in banks.

Those guys questions are comments.

I’m here for you, frank@curzioresearch.com.

That’s for me.

Be sure to watch us tomorrow at WSU Premium.

Sorry about the Eagles, man.

I dunno how they would favor the last three games.

They listened to two worst teams and they got blown out.

They made, I mean, man, they made Tampa Bay look like a great team.

I love Detroit.

Next week the Detroits guys destroy Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay’s a horrible team.

I just think you lost a team with the Eagles.

It’s gotta be interesting to see what they do with coaches because you got a couple of coaches out there that are great right now, Harbaugh and also, um, Belichick.

So it’ll be interesting.

But yeah, what a disappointing end to his season when they were 10 and one.

Uh, but it should be good for the rest of the playoffs.

We’ll see what happens.

So guys, I’ll see you tomorrow.

And again, questions copies here at frank@curzioresearch.com.

Take care.

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