Frank Curzio's WALL STREET UNPLUGGED Podcast

The Easiest Way to Make a Fortune Betting Against Stocks

If you believe the markets will pull back over the next 18 months… and you should, considering the market has gone up for eight straight years… then this podcast is an absolute must-listen.

My guest today is Mike Alkin, editor of Moneyflow Trader here at Curzio Research. This unique newsletter teaches individual investors how to conservatively bet against stocks.

Mike already gave listeners numerous winners on past Wall Street Unplugged episodes… including Dean Foods, Newell Brands, and Goodyear Tire.

He explained why these companies would fall in value.

If you shorted them, you’d have made more than 30% on average. But if you used Mike’s simple strategy—where your risk is limited but your upside is limitless—you’d have made more than 4x returns on each of these picks.

In this episode, Mike talks more about this amazing strategy. He explains why picking stocks that’ll move lower over the next 12 months is like shooting fish in a barrel right now. And he shares two more picks that are likely to get crushed over the next few months… which could lead to big returns for investors.

Mike also breaks down the one market he loves right now. It’s a super-depressed sector that has nowhere to go but up. Listen… and find out exactly how to play it.

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Note: Don’t receive Mike’s Moneyflow Trader?

Mike hasn’t closed a losing position yet, so what are you waiting for?

I had my team create a way you can try his strategy to see if it’s right for you… You won’t want to miss this offer. Learn more here



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