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The Best Sectors to Buy on a Market Pullback

Today I welcome a good friend and regular guest to the show, Marc Lichtenfeld. Marc is chief income strategist at financial newsletter publisher The Oxford Club. He’s also one of the smartest biotech analysts, covering the industry for over 15 years.

In this interview, Marc talks about the latest change he’s seeing in investor sentiment. This includes tons of investors who are worried about the market crashing over the next six months.

Marc breaks down the current short-term risk he sees in the market… and what sectors to buy if the market pulls back. He also discusses why investors with a long-term investment horizon shouldn’t be concerned with predicting major moves in the stock market.

As always, Marc gives us a couple of his favorite ideas to consider right now. This includes two names with revolutionary technology that isn’t being talked about much in the media.

Then in my educational segment, I break down a great strategy I use to make money in one of the most volatile sectors. It’s responsible for some of my biggest winners over the past decade.

I explain what causes these incredible opportunities… And how you can use them to make life-changing gains in your own portfolio.

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