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Episode: 900May 31, 2022

Stocks are setting up for a big rally

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Today’s episode starts with a look at previous bear markets… how long it took for investors’ fears to be fully priced into stocks… and why earnings growth will fuel the next big rally. I also break down the factors behind surging energy and food prices… and one sector that will ride the uptrend.

Next, I update my inflation predictions… and explain why—despite the current risks—there’s a lot of upside for stocks right now. That’s why I added three new positions to the Curzio Venture Opportunities portfolio last week.

Finally, I recap the huge metaverse partnership we announced last week… and how accredited investors can join us on the deal.

Inside this episode:
  • Why fear will drive huge returns for investors [0:20]
  • What to expect from energy and food prices [5:12]
  • One sector to buy right now [11:07]
  • Why inflation is about to start falling [14:10]
  • It’s a high-risk/high-reward environment [16:29]
  • How accredited investors can get in on our metaverse deal [23:15]

Wall Street Unplugged | 900

Stocks are setting up for a big rally

Announcer: Wall Street Unplugged looks beyond the regular headlines heard on mainstream financial media to bring you unscripted interviews and breaking commentary direct from Wall Street right to you on main street.

Frank Curzio: What’s going on out there? It’s Tuesday, May 31st. I’m Frank Curzio, host of the Wall Street Unplugged podcast, where I break down headlines and tell you what’s really moving these markets. So, I guess everything’s perfectly okay now. I just went through seven straight weeks of declines for the S&P 500. It was eight straight weeks for the NASDAQ, but those seven straight weeks for the S&P, that’s rare territory. It only happened four times since 1928. The last time it happened was 2001. Before that, it was 1980, then 1970. Those are the three. Even 1970, I would say recent, the other one’s much, much further back since ’28. But if you look at those three time periods, 2001, 1980, 1970, when we saw this, seven straight weeks of the S&P 500, six months later, the average gain was close to 12% during those three time periods.

Frank Curzio: So, what happened last week? The major entities, Dow, NASDAQ, S&P 500, all surged more than 6%. That was in just five trading days, so we’re halfway there already, that’s how the markets move these days. Huge, huge. 6% huge, right. I mean, it might be nothing because we’re down so much because we’re still down even after this, but pretty crazy moves. Not too surprising though, right? And we talked about this past two weeks, where the Russell was trading at levels never seen before. And I’m going back to 2004, where my systems track this, but that was based on a PEG ratio, price to earnings growth. I mean, it was trading at levels I’ve never seen before. Okay.

Frank Curzio: You can say, well, earnings, and you look… You have the growth factor in there, that was after Q1 earnings. This is after these companies, some of them guided most of them guided lower, so adjusting those earnings. But still, when you see a level like that, and it’s comparable, and you’ve never seen at those levels where lower PEG ratio, the better value it is based on growth, it’s the lowest it’s ever been, and it wasn’t even close. But even if you just take the P/E basis, and you’ve been hearing this in the media, most of the major indices are trading at or below March 2020 lows, which was COVID, and March 2009 lows, which is the credit crisis. If you look at those conditions, they’re much, much, much worse than what we’re seeing today.

Frank Curzio: I know that may be hard to identify because you’re like, oh, Frank, inflation is through the roof. We got a Russia war. It’s pretty crazy out there. With the Fed tightening, which starts getting nailed, it’s insane. These are all things we could see. And I know with the media, everything is amplified at times a million, so it scares the shit out of you, right? That’s what the media wants to do. This way, you watch as much as you can. People don’t like to watch the news when they have, hey, a little happy story of kids going to school, it’s so pretty. No, they like to see anything that’s going to anger people, right, that’s what makes you watch the news, and they’re going to highlight this.

Frank Curzio: And right now, you think things are absolutely terrible and the world’s ending, but you forget how bad it was. During the credit crisis, the whole world was collapsing. I was working on Wall Street at that time. People literally under their desks, I’m not even kidding. They were going to the banks to take out money. I was thinking about it. You got money markets accounts failing, companies can’t pay, there’s a commercial paper market, but nobody could… Knew the extent. We thought it was over when Lehman, right, failed and the markets came back. And all of a sudden, everything froze and nobody knew what was going on. Nobody knew the extent of AIG. That’s when it gets scary.

Frank Curzio: And then you look at COVID in 2020. Lockdowns, I mean, people were dying. At the beginning of that, when it happened in New York nobody knew, right, so they took people and put them in retirement centers or health centers, for the old communities, and nobody knew. Regardless, everyone’s going to deny it, but that’s exactly what happened, right? Just nursing homes, nursing facilities, and COVID, that’s the worst thing you could possibly do. Again, I’m not blaming anybody or anything, but it resulted in almost one out of every 10 people dying that got COVID. That was the statistics early, very, very early. When you look, it was crazy. I mean, so you have these lockdowns where companies with little online or e-commerce operations, so 90% revenue declines. I mean, nobody models for that. I mean, it’s automatic bankruptcy, right. Yes, we had the government spend money, PPP loans and stuff like that, hand out checks directly to the people. We know what that’s led to now, but nobody models for that. We have a complete shutoff of your business. Over a time period, we don’t know.

Frank Curzio: And based on what political party, it mattered. It wasn’t one blanket. Hey, this is the data, this is what we know, it’s about health. No, it was based on political lines, right. If you look at the states, red and blue, you look at the policies, they were basically different for those two which is crazy, right, so it was all political and politicized the whole freaking thing. But nobody knew the extent of it compared to now. All these things we could see. We know inflation. Today, we’re seeing companies lower or just earnings. There was a certain set of companies that provided guidance this past quarter, which is Q1, actually lowered their numbers, this is according to FactSet. So, they lowered their numbers, which is a good thing. They’re lowering their numbers.

Frank Curzio: Yet, these earnings are still expected to grow 10% this year, higher than average. Profit margins are above 12%, high than the five-year average. Sales grew 13% year-over-year, higher than the average. The 12-month is 17 below the five-year average of close to 19. That’s right now. Not only that, balance sheets are flushed with cash. S&P 500 companies are holding on close to $2 trillion in cash on their balance sheets. And there are over 215 companies, the S&P 500, and this was as of last week, probably a little bit lower with the recent rally, but over 215 companies S&P 500 that have 25% or more than market cap in cash. That’s insane. What’s that going to lead to? Huge M&A opportunities, especially with so many names still down 35% plus from their highs, even after the rally.

Frank Curzio: I’m not telling you everything is rosy, it’s not. It’s going to be choppy. I mean, the EU just placed new sanctions on Russia, which resulting in oil surging again was close to 120. Gasoline prices, surging record highs. But the EU is banning most Russian oil imports by the end of the year. Which, by the way, when you look at the details, in order to do that it required the approval of all 27 member states of the EU, all 27 members.

Frank Curzio: I find that funny that not one member of those states whose like, “Hold up, wait a minute. I know this makes for a great headline, EU united against Russia trying to destroy Russia, but we do import 36% of our oil from Russia. We have no idea where we’re going to get the supply from so isn’t it shooting ourselves in the foot.” You would think one member, one member might say something like that. No, absolutely not. It doesn’t matter. Everybody hate Russia, go against Russia. It doesn’t matter. But where will the EU get its oil from? It’s a pretty good question, meaningful question, isn’t it? That’s why you’ve seen energy prices go crazy because the market opens, but where are they going to get their oil from? Let’s talk about that.

Frank Curzio: OPEC. Oh no, sorry, they already said they’re not going to increase output, which makes sense for them, they love to see higher prices. But they already said, no, no, no we’re not increasing our output, we’re going by our original deal and we’re sticking by it. But even if they did, even if OPEC was like “Okay guys, you know what? We’re going to help the world because we love the world all of a sudden.” They can’t make up the difference. And recent sanctions by everyone against Russia is taking around three million barrels of Russian oil per day off the market. OPEC produces 10 million right now, the max capacity is 12 million. So even at max capacity, OPEC can’t make up the difference. That leaves the U.S. which has massive, massive fracking and hydraulic.

Frank Curzio: Holy cow, horizontal drilling revolutionary. We’re told it causes earthquakes, people are dying, it kills animals. All bullshit. All bullshit, right. We were told lies, lies, lies, lies, lies. We were told. Trust me, I’ve been there, I thought I was going to see dead animals. I’ve been to every major place. It’s unbelievable the bullshit that you hear when it comes to the EPA and what people worry about. But we have all this oil, we got to produce this. Nope, we can’t, too much political bullshit. Where climate change is going to trump Americans sleeping on park benches because they can’t afford to pay the energy bills or drive anywhere with gas prices at record highs.

Frank Curzio: But the U.S. is smart, they’re really smart, our politicians. You know why? So, they call Venezuela and Iran, right, both are in bed with Russia and hate America, by the way, right. That’s who they’re calling to increase output. Oil produced in Venezuela and Iran is some super special blend that doesn’t hurt the environment as much compared to oil produced in the U.S. What a fucking joke. I mean, they’re really saying to Americans, “All right, we know you. Everyone in America is a freaking idiot. All you guys are idiots. You guys don’t know.” That’s all politicians are saying about us.

Frank Curzio: You’re idiots so this is what we’re going to do. We want to get reelected, and we know that our base just hates fossil fuels so let’s produce it someplace else even though we’re trying to save the world, right, climate change. The world’s going to end, right, in a couple years. It’s going to absolutely end, we’re all going to die, right, based on their science. But it’s okay for China. We’ll let China produce all the coal in the world and get much, much more powerful. Who cares because I guess their pollution doesn’t affect the environment as much as ours. I guess I don’t know. And we’re going to turn to Venezuela and Iran. Really? Are these places that you would even visit as an American. I mean, holy shit. Anyway.

Frank Curzio: So, where did the production come from? Who knows. It doesn’t matter. The EU’s united against Russia, we’re all united against Russia, it’s awesome. But that’s why you’ve seen oil approach $120 now. Gasoline over $6 in California, in California. Highest prices, deserve it, right, you guys really out there with this climate change shit, right. This is what you want, that’s cool. Not all of you. I have a lot of friends in California, I think it’s a beautiful place. I’m just saying, the politics there that’s what you want. That’s what you asked for. This is what you knew coming, right, before you decided this, right, that this is what you see. And it’s pretty easy. It’s very easy to figure out that this was going to happen if you cut our fossil fuels. And yes, you can blame the war, or blame whatever, and COVID and everything come back on whatever. I mean, come on, you saw it coming. But forget about your politics or whatever, it doesn’t matter. This is what’s happening, you can see energy prices go higher.

Frank Curzio: Then we have food prices and whoa, food prices lookout. Because we’re seeing a surge in demand for grains, coupled with very little supply, mostly due to Russia’s sanctions. Due to Russia… Belarus as well. Now, I covered this a couple months ago. I said, “Buy a fertilizer company continue. Buy a fertilizer company now, and you’ll thank me.” Because you got ammonia, potash, and diammonium phosphate. Just those are the three. You don’t have to memorize them, you just have to know that they’re primary nutrients used for fertilizer. And prices are up anywhere from 60% to 105% from their 2016 to 2020 average price according to Jefferies. They’re surging, which means farmers can’t afford these prices, so they’re not using as much fertilizer. They use less fertilizer which lowers the crop yield. Again, fancy term words and stuff like that. Just know that they’re not producing enough crops right now.

Frank Curzio: So in short, we see massive demand for food and grains, and we have very little supply, which means prices, which are already surging, you haven’t seen nothing yet when it comes to food. You haven’t seen nothing yet. There’s going to be massive, massive, much, much more. You’re going to see increasing much, much more in the coming months. You got energy and food, they’re not going away that inflation anytime soon.

Frank Curzio: I saw that first hand this week, actually yesterday. Got a babysitter, which is my mom, to watch the kids. So, my wife and I just took a little time since we go away every single weekend for the kids, so we said, “Hey, you know what? Let’s go to St. Augustine and hang out a little bit.” Old St. Augustine, it’s really nice over there. They got stores. Go to probably every four or five months or so. Filling up the car cost $100 to drive there. And then we ate at the pizzeria in St. Augustine, this is the old St. Augustine, right, all the shops are, but it says it was voted number two in the U.S., by CNN, as the best pizzeria.

Frank Curzio: So, I’ve always seen this over the past couple of years that we’ve gone. And, of course, when you get closer, because there’s always a long line that goes out the door, we noticed that the number two ranking was back in 2015, so great marketing by then. And while the pizza was good by Florida standards, it was very good, I got a chicken Parmesan slice, a slice, with chicken Parmesan on it. It cost me $10 for the slice. $10. They didn’t have prices anywhere.

Frank Curzio: So a chicken Parmesan slice, a regular slice for my wife, and we got a potato ball, which you never see potato balls or potato sticks and stuff, which you don’t really see in Florida ever, but they have in New York pizzerias. So we said, “Let’s get this potato bowl.” So potato bowl, regular slice, chicken Parmesan slice, and two fountain drinks, 30 bucks. We didn’t get a pie we get two slices. 30 bucks. And his place only took cash and that line literally out the door. And it was 8:00 PM when we ate, and that line was out the door. Holy cow, talking about a business making a fortune. There you go.

Frank Curzio: So, you’ve seen food inflation, energy inflation, first-hand. However, inflation for almost everything else is moderating. We saw that with Walmart, Target, so many companies on that conference call saying, “Wow, we got a lot of inventory in because supply chain was so bad, now we finally got some inventory in, but demand has slowed.” Even some semiconductor companies as well. Even Apple’s talking about it. That means these products in inventory are going to need to be sold at a discount to get them off the shelves which helps lower inflation. So, you’re going to see that, and that’s really what’s sparking this right here.

Frank Curzio: We separate the core, right. We have the CPI, then the core CPI, which excludes the volatile food and energy prices, which is not volatile, it just keeps going up. It’s not up and down up and down. No, no, it just keeps going up, up, up, up, up. We’re going to exclude that. And excluding those two, we’re going to see inflation moderate, we will. We’ve seen it from a lot of companies, they don’t have pricing power as much anymore. Some companies still do, but not all of them.

Frank Curzio: And watch the restaurants. Some of them held up well, they’ve had pricing power, but they’re going to have to raise prices again. And how much could you pay for a family? Is it going to be 60, 70 bucks for a family of four to go to Chipotle where I’m used to paying 45, 47? I don’t know. But there is a price where people are going to be like, I’m done, I’ll make my own chicken and rice in a bowl at home. I’m done. We’re pretty close to that right now.

Frank Curzio: As for China, which has also been a drag, right. It’s starting to reopen slowly after the crazy zero-tolerance… I can’t even say it. But zero-tolerance COVID policy, so it’s a full lockdown policy, full lockdown. And I’ve seen pictures of this, I’ve heard from people in China. It’s fucking scary in China right now, it really is, in a lot of areas. I mean, these forced lockdown, you’re seeing people rise and we’re done with this. But the good news is you’re seeing the numbers get better, you’re seeing the reopening. So Shanghai, there’s companies that monitor the electricity consumption, which is home to the city’s large industrial enterprises, but it climbed in May, it’s now at 83% of 2021 levels, so it’s trending in the right direction, which means things are starting to open which may ease or help ease supply chain concerns. Again, another positive, with the Russian war and Ukraine still a wildcard. It’ll end eventually, but it’s still a wildcard, still a lot of uncertainty there.

Frank Curzio: But overall, I’m not surprised by the huge rally last week. And we’re incredibly oversold to the point where a lot of great companies, industry leaders, were trading at insanely cheap valuations which tends to happen when? During the leveraging periods when people are forced to sell. When you’re forced to sell and you’re getting margin calls you’re selling everything. You’re selling your good assets. It doesn’t matter. I just got to get out of here, I got to get out of the market, I got to raise cash. When everyone’s selling, no matter what stock it is, that creates unbelievable buying opportunities. Remember three new small-cap stocks last week in Curzio Venture Opportunities, already up nicely on these names, even though we are seeing a little bit of a pullback today. The oil companies are holding in there and agriculture companies doing well. Mosaic’s up.

Frank Curzio: Also, seeing a nice bid for crypto, which is pretty cool. Back over 30. Holding 30 despite Luna, despite all this, and crypto’s going to crash, and it has crashed already, it’s been holding that $30,000 level. And we talked about the trillions of assets coming into this industry now with retirement funds opening up the door to crypto and Bitcoin. I mean, that’s huge. You’re going to see money pour into this. People want it. And now the fund’s like, okay, if these guys want it, this is what we’re going to do. In Bitcoin, it’d be Ethereum be open. Cardano. Some of the bigger names, Avalanche. But you’re going to see institutional money stuff flowing into this industry and it’s holding here despite… Been below 30 several periods over the past I would say month, two months, and it’s been holding pretty steady here which is good. Now, it’s up nicely today. But we did recommend three new small-caps last week, Curzio Venture Opportunities, get ready up a little bit on these names. Well, a little bit.

Frank Curzio: But for me, I rarely recommend… Those who know me by my products, I rarely recommend more than one stock a month, right, in each monthly issue. So, we did it twice near the bottom of COVID and CVO, twice in Curzio Research Advisory. I think I’ve recommended five of the companies, whereas Walmart, Home Depot, Costco, Target, I forgot the other one. Basically, the five places that were allowed to stay open during COVID, so let’s buy these, they did very, very well on them, still have most of these now. We held onto Target, so we got hit with that 25% loss. We were up a lot. We went up huge on Target, really bottom ticked those names during COVID. But now, that’s how I feel about the markets.

Frank Curzio: We’ll recommend that many stocks right now because of the levels that they’re trading at are absolutely insane. It doesn’t mean that they can’t go down from here. And we did stop out of several names, to be fair, during this eight-week downturn, right, we limited our losses in products. And Curzio Venture, Curzio Research Advisory, we had to, and it gets ugly and crazy there, and a lot of those names are down much, much more, right. Again, everything just completely sold off didn’t matter. Even the FAANG names are down 35% plus, some of them.

Frank Curzio: But my point here is that bear markets are great for investors who are prepared and have cash on the sidelines because that allows you to buy a lot of those great names at steep discounts. And right now, even after last week’s 6% surge, many industry leaders, well-capitalized stocks that are growing, good growth models, good management teams, good balance sheets are trading at significant discounts to the historical average. And that doesn’t even sound too enticing. I mean, they’re trading at levels… Pre-rally, they were trading at levels that we haven’t seen again since lows of two of the worst periods in the last 12, 13 years. We shouldn’t be that bad. It’s scary out there yes, we have inflation, yes, the Fed’s tightening, but it’s definitely not as bad as then for a lot of these names.

Frank Curzio: So, it’s going to be choppy but start picking away. Don’t go all in just start picking away. Maybe a third of position, 25% position, build it up. If it surges from here you own it, if it goes down you could buy more, lower your cost bases here because you’re never going to pick the bottom and sell at the absolute top no matter how many trading services you see that highlight the lie. Well, we told you to buy here at the low part and sell here at the top, and they circle it in the commercials and shit like that, right, all these freaking traders. It’s awesome. It’s awesome. Love it. Love that part of our business, but it never happens, right, it never happens.

Frank Curzio: But buying some of these stocks down at these levels, 35, 40%, with inflation it’s going to moderate. The war is going to end, that’s temporary. It’s been a little bit longer than expected. The Fed expected it to tighten, but they’re probably not going to tighten as aggressively after they get to 2.5%, just a little ways off that. But once we get there, now they’re going to have ammo if they want to cut which? There’s several firms, investment firms, that are predicting that 2023 the Fed’s going to start cutting, and they may cut if inflation does moderate that much. So there are positives, right, a little bit. There’s positives. But throwing in how far and how big this downturn is in stocks, a lot of that is being factored in right now. A lot of it’s being factored in. Almost every risk that people talk about are risks that we’ve been talking about for months, which usually means it’s factored into stocks.

Frank Curzio: So, I’m seeing a little bit of giveback today. The Dow was down 400 when I started this, down about 190 now. I’m see a little bit of give back but there’s still so many names, especially in small-caps, that are training at levels. And biotech, holy cow. Biotech has gotten annihilated. You can buy great companies generating revenue. I’m not talking about a biotech with just one drug that you’re praying for, it got through phase one, it gets through phase two, you’re going to earn 5X or 3X or whatever, it’s going to go a lot higher. I’m not talking about one product, I’m talking about very good biotech companies generating revenue that are trading below their cash on that balance sheet, and that industry’s gotten annihilated. I don’t know how much leverage was in there where people are selling these names, it’s insane. But that’s what you could find.

Frank Curzio: Again, you have to be willing to risk. You could take on a lot of risk but the return, it could be massive from these levels of what I’m seeing. And one of the names that we did recommend in Curzio Venture last week was a biotech name that’s generating significant revenue, great portfolio names, partners with just about almost all the major pharmaceutical companies, and trading at levels down 80, 90% from… It’s insane, but that’s what you see. That’s what you see during times like this. I know it’s difficult, I know people are nervous out there, and yes, you did get little relief yesterday with that rally but that’s what happens. You’re not going to catch the absolute low but start picking away. A lot of this is being factored in. It’s going to be choppy over the next six months at least as we see all prices continue to rise, as we see food prices continue to rise. But once those level out, after they level out, we could see the market really, really take off from these levels.

Frank Curzio: Tomorrow, Dan and I are going to be taking some of your questions, so please submit to frank@curzioresearch.com. That’s frank@curzioresearch.com. And still getting tons of questions about our metaverse deal. It was the holiday weekend, so a lot of you filled out paperwork and said, “Hey, Frank, I’m getting the funding.” That’s fine. You guys are good. It’s not a problem. I’m going to keep it open for a little bit longer.

Frank Curzio: If you don’t know, we purchased… Last week, we officially announced a $5 million deal to purchase virtual commercial real estate in TCG World, the largest 4K open metaverse. This marked the largest virtual land purchase on record, so it’s a cash and stock deal where TCG becomes an equity owner in our company, meaning that their incentivized introduced us to the investment and crypto companies who already bought real estate in the metaverse, which I spoke to a lot of these guys already. And that amounts to tens of millions of new investors right now.

Frank Curzio: And to put that in perspective, just one quarter of 1% of those people signed up to a Curzio Research subscription will increase our subscriber base by more than sixfold, so it’s more than just a virtual real estate deal and metaverse. I’ve talked to a lot of investors, and they’re excited about it. But they… We had the core of our business, which is selling subscriptions, educating people on crypto and stocks, and getting them in at these levels. I mean, getting a lot of these people, and at these levels, is going to result in us having clients for a very, very long time, right. This is why you want to get people in.

Frank Curzio: Yes, again, it could be choppy, but right now, there’s a lot of discounts, a lot of good ideas out there. So, when we look at the virtual real estate deal, we paid $125,000 for each 128 x128 plot of land. If you do go to TCG World, take a look. It’s amazing. But we own 12 of those city plots and another seven 256 x 256 city plots, right? But just a 128 x 128 plots like commercial city plots, right? Those 12, we paid 125,000 for are being listed for over 500,000 right now, which is incredible.

Frank Curzio: Getting in early was key for us. TCG is starting to get recognized as one of the most exciting open metaverses out there. It’s beautiful. People saying it’s better than Decentraland, which again, Decentraland’s good, we have that in our portfolio for Crypto Intelligence. Better than Sandbox. Starting to see their name a lot in media outlets when it comes to TCG. Again, that’s great for us in terms of the price of our real estate, which is surging right now in terms of tens of millions of names, which could be hundreds of millions over the next 12 months as we see more and more companies start building in TCG World. Really, really good times.

Frank Curzio: Anyway, I only open this up to my list, and then I’m going to open it up to funds. I have a couple funds that are going to come in, that announced that they’re going to come in. We’re raising capital-fitted deals, so you have to be a credit, it has to be $25,000 minimum. You will be able to purchase our tokens and get a 30% discount to where they’re trading right now. Now, the Curzio Research token is like a stock. It gives you direct equity in our business. I know a lot of you have come in, a lot of you are still funding because the holiday weekend banks are closed and stuff and that’s cool. If you still want to come in, I’ll keep it open pretty much through this week for our list only, and then I’m going to go outside the list.

Frank Curzio: So if you’re interested, you want to learn more, just go to curzioequityowners.com. www.curzioequityowners.com. There is a subscription agreement there, we have all the details, and if you’re serious about coming in and you have more questions, which I say about half of the investors did, send me an email, frank@curzioresearch.com, I’ll hop on the phone with you personally. And that resulted in some people coming in and some people being not too much, and me telling them, “Maybe this deal’s not for you.”

Frank Curzio: If you come into this deal, have a long-term outlook, be perfectly comfortable with it, it’s not a sales pitch at all. But if you have questions and you’re thinking about it, let me know because this is only available to our list right now. After this, I’m going to go out to funds, and I already have two funds lined up that want to come in, which I’m really excited about, and I’m sure more are going to come in based on where the real estate is and based on just the amount of names we’re going to have access to, which it would cost us more than $10 million to build a file that big through traditional advertising channel.

Frank Curzio: Definitely a game-changer for our company, very exciting times. And I know a lot of you have come in already and I appreciate it, and that’s awesome, and I’m going to do everything I can to make that one of the best investments that you ever, ever make. At least I’ll go down fighting, trying. Really exciting times for us. And if you’re interested, again, just feel free to email me, frank@curzioresearch.com, or answer all your questions at curzioequityowners.com.

Frank Curzio: So that’s it for me. I’ll be back tomorrow, answering questions with Daniel, who I think’s been on vacation for two months I think. I’m going to be busting his balls tomorrow, have some fun. Again, send out those questions to frank@curzioresearch.com. Let’s go Rangers. Amazing Game Seven win. Beat the shit out of Carolina. It felt that way after Game Six, right, at home with Rangers. And Game Seven’s at Carolina, but man, they look really, really good and who just… I mean, okay, you had some people hurt, Carolina, and the game but the Rangers looked very, very, very good but Tampa’s next. Tampa looks absolutely great and fantastic. Tampa beat us last time to get to the championship game, so it will be interesting. It will be a good series. The Rangers look good, so very exciting times for the New York Rangers. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Take care.

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Frank Curzio, founder and CEO of Curzio Research, is one of America’s most respected stock experts. His research is regularly featured on media outlets like CNBC’s Kudlow Report, The Call, CNN Radio, ABC News, and Fox Business News. His Wall Street Unplugged podcast—ranked the No. 1 “most listened-to” financial podcast on iTunes—has been downloaded over 12 million times.

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Today’s buying opportunity may be even better than in 2008-2009… especially for small caps. And Frank’s seeing a huge spike in insider buying…

Last week, he recommended 3 favorite small caps to Curzio Venture Opportunities members. The risk/reward setup in these stocks is just too good to pass up…

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Episodes about Stock Analysis

The only EV maker that can compete with Tesla

The TSA's new record… How the presidential debate will impact stocks… These 3 sectors will spike this election season… Be cautious of this hot sector… What’s behind FedEx's surge? … And the only EV maker worth buying besides Tesla.

Is the world big enough for both Bitcoin and gold?

Luke Norman, executive chairman of U.S. Gold Corp., breaks down what's driving gold prices higher… whether Bitcoin and gold can coexist… why copper is seeing huge demand… and why U.S. Gold Corp. presents a great investment opportunity right now.


Will Biden veto the crypto bill?

Are Target and Autozone buys on their pullbacks? … Don't be fooled by Lowe's earnings beat… Avoid this dangerous cybersecurity stock… And will Biden follow through on his crypto bill veto?

This popular uranium stock will go to $0

The uranium bull market is just beginning… How AI is driving uranium demand… One popular uranium stock to avoid… And two investments to play uranium's upside. Plus, a stock to buy instead of Disney… And this "AI" favorite is faltering.

AI… bubble or disruptor?

Is AI a bubble or a disruptor? What to expect after NVIDIA's (NVDA) earnings report. And stock volatility, despite solid earnings, signals an extremely dangerous market.

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