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My personal experience with COVID-19

Today’s podcast is a little unusual. There’s no guest. There’s no educational segment with Daniel.

The reason for this change is because I tested positive for COVID-19.

I share how my family and I are doing… what the testing and recovery process is like… and—of course—all the recent data on the virus and the vaccine.

Then, with rumors of another government stimulus package in the news, I explain why these measures are a far cry from the 2008 financial crisis bailout. It’s time for politicians to stop talking and start taking action.

Finally, I answer a few questions ranging in topic from uranium stocks… to my beloved Philadelphia Eagles… to a few things you might not know about me.


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My personal experience with COVID-19

Announcer: Wall Street Unplugged looks beyond the regular headlines heard on mainstream financial media to bring you unscripted interviews and breaking commentary direct from Wall Street, right to you on Main Street.

Frank Curzio: How’s it going out there? It’s December 16th. I’m Frank Curzio, host of the Wall Street Unplugged podcast, where I break down the headlines, and tell you what’s really moving these markets. So, I’m going to go with a different format today. There’s no interview, which is rare. I think the last time I didn’t have an interview was in February, when I said there’s no one I’m going to bring on that’s going to help you more than me today because I think the market was going to crash. This was the second week of February, about two weeks, a week and a half, before it did crash, whatever the details of why it was going to happen. It’s the last time I didn’t have a guest.

Frank Curzio: Building this up, because there’s an important reason for that, why we’re changing the format. Don’t worry about The Dollar Stock Club. We’ll still have a pick. It’s going to come from me this week. We usually get it from our guest. So, don’t worry about that. You’ll get that. There’s going to be no Daniel to break down the markets and recent stories, which is good. Hey, nobody likes that guy anyway, right? Dan’s doing a great job. We’re getting so much positive feedback, awesome. He’s like a natural with this stuff. So, we’re having a lot of fun. But Daniel’s not going to be joining me today, just me, all by myself. You’re forced to listen to me, oh, no! It’s going to be tough when you go to our Curzio Research YouTube page and watch me by myself, which would be cool.

Frank Curzio: But it’s just me today because… You guys are like family to me. I tell you everything on this podcast. I love getting those emails where people say, “Frank, I know everything about you. I’ve never met you before, but I feel like I know you.” Yeah, I’ve been doing this for such a long time. 13 years I’ve been doing the podcast, right? It’s just been so crazy. So, yeah, it’s awesome. I like sharing my life with you, so I’m going to share this with you, which is pretty crazy.

Frank Curzio: I have COVID. My wife has it as well, and my youngest daughter has it. We just got diagnosed on Monday. Yes, I’m doing this podcast. Yes, we’re going to have our amazing STO summit tomorrow, the 2020 Summit. To sign up, go to our Curzio Research YouTube page. You can also sign up just by going to our Curzio Research website and clicking the banner, right there. It would be very easy for you. It’s the only way to be able to listen to it. I am hosting it, bringing a lot of people. It will be a lot of fun. But, yes, I’m also doing this podcast.

Frank Curzio: So, I got tested over a week ago, and if you’re a Curzio Research Advisory member, you probably know that, because I do video newsletters. For those of you who aren’t subscribers, it’s really cool. It’s, like, a 30-40 minute video. I know it sounds long, but instead of giving you a 12-page write up, and we started doing this about nine months ago, eight months ago, even. I think it was pre-COVID. I share my screen, I show you the websites, all the different methodologies I use and stuff like that, so it’s really, really cool. So, you get to see me, and I said I’m a little under the weather. It’s not COVID, because I did get a test, and it was negative last week. And I felt a little weak, which led me to get the test, and a little bit of a cough. I just felt like it was kind of seasonal here, but it was negative.

Frank Curzio: But however, my wife didn’t feel well. She had a sore throat and a cough, and she said, “Let me get tested.” She got tested, I believe it was on Monday, and it game pack positive. So, I immediately got tested with my youngest daughter, and we came back both positive. It’s a 15-20 minute test. While our oldest daughter is negative, so, all of us are doing fine. My wife probably has it the worst. No fever, but she just has a sore throat. She feels a little weak, not in any pain.

Frank Curzio: She did lose her voice, though, which I’ve got to say is kind of cool. It sounds bad, but imagine: You spend every day with your spouse, imagine they lost their voice for a couple of days. I know my wife would be saying the same thing right now. But you don’t have to worry about the, “Can you take the dogs out? Did you take out the garbage yet? What time are you coming home?” None of that. It’s cool, it’s cool. It’s kind of nice, for a couple of days, anyway. Again, she would be saying the same thing about me.

Frank Curzio: But all kidding aside, she’s doing fine. My daughter barely has any symptoms. That’s all her Crohn’s, who has all the energy in the world, and I just get tired watching her run around the house all day. And we’re having kind of fun with it. We’re trying to make the best of it, taking it very seriously, but joking around. My youngest daughter is running around, going crazy, and I’m like, “Come on, calm down, calm down.” Whatever. They’re wise asses, just like me. So, it’s all, “By the way, your doctor called, and not only is it positive,” but I was like, “Brittany, you’re not going to make it.” And you know what she tells me? She goes, “Good. This way, I don’t have to see your face anymore.” That’s the conversation we have with our kids. I have a lot of fun with them.

Frank Curzio: For me, we try to make the best of it, but that’s because we’re not… We’re all okay. We’ve got mild symptoms. You’ll hear it in my throat a little bit. I’m going to be taking sips of water, and stuff like that, and drinking my tea. Yes, I drink tea. I don’t drink coffee. That’s something you know about. I think my mom used to make me tea all the time. By the way, my mom is so nice. She’s like, “Oh my God, do you need me to come there and drop stuff off?” I’m like, “Mom, just relax.” Once a mother, father, always a mother and father, which is cool. I’m like, “Mom, just relax.” I wasn’t in contact with her. Things are good.

Frank Curzio: But we’re all in good spirits. I have a little congestion, like I just said, but never had a fever. I felt weak for one day; now I feel fine, definitely towards the end of it. Again, you can see me, I’m doing the Curzio Research YouTube page, you can see me, if you want to see me. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing, but you can say, “Hey, that idiot’s got freaking COVID! Look at him!”

Frank Curzio: But, yeah, I feel fine. I’m doing okay, and again, we’re taking it seriously. But it’s funny, right? Because now we have every that we tell, and we go make the rounds in the schools and stuff like that, and they ask you who you’ve got in contact with. The first question that they ask is, “Do you know how you got it? Do you know how you got it? Who did you get it from? You got it?” And I think most people can’t really trace it back to someone or something. Maybe. I mean, if you’re at a party and you heard someone else has it, and you have it a couple of days later, a week later, that’s different. But we really don’t know how this thing spreads. We really don’t. I mean, I know people who wear masks religiously, and barely ever go outside, and they got it. And my wife and I were surprised, like, “How did they get it?” I mean, they’re over 70, they locked themselves in the house, and they got it.

Frank Curzio: You see a lot of people wearing masks. Everyone here… Pretty much, a lot of people here in Florida. You’ll see cases and stuff like that, at least where I live, in northern Florida. We’re all wearing masks indoors. It’s not a question of whether you agree with it or not, but it’s important, right? I mean, I’m doing it because I know it makes people feel a lot better, especially if you’re over 70. If I was over 70, I’m hoping that everybody was wearing their masks, because we know that over 70, it is dangerous, this disease.

Frank Curzio: But we really don’t know exactly how it spreads. I mean, you can lock yourself… I’m telling you, I know people who were completely isolated and got this thing. But if you think about it, you walk into a store, or walk into a family member’s house, and use the handle on the door, light switches. I mean, everybody uses light switches. How many people clean off the light switch? Maybe you plug in your charger that someone else is using, or if you go to the bathroom and flush the toilet, the handle? Think about it. I mean, as much as you want to have that mask on, there’s just so many ways you can be in contact with… And you just rub your eye or whatever.

Frank Curzio: And again, there’s nothing that you could do specifically, lock yourself in a room, or whatever. I guess if you’re really, really by yourself and do not let anyone go near you, you don’t have it, that’s fine. But it’s very difficult if you live just a little bit of a life. And I’m not talking about going out every day. But it’s very contagious, and it’s easy to catch this thing. We’re not having parties, hosting parties, or anything like that. We’re not going crazy or anything. You guys know how I feel about the situation.

Frank Curzio: Another cool thing is, when you’re telling people, everyone we know here, teachers, friends, I mean, everyone is so understanding. One of them cooked us dinner and dropped it off at the door. Almost everyone offered to go shopping for us. “Hey, do you need anything? Groceries? Let us know, I’ll pick them up for you, I’ll drop them off at your door.” And it’s kind of amazing, because we’re all like that, right? We’re all nice people. We want to say we’re not nice. “I’m not nice, I want to be tough.” But we are. We’re a caring people. That’s the way we’re built, most people, right? It’s just the way we are. As long as you don’t talk politics and go on social media, everyone is so freaking nice, which is cool.

Frank Curzio: But getting back to the COVID thing, it’s flu season, right? And by the way, anyone listening to this in the Northeast, good luck. I hear you’re going to be getting a crazy winter storm. I think it’s being pushed out right now. But hopefully, you guys will be okay in the next day or two. And if you do get that storm, go out and get a sled, have some fun, practice social distancing, I would say. Yeah, they’ll probably kick you off all the hills and stuff like that and arrest you in New York.

Frank Curzio: But hopefully, you guys are okay, seriously. You’re going to get a crazy storm. I know it’s not as big of a deal, because everybody’s home. Most people are home anyway, especially in the Northeast, with more lockdowns and stuff like that. But good luck with that. Hopefully, you’re not going to lose electricity, and it’s going to get crazy.

Frank Curzio: But the flu season, right? For me, last week, I thought I just had a typical cold, because it wasn’t too bad. Since it’s that time of year in Florida, where I am, where it’s tough. You’ll say, “Well, it’s warm here.” I’m in the most northern part of Florida you can possibly be on the East Coast, so there’s a big difference between where I am and even Orlando, which is two and a half hours away, three hours away. I mean, the temperature difference, you go to Miami. From Miami to where I am, which is Amelia Island, there’s a 6-7 degree difference in temperature, which is huge. It’s huge. It’s the difference between… Whatever. If it’s 95, it’s below 90.

Frank Curzio: And we’re on the coastline, not too far from the ocean, so you’ve got a nice breeze here. But this time of year, it gets chilly in the morning, where it gets into the 40s, believe it or not. Yes, Florida in the 40s. It doesn’t really snow where I am, though, ever. So, when you’re getting in the car in the morning, it’s cold. It’s really cold. And I know if you’re in the Northeast, you’re like, “That’s not cold.” 40 degrees here is like -20 to most people. If it hits 40 here, people have earmuffs on, they wear gloves, they have two jackets on. It’s kind of funny where, yeah, I have shorts and a sweatshirt on, because 40 degrees is not cold. I grew up in the Northeast.

Frank Curzio: But your car is cold, so you’re putting on the heat to work, and then in the afternoon, it heats up to 65-70. Your car’s in the sun all day, and then you wind up going home and putting the AC on. Again, it’s only… My office is very, very close to my house, and it’s very isolated from everything else. I don’t have any contact with people. It’s a perfect office. I love working here. I work very, very late, and I’m the only person ever here. There’s businesses to my right and to my left, but all of them are very, very spread out and far apart.

Frank Curzio: But it’s difficult to know whether you have a cold, the flu, or COVID, since for most people, symptoms are mild. But there’s one thing that stood out, I think, for all of us, and if this happens, I would definitely get tested. But we all lost a little bit of our taste for things. And not everything, but my youngest daughter, she said about 3-4 days ago, and I just didn’t pay attention to it. She said that she had a sandwich with mustard on it, and this was, I think, on Sunday. Monday, she got tested. And she couldn’t taste the mustard. She’s like, “This tastes terrible, and I can’t taste it,” whatever. The same thing happened to my wife, and then me as well. You just lose your taste for certain things, and you can’t really… I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it’s sugar or whatever, but you just can’t really taste it.

Frank Curzio: But if you’re a little under the weather, which happens this time of year, and you’re not sure if you should get tested, you should get tested. If you lose taste for anything, definitely get tested. That’s the one symptom… Because everything else is kind of like flu and cold. You don’t know the difference. You want to get tested anyway. And again, because it’s mild, you might be like, I feel okay. But still, get tested if you are. This way, you can isolate yourself, and you don’t spread it.

Frank Curzio: But talking more about COVID here, since I now have it, along with my family, this is a disease I’ve been closely following since January. And you can say, a lot of people, “We all follow it.” No, no, no. I mean, I understood this disease early on, how China closing its doors early on would crush the markets. Also very early, predicted it was going to spread like wildfire across the US. I remember telling people here when it just came to, what was it, Washington, and then someone in New York got infected, a case, I said, “It’s going to spread like wildfire here. You guys have no idea. It’s going to spread like wildfire,” when most infectious doctors were telling you otherwise. This was in February, and leading into it, into March, where you really saw the spread.

Frank Curzio: And how did I know this? Because I’m an absolute genius. I know everything. You guys should know that by now. You don’t care. Actually, I just have really great contacts. I was interviewing people in quarantine in China and Italy. I mean, how many people were doing that in February, March? Nobody was really talking about that, right? It hit those areas pretty bad, and you could see a lot of those interviews on my Curzio Research YouTube page, and go back and see. You’ll see, you’ll hear me talking about it. All these podcasts, all my newsletters, they’re all documented, they’re all archived, so you can go back. And this way, you can see everything, right? I hate people that just, you go back, you only see the good stuff. No. I’ve made some mistakes on stock picks, I’ve made some mistakes on calls, but hey, you go all the way back, and you’ll see. Why? Because I have nothing to hide. You’ll see that I’m right more times than I’m wrong because I do a lot of homework and do a lot of research.

Frank Curzio: If you go back to those February, the newsletters I was writing, you go back to those podcasts and listen in, we were pretty ahead of this, and the reason is because I have really, really good contacts. I like to take credit and think I’m brilliant. As you get older, you realize you’re not that smart because you talk to so many brilliant people, especially me, that I interview. And define smart anyway, right? I always use the example and say I think my mechanic is a genius. I think that because I don’t really know anything about cars, other than oil change, tire change, putting gas in my car. But building an engine or transmission, I mean, that’s pretty incredible, right, if you think about it.

Frank Curzio: But everyone is smart in their own field, and you can always learn something from these people, and I just had access to so many of brilliant, brilliant people, especially doctors, where dozens of leading doctors that run hospitals started emailing me, and they continued to do so when they learned something new about COVID. One doctor put it simply. He goes, “Frank, you know…” And I expressed this, where… Who’s making the decisions, right? We have Dr. Fauci. We have… Say if it’s Biden. It was Trump. You look at a lot of our politicians. A lot of those doctors, right, who are on their staff, and this is what a doctor said, and it made a lot of sense.

Frank Curzio: Every one of those people are in a danger zone. They’re over 70 years old. They’re going to have a much different opinion on what you should do, compared to someone who is 30 years old, 20 years old, or a young person that this disease doesn’t really impact at all, which we know by statistics. And if you think about it, I’ve used this example before, it’s almost like having someone who survived a plane crash being your head of security at an airport. I mean, everybody that goes on the plane is going to be wearing a parachute, right? That’s kind of like what it’s like.

Frank Curzio: And that’s what we need to understand, where this is a different disease for different people of different ages. You can’t have a blanket policy, say, okay, here, everyone’s got to do this, and it’s really important. But talking to these doctors, what I found interesting and amazing is, it was a lot different than what I was hearing on mainstream media. And for me, I’m a research analyst; that’s my life. I want to get to the bottom of it, whether it’s positive or negative, and I come back with my findings.

Frank Curzio: I remember when I went to… I visited the Eagle Ford, all the major shared areas, and I started out with the Eagle Ford and the Permian with my buddy, Cactus Schroeder. I spent like a week going through all the counties, everything, technology, hopping on race. I mean, the greatest education you’ll ever know. We made great money. This was, I think, in 2010-11? A lot of money on certain stock recommendations being there. And when I went there, that whatever, the HBO special on fracking, and they turned off water. I thought I was going to go there, it was going to be animals dead everywhere, right?

Frank Curzio: And then I understood this is all 100% bullshit, because I went there. I don’t have an agenda. I don’t have anything. Just like when I went to Northern Dynasty and said, look, this thing is probably never going to get developed, but this is 100% bullshit. There’s no lakes. I mean, there’s no streams running through into Bristol Bay, which is a hundred and whatever, 30, 50, 150 miles away, which is going to impact sockeye salmon. It’s all BS, by going there. That’s my job. That’s what I get paid for, right?

Frank Curzio: So, a lot of people will look at it and say, “Well, no, Frank, you’re wrong,” and criticize you, even though a lot of the stuff that you’re saying is factual, because you did the research. But it was just amazing how these doctors were telling me something so different than what I was hearing in the media, because it was an election year, and it was best interest for everyone to really use that to their advantage. It was the number one talked about subject, the most important that people listed for voting this election.

Frank Curzio: I’m going to be sipping my tea in between. The throat does get a little bit dry every now and then. But seeing those things they were telling me, it made me infatuated with this subject, where I was reading tons of studies, tons of reports, and I alerted my subscribers, the Johns Hopkins website, before anyone even knew it existed, how they started tracking everybody and everything in every country, give you the resources you need to use. We set up a special COVID page. And then, all of the sudden, by mid-March, everybody started taking it seriously. The New York Times, Washington Post, they did a great job covering this particular subject. Everyone started taking it seriously, and interviewing the right people or whatever. But it was… We had this whole thing set up and said, okay, you can find this stuff anywhere.

Frank Curzio: I was really engulfed in this. I was just infatuated. And I have to tell you, I probably… Not probably, I definitely read more studies on this than most doctors out there, even infectious doctors, I think, because that’s how infatuated I was. I mean, imagine, put yourself in my shoes. You’re researching something to death, and you form your own opinion or thesis, and that opinion is flying in the face of what everybody really believes. And they’re looking at you and going, “You’re crazy. It’s not going to spread in the US. This isn’t a big deal. This isn’t going to kill people. It’s going to be fine.”

Frank Curzio: And then you turn out to be right. And again, I’m not patting myself on the back. I wish I was wrong about this, and I wish this disease didn’t freaking exist, and it never spread like it did. But to say, all that hard work you put in, and you’re saying, wow, this really happened. Now, you become addicted to that subject. Just like if you’re a Tesla bull, or if you’re a Tesla bear. I mean, you go on Twitter, you listen. They know every single stat about every single thing, and they’re just posting everything. I mean, they’re fully engulfed in the company.

Frank Curzio: Again, being a research analyst for 25 years, and COVID is a subject that I’ve researched to death, and here are the things that I learned, the facts, which a lot of you will be familiar with, if you’ve been listening to this. But this is an extremely dangerous disease if you’re over 65 or have underlying conditions like diabetes, asthma, respiratory problems. You need to fear this disease if you are in that group, which I call the danger zone. It’s very, very serious. I never downplayed COVID, ever. If you’re not in that group, everyone else, it’s our responsibility to protect these people, and they should be the first to receive the vaccine, along with healthcare workers.

Frank Curzio: If you’re under 18, you do not have to really worry about COVID, unless you’re worried about getting the flu, which the flu is actually worse than COVID if you’re under 18, based on the statistics, looking at the death rates, almost nonexistent if you’re under 12. I’m not saying if you have a kid that’s 12 that got it… My daughter is under 12, she has it. She barely has any symptoms. She’s running around, having fun. I’m praying… And she is on Humira, which lowers the immune system, which my doctor said… She gets the shot every two weeks, and said, “Just hold off on the shot.” This way, she could fight this. She’s doing good. She doesn’t seem like she’s getting any worse.

Frank Curzio: And I’m sure there’s a situation where, yeah, it could be bad. But when you look at statistics, it’s really not. And you want proof, in California, the population’s 40 million. You know how many people under the age of 18 that died from COVID in California? What’s on the CDC site, this is about two and a half weeks ago, it was two. It was two. So, I was adamant about keeping schools open. And you post that on social media, and people come after you like crazy. If it doesn’t support their agenda, they go crazy. This isn’t me, just a feeling I had. This is by doing the research. Because I don’t have an agenda. I have two young daughters. I’m saying this along with easily over 90% of the doctors, and infectious doctors, almost all of them are sending their kids to school, and believe they should send their kids to school.

Frank Curzio: I was watching something on CNN, which I thought was funny. They were interviewing four different doctors, and CNN, just like most media, I’m not picking on them, but everybody has an agenda, and it’s now reporting whatever. Everybody has their agenda and their favorites. And I think to was Don Lemon or something, I just saw the clip of it, and all these doctors, he was asking them, like, “Yeah, but you stay…” Every one of them said, “Nope. No. Kids should go to school.” And after he interviewed all of them, he had this surprised look, like, wow, I don’t know if that’s a good idea. It was funny.

Frank Curzio: For me, when I interview people, even if I have a different opinion to them, I’ll debate them, I’ll talk to them, I want to learn. I don’t force it on them, I don’t yell at them. That’s not what an interview is about. If it’s like that, who else is going to come on your show? I want to interview people that have a different opinion to me. That’s how you get smarter. But now it’s at a point where I’m like, you’re an idiot, you don’t know what you’re talking about, like I have an agenda, I’m trying to change this person’s mind. I want to know, what do they see that I’m not seeing? Where’s the research? That’s how we all get smarter. That’s how I pick most of my stocks. I look at the negative opinion of all the analysts that hate the stock, and based on the four or five reasons they hate it, I look at if those things could change over the next 3-6 months, and if they do, that stock is going to take off, because now that negative thesis no longer exists.

Frank Curzio: Everyone should do it, I think. Maybe not. Again, some of us have our bias, no matter what, and that’s fine, right? It’s okay. But you’re looking at kids, they rarely transmit the disease. If you want proof, you can look at Florida, where I live, and the schools. And we’re talking middle school, high school. If you’re looking at colleges, we saw outbreaks, Notre Dame, Michigan, those were early on, Washington, Ohio State, seeing basketball games, and some of these games get canceled. That’s older, 17-18-19.

Frank Curzio: But you go lower than that, high school, middle school, you’re not seeing that. You’re not seeing it. I know because there’s kids that had COVID in my daughter’s school, and they pulled them out, and it’s not like it spread with 30-40-50 kids. Not once. Not once where I am. It’s very rare, because they don’t really transmit this disease. And they’re not going to be able to transmit it to someone in the danger zone, which is what people… “What happens if they get it, and then they come back, and they give it to somebody else?” Show the proof. There’s no proof. I’ve been reading studies on this. That’s something that, again, you don’t want your kid who’s going to school just right in the face of… Like, my daughter, I won’t be putting her in front of my mom, who, as you guys know, was sick in the ICU for five months, and she’s doing okay. Thanks for all the prayers and everything.

Frank Curzio: You want to be smart, just in case, but there’s little proof. If you disagree,, send me your research. Make sure it’s not from some hack with an agenda; don’t want to hear it. But I read tons of studies, talked to numerous doctors who are not biased, and talked about this. Again, I have two daughters, who I care about very much, so I want to make sure I look at all the data before sending my daughters to school, or telling hundreds of thousands of people that listen to me. I’m not going to shout it and say, “Hey, go.” It’s based on research.

Frank Curzio: And this doesn’t mean that everyone needs to send their kid to school immediately. No. Every parent is different. Every kid is different. And I always hate when people give you advice on how to raise your kids. And it’s usually funny because it’s usually… Those are people whose kids end up the worst. And you look at their kids, like, “Really? You’re telling me about it?” I love that. Everyone has an opinion on everything these days, especially about your family, and this and that. Just shut up. Anyway, who I am I to tell you how to raise your kids? But everyone is different.

Frank Curzio: What I am saying is that schools need to be open, and then allow the parents to decide for themselves, not the government, who has a clear agenda, which we all know. And remember, there’s no perfect solution here to COVID, and it’s important you understand that. There’s not a perfect solution. It’s not like, hey, if we do this, everything’s going to be okay. If we do it this way, everything’s going to be okay. If we completely lock down everything, everything’s going to be fine. If we don’t, everyone’s going to get infected, a lot more people are going to die.

Frank Curzio: It’s not that simple. We have to have the best outcome. Will some kids get infected? Yes. Yes. And two kids dying in California is too much. You don’t want to see kids, God forbid, anyone die, right, lose their lives. But if you look at the damage we’re seeing from kids staying at home, suicide, depression, anxiety rates, they’re skyrocketing, and there’s all studies on this across the board. And you guys know, you’re home with your family all day, some of you. At my office, again, it’s away, it’s isolated, which is cool. But you’re home all day. It’s tough. We’re not built like that, to be on top of each other every single second of every single day. And kids want to have fun, interact, socialize. It’s important. When you look at the total package, without any bias, you look at all the statistics and the facts, schools need to be open. Schools need to be open, especially middle schools and high schools. They should be open.

Frank Curzio: Now, outside of kids, most people who get COVID that are not in the danger zone, outside of getting… Well over 80% of us see mild symptoms. Symptoms that I saw: Sore throat, congestion, runny nose. I mean, there could be vomiting, headache, low-grade fever, a cough. Mild symptoms, most people, right? I’m doing this podcast. You’ll see me, I’m not falling over or terrible. I’m hoping that it doesn’t get worse. I’m being very, very smart about this. I’m lucky. I have friends that had 102, 103 fevers. A couple of them had to go to the hospital and got it pretty bad, and they’re okay. So, I’m not downplaying this, but most people who get this are what I’m feeling right now, based on the statistics, what we know.

Frank Curzio: I want you to think about that for a minute. Do me a favor. Forget about politics, if you’re a Republican, Democrat, just for a few minutes. I know it’s hard. But think about your families, your health. It’s something that is extremely important to you, right? And in the United States, we have thousands, if not tens of thousands, of small businesses all over the country. And to start your own business is a remarkable achievement. I know first-hand. It’s not easy. Your day never ends, you’re always busy. Even when things are good, you’re looking at ways to grow faster, to innovate. I mean, it’s incredible. It’s full-time, nonstop, and it’s not easy. I think everyone should try to open a business. Most people fail. That’s okay.

Frank Curzio: The lessons you learn from that are incredible. A lot of the most successful people in the world, who have these businesses, have failed at other businesses, and they’ll say that. That’s normal. But you learn, and it’s an incredible experience. And it’s humbling. It’s great to see teams come together. You’re going to make mistakes. All these businesses all over the United States.

Frank Curzio: So, you’re a small business owner, and now COVID hits. COVID hits pretty hard. We’re starting to understand this in March. And it was really scary at first, right? 10% of the people who were infected were dying in March, and into April, 10%. 10% of infected. That’s SARS. That’s what the rate of SARS was. So, it was crazy in March and April. I don’t know if you remember that. It was very scary.

Frank Curzio: And why was that percentage so high? Because mostly New York, where cases exploded right away, spread there first, and they started putting people in nursing homes. I don’t care whose fault it is. Nobody knew anything about this disease, and I don’t care what side if the aisle you’re on. If you really think that Trump wants to kill people, or Como wants to kill people… Really? That’s the most cynical… They don’t. They have their agenda. You can hate that person, whatever. They don’t want to kill people, right?

Frank Curzio: So, nobody knew. I don’t care who you blame, whatever. Nobody knew anything about this disease, and they thought they were doing the right thing by putting people who were infected in nursing homes, which is the worst thing that you could possibly do. But older people, that death rate, they started dying like crazy. That resulted in a huge response at the beginning, and that fear, a massive shift going up the coastlines in New York and California, with hundreds of beds, remember that? Which we suddenly didn’t need to use because the rate came down, and we realized, okay, this is something that attacks older people, and let’s isolate them.

Frank Curzio: Then you fast forward to today. The death rate for infected has been falling every single month. And people tell you how many people are infected: It’s well below 2%. Sure, more people are getting infected. Yes, I know it’s record. Cases are at record highs, but death rates as a percentage of infected continue to fall because we know more about this disease, and especially who we need to protect.

Frank Curzio: So, cases are rising. The government decides to force businesses to shut down in late March. But these decisions are not black or white, where all restaurants or all public businesses need to shut down. No, it’s not like that. No way. It’s only happening in certain areas, based on the state you live in, based on the zip code you live in. So, you could have restaurants literally closed on one block, and the next block, they can remain open, like COVID doesn’t exist on the next block. We’ve seen that. We’ve seen it all over, New York, California, in different places.

Frank Curzio: You also mandate that mom and pop convenience stores, you have to close. You have to close those essential businesses, while we’re going to allow Walmart, Target, the Home Depots, to remain open. And when you look at the science, and people always love throwing that around. “If you look at the science…” And then they say their opinion. I’ll throw myself and inject myself into that, and say if you look at the science, there’s none that shows you’re more likely to get COVID at an indoor restaurant, where social distance measures are in place and people are using, compared to going to Walmart or Target that are also indoors.

Frank Curzio: And I’m not talking out of both sides of my mouth, here: Either it’s dangerous for everyone, or not dangerous for everyone, right? If the governor says, “Too bad, some of you are going to close, and others don’t have to.” As a small business owner, you do the right thing, you comply. You’re pissed off, since this is your livelihood. This is how you feed your family. And revenue; no one, no business in the world models for revenue to fall 50, 70, 80% immediately. Nobody. You should be modeling for 20%, that’s what I do, a year. That’s if revenues fall 20%, what do we need to cut, what do we need to do? You should always have that plan in place before it happens if you have a business, especially if you’re doing well. Know your numbers, every number, every stat for your business, the most important thing in the world. Believe me, they’ll catch up to you in a second. That’s why most businesses fail.

Frank Curzio: But you’re being forced to shut down. And it’s not because you did a bad job running your business, which you’ll be able to live with, right? Because that’s fine. Hey, you tried to open a business, it shut down, it didn’t work. No. You’re closing because you’re being mandated by the government to shut down. And our government says, “You know what? Don’t worry, guys, we’re going to take care of you. You small business owners, we’re going to help all of you, every single one of you. You guys are going to get help, okay? Don’t worry.”

Frank Curzio: They come out with a loan program. The CARES Act released trillions of dollars through a special loan program, which is amazing they released that much, which is incredible, that’s great. They’re for these businesses that are being forced to close. I thought it was funny how Harvard applied for the PPP loan. By the way, they have a $40 billion endowment. Shake Shack applied for this. You know, they have access to capital markets that small businesses do not. Tons of schools with endowments, large companies, applied for this. And then afterwards, when they got caught, “Oh, no, no, we’re going to give it back. We’re going to give it back.” Come on. When you have money you’re handing out, the people who want the most are usually the people who are the richest and the greediest. That’s kind of crazy to say.

Frank Curzio: But anyway, small businesses got some relief, and this is in April and May. That relief lasted them a couple of months, two or three months. And you had stories, people talking about how this is great, okay, we’re able to hire people, we’re able to stay open, thank you so much. We’re now seven months later, and we’re locking down again, and these people, these small business owners, are dying. They’re out of money. They’re laying off employees, and we’re going through another wave of lockdowns.

Frank Curzio: Remember, these businesses are being forced to close while other businesses are allowed to stay open. They’re asking for more help. They’re screaming for more help, and our politicians, they’re not helping these people. Why? Because a lot of them want more stuff. And they both agree that, hey, small businesses are hurting. They don’t pass a dialed-down version. Still, as of today, that I’m doing this, they’ve been saying they’re close, they’re close, they’re close, for three months, now. I don’t know how close they are, but they still haven’t passed it.

Frank Curzio: But why haven’t they passed it? Look at the state funding, since a lot of the policies they enacted, they enacted closing most businesses, means that your state’s not generating any tax revenue. Both sides are arguing over these things in order to pass this stimulus, this round. They’re arguing over things that have nothing to do with helping these small businesses. Seven months now, and fucking nothing. Sorry, it’s worth cursing them. These politicians are all getting paid. They all make money. They’re fine. They’re good. They’re going to go home on the holidays and enjoy it with their families, probably. They’re telling you, “Stay at home!” They’re going to go visit their families. It’s great. We love seeing that, right? “Close your business! Wear a mask!” These people just… Come on… Don’t practice what you preach. It’s pretty terrible.

Frank Curzio: But how many small businesses need to go under before you finally pass a watered-down version of the stimulus? Just something to help these poor people. I mean, this isn’t 2008, where we bailed out corrupt, greedy, asshole executives who leveraged everyone else’s money to get bigger bonuses. This isn’t that. This isn’t 2008. I can see why people hate the system and hate Wall Street. Of course, right there, all these guys about to go broke destroyed a whole financial system, we bailed them out. And a lot of people… Nobody went to jail for that. No.

Frank Curzio: These are businesses that are being forced by our government, and our government’s not doing anything to help them. I mean, it may be the most un-American thing I’ve ever seen. You’re destroying the heart of our country: small businesses. Which, by the way, every large company was a small company, a small business at one time, every one. No one starts a company generating $20 million in revenue out of the gate. Microsoft, Amazon even, started with just ideas. These are small businesses. You look at them now and say, “Wow, look how big they are!” Trillion-dollar… I think it’s $2 trillion for those companies. These were small businesses at one time.

Frank Curzio: And they’re forcing these people, right now, to shut down. They need your help more than ever, and not because you’re being greedy, you’re asking for handouts, or “Hey, just give us money, please.” No. They want to feed their families. They want to pay their bills. They want to work. They want to work. It’s America. They want to work. And you’re destroying the fabric that built this country.

Frank Curzio: My question is, how do you think this is going to end? How do you think it’s going to end? Statistics show the survival rate for people who are not in the danger zone when they get COVID, it’s over 99.5%. Yet, you’re forcing businesses to close and remain closed. These people can’t feed their families, can’t pay their bills. You’re forcing them to close, and they’re not giving them any support at all. They’re on an island by themselves. I know people, I know several people with businesses like this, they’re struggling, they have nothing. They were doing very well. They had a savings account. They were doing okay. Now, they’re all in a massive amount of debt. They don’t know what to do.

Frank Curzio: But what do you think is the end solution? Because I’ll tell you, these businesses, they’re going to open back up. They’re not going to stay closed. You’re seeing that across every state that’s mandating these closures. And people are getting arrested, you’re getting fined. They’re like, no way. No way, because the rules are not the same for everyone. They’re not. And our politicians, who we elected, sit back while all this shit’s taking place. They’re watching it. They see it. They know the statistics. They get them.

Frank Curzio: It’s a real simple solution: Pay these people. Give them money to run their business, and give them money to feed their families. We’re hoping this vaccine that came out will result in these lockdowns ending within the next two months, three months. Hopefully, a year from now, things start returning a little bit back to normal. It’s not going to happen right away. Do we really need someone like Warren Buffett to come on CNBC before we realize how important this is?

Frank Curzio: And by the way, Warren Buffett… It’s amazing how, I always say the best thing that happens to people who are legendary status is you die when you’re young, right? You die when you’re young, and you’re a legend. I mean, Warren Buffett, that legendary status continues to grow year after year after year. Someone I respect; someone that my dad knew. My dad wrote just a small book, “Awareness of Indirection,” and sent it to Warren Buffett, and Warren Buffett actually said, “Thank you so much.” This was before Warren Buffett had 100 million people going to the Omaha conference and annual conference, and stuff like that. And he signed it personally. I have that letter. It’s really cool. Actually, let me see if I have it here. I was going to show it on the screen for you guys to see it. Again, we tape this, video, Curzio Research YouTube page.

Frank Curzio: But seriously, I mean, you’ve got to help these people out. You’ve got to help these people out. We all agree, right? These are small businesses, come on. And these are people that work hard. You’re mandating that they need to be closed, and all their customers are now going to big box retailers that you allowed to stay open. How are they going to survive? They’re barely going to survive when we open up, because most of these small businesses can’t operate at 80-85% capacity. Usually after that, that’s where the profit comes in. But now, you haven’t even given them a shot. And you hold all the cards. It’s simple. You’ve just got to come together and agree. Crazy times, man. Crazy times.

Frank Curzio: Also, I want to address, doctors I talked about earlier, healthcare workers, first responders: amazing job they’re doing. Thank you so much for sharing all that information with me. I appreciate it. I’m always interested in hearing your stories. They continue to educate my audience, so please, feel free, if you see statistics, whatever, not supporting… If you see something where tons of kids are getting infected, or anything, send them. There’s no bias here. We want to get it right. We want to be smart, here. Just send it,

Frank Curzio: For some reason, when it comes to doctors speaking out, it’s not an easy thing to do today. It’s getting a little bit better, a little bit better, now that it’s after the election. There’s tons of amazing doctors out there who were being suppressed because they have a different opinion on COVID than mainstream media. And these are licensed doctors. This isn’t a doctor pitching a book and some crazy, outrageous thing out there. Of course, there’s isolated… But 95% of these, these are licensed, right, licensed people without an agenda. Some of them want to be famous and be on TV all the time. That’s fine. But now, they’re afraid to speak out.

Frank Curzio: I can’t say how many doctors sent me information and said, “Whatever you do, don’t use my name.” I get it. I’ll never use your name, but it’s surprising that you’re giving me information that makes sense, that challenges everything that’s out there. That’s how we figure this thing out, right, having more opinions, by listening to more people. How do we suppress people because we think one way? Are you kidding me? Is this the norm? Maybe it is. I don’t know.

Frank Curzio: I want to learn more about this disease. And it’s a disease we really don’t know a ton about. I mean, we still know very little for something like this, where all the companies in the world, the major pharmaceutical companies, are working on the vaccine together. It’s amazing we’ve produced one this quick. Moderna’s coming out pretty soon, and we’ve got other vaccines on the way, maybe six months from now. But we still know very little. I mean, do masks actually work? When you look at the studies, there’s studies I showed, doctors say, no, it’s not going to work.

Frank Curzio: There’s some that say you have to wear a certain mask in order for it to work. But if they do, why did COVID spread like wildfire across Europe? Again, look at Europe, where they took this much more seriously. You get fined, you go to jail, just because of mandated mask-wearing. In America, we didn’t mandate it. We say you’ve got to wear it. If you don’t, people might yell at you, but you’re not going to get fined or anything. But they took it very, very seriously. And then everyone was comparing, “Look at Europe, and look at the cases coming down.” Then it started spreading like wildfire again.

Frank Curzio: Where are the actual statistics showing you’re more likely to get COVID at an indoor restaurant than going to Target? Can I see data on that? Because I’m a small business owner, you’re closing me, but leaving Target open. Why? Why? You think during the holiday season, Targets aren’t going to be crowded? You’re not by accident going to go into that social distancing zone of less than six feet?

Frank Curzio: Why does this disease specifically attack older people and barely does anything to kids? Immune system? What? What is it? There’s some studies out there I’ve been reading, it’s pretty cool. I think we should know things, like factual things. Why do we have so many false test readings, positive or negative?

Frank Curzio: Does vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, do these things work if you’re infected with COVID? I bet if you ask 100 doctors, 50 are going to say yes, 50 are going to say no. And we actually talked to three doctors, and my wife’s sister got infected with COVID about a week ago. She was in New York. And she talked to her doctor. But for me, we asked the doctors, does that stuff work? And two of them say, yeah, it’s going to help. And actually, one doctor prescribed it to my wife’s sister. And two doctors said, no, it’s not going to work, just get some rest. But which is it? Which is it? Does it work? Doesn’t it work? Why don’t we know this by now?

Frank Curzio: But it is interesting. It’s something new. It’s something that was fabricated, made in a lab. That’s why you’re not seeing other strains of this right now. Although someone in Europe, a scientist, said it is mutating. I’d like to look more at that. I’m not going to dismiss it. I don’t know. I hope he’s wrong. That’s why the flu, the vaccine, 40% on average. When you get vaccinated, it works 40% of the time. So, when you look at this, this is more like the rubella, mumps, the MMR vaccine, which is in the 90s, in terms of effectiveness, looking at the COVID vaccine. I’ll answer a question on that in a little while.

Frank Curzio: But now that I have COVID, I’m going to report to you about everything that I go through. I want to try to educate you. You’ll see me doing live videos, posting on social media. It’s Twitter, @FrankCurzio, if you want to follow me. Also, on our Curzio Research YouTube page. Again, doing lots of video, which is really cool. But I’ll answer your questions,, if you have any questions. I know there’s people out there that are going to say, “I got COVID,” and they’ll update me on their symptoms and what’s going on. I want to learn as much as I can to help. We have a big platform here.

Frank Curzio: But as of now, I’m not worried. Doesn’t mean we’re not taking this seriously. We’re taking it very seriously. But as of now, my family have mild symptoms. I’m hoping that it doesn’t get worse.

Frank Curzio: So, this is the part where I bring in Daniel and talk about the markets. Except I got COVID, so, there’s no Daniel today. He’s doing perfectly fine. He’s great, and I miss him. Got to get him on soon, a little bit back and forth. But it’s pretty cool when he’s here and I’m here. We go back and forth. Again, we have the video, and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Frank Curzio: But without that, I wanted to do something different today, and it’s something I do every Friday. I don’t know if all of you know this: If you’re a subscriber to any one of my services, even if you’re in the Dollar Stock Club, which is $4 a month, and you get stock picks. I take a pick from this podcast when I interview someone, sometimes offline. Sometimes it’s not mentioned in the actual interview because I’ll talk to them before and after, just say hello and stuff like that. And afterwards, and whatever, where we share ideas with my guests, and I’ll throw one of those ideas. And it’s been pretty good. That performance has been pretty good in our newsletter. And we get lots of really, really cool ideas, really awesome ideas. And that’s just $4 a month.

Frank Curzio: The reason why I say that, it’s probably our cheapest product, but anyone who is a subscriber to our paid products gets my Frankly Speaking podcast for free. And it’s a cool podcast. I’ve pulled it offline. So, you can’t get it through iTunes. It’s only available to paid subscribers, where every week on Friday, I have you write in, you write in to, and I answer your questions. And it’s great. I’ll say your name, say hey, the first name, or whatever, and answer your question.

Frank Curzio: So, I’m getting tons of questions lately, lots and lots of questions, which I usually reserve for Frankly Speaking. But I’m going to answer some of those questions today, just so we can have a really, really cool segment here, because Daniel’s not here, and I miss him a little bit. Not really. I miss him a little. I see him a lot. But he’ll be back shortly. But let’s get to some of your questions. This is really cool.

Frank Curzio: The first one is, “Hey, Frank. Uranium is finally going up due to the problems in Ukraine. Just a short fire, and finally a solid up trend. What are your thoughts, maybe a story, for your podcast?”

Frank Curzio: I have about 20% of my portfolio in uranium, and I’ve increased that over the past few years. I would say more like 15% now, about 15% in uranium. And gone into early financings with the Uranium Royalty company, so I own that. Azarga, I owned for a very long time. It’s US-based. Those are the two that I like. But what I’m seeing in this industry… Listen, the fundamentals are there. I mean, I’m going to answer a question on them later on, that’s why I’m going to bring him up. But Mike Alkin used to work here, and I talked about how I was passionate about COVID, and how you get addicted to it, especially when your thesis turns out right and you’re one of the first to really see things before everyone else, you really get engulfed.

Frank Curzio: And Alkin here, I mean, he got engulfed in uranium, and he was just blown away. He’s looking at statistics, and he started his own fund, and he raised a lot of money. Yeah, that was his passion, and not so much the newsletter, which was fine. That’s why we had him move on from that. He’s still a good friend, great, great guy, great family. But by far the smartest guy you’ll know about uranium.

Frank Curzio: And I mean, you’re looking at the fundamentals, it’s going to happen. Prices are going to skyrocket. And you’re looking at the man across the board, and you’re seeing so much supply come off the markets. The fundamentals are there, and I like the way this industry is moving. You’re seeing these things move higher now. Nobody’s really talking about uranium too much. If you’re into uranium, you’re talking about it every single day. I’m not talking about the die-hards and stuff like that. But you’re really into uranium… Uranium’s huge.

Frank Curzio: But I’m talking about people who are like, hey, uranium, sure, I’ll buy a couple of. I mean, most stocks are going to do good, but I like Azarga, I like… I mean, you can own Cameco, which is the largest supplier in the states. That’s a safe play. Uranium Royalty, the first only royalty company in the uranium space, which is great. So, you see, all these stocks are starting to rise. I like what I’m seeing here. I’m not seeing… Like energy, I don’t like the price move.

Frank Curzio: And Chris MacIntosh, who was someone we had on here, talked about energy, and I was like, “I don’t know, man.” I was like, “It seems early.” And he was early. We had him on probably about three months ago, on Wall Street Unplugged, and we took a pick. I don’t know if it was an ETF or recommended his thesis for oil, and I don’t know if it was services or drillers or something like that. And it fell. It almost hit our stop. I mean, it fell pretty sharply. It fell about… I want to say around 15, almost 15%. I’m not too sure what the stop was on that, it’s 15% in the Dollar Stock Club. But it didn’t trigger. And then it took off, and now it’s up a lot, right?

Frank Curzio: But I don’t like the move in energy, where you see the stocks go up 300%, when the fundamental landscape hasn’t really changed. It hasn’t. Look at the rig counts. I mean, you look at oil prices today. They need oil price to go higher, but we still have lockdowns. There’s not enough demand. I mean, that’s one of the last cyclical industries that you’re really going to see take off, even later than cruises and casinos and travel.

Frank Curzio: So, I’m not crazy seeing a massive move like that, where I’m like, wow, it’s confirmed, go into energy right now. No, I think a lot of gains… This move in uranium is very encouraging. You’re seeing these stocks start to break out. They’re not going up 15% a day, like we see with marijuana companies all over the place. Right now, it’s a massive acquisition, actually more like a merger, becoming the world’s biggest marijuana company. Stocks are up on that news today. That was pretty cool. But you saw Tilray go from low single digits to 13, 14, 15. It comes back down. It’s hard to confirm and say, wow, it’s all that inventory, because there’s tons of inventory in the marijuana industry right now. Is it really confirmed?

Frank Curzio: But if you’re looking at the fundamentals, if you’re looking at electricity companies that have the lock in contracts, you’re looking supply/demand, how much supply came off, and how demand is taking off… You’re seeing mandates in the US, where US produces… We produce no uranium in the United States. But I think, don’t quote me on this, uranium-crazy people, I think it’s, what, at 20% or something like that, we’re responsible for, we consume? So now, that energy, the latest policy says that we have to buy a certain percentage in the US, which is great, which is awesome.

Frank Curzio: But if you’re looking at so many things… And I’ve never seen, this industry, I’ve never seen… So far, in the last 10 years, name another trend that has been worse than uranium. Go back to 2010: Fukushima. Ever since then, it’s been horrible, horrible, horrible. Horrible! In order to produce uranium, you need higher prices. So, so much supply has come off the market. But seriously, we saw, gold was terrible, but that was four years ago. In 2012-2016, it caught it big. It’s a bear market in ’17, ’18, started getting better, and now it’s gold. You’re looking at everything, any commodity. Uranium has been the worst ever, and now you’re seeing it break out, and these things could go up 3-400% and still not be where they were pre-Fukushima. So, there’s massive opportunity there. I’m excited. I own this stuff. I’m not selling it. But yeah, this is a real breakout, here, definitely a real breakout.

Frank Curzio: Let’s go through a couple more. This is from my boy, Stefan, who says, “Frank, seasons greetings, you anorexic racist.” Very well-said, very well-said. I did lose a lot of weight, and I was talking about how I’m a racist because I’m a capitalist, and says, “Back in 2017, I told you about how Alkin finished his first deep dive in uranium, started speaking about the coming supply shortage. Sprinkle in a dash of COVID-19, and here we are, sharing nice gains in our holdings. It appears we’re starting a pull on the space.” Yeah, we covered that already.

Frank Curzio: But he also goes into the coal ETF has gone belly-up. “I’ve been hearing ramblings about coal being at the bottom of the cycle, and there are significantly more coal-fired power plants being built around the world than nuclear plants. The question, is coal or some other commodity on your radar at all?” And he says lastly, “Would you consider having Mike Alkin on Wall Street Unplugged?” Absolutely. Honestly, great guy, he’s awesome. I would definitely have him on here to talk about uranium, once I reach out to him.

Frank Curzio: But I wouldn’t go near coal because the current administration hates it, and I don’t think there’s money to be made here on coal. But if you’re looking at commodities… We talked about uranium, but look at copper. I mean, you should be buying gold producers like crazy, especially Newmonts, the Barricks, the Royal Golds, depending on the royalty companies, and the Franco-Nevadas, if they have access to, usually they’ll lock in purchase gold at a much lower price. But if you’re looking at the major producers, and copper and gold are produced together, right? It’s like oil and gas. Go for oil, you’re going to hit gas, go for gas, you may hit oil. It’s like a byproduct, and copper prices are up tremendously, up tremendously.

Frank Curzio: And a lot of great reports I shared… Again, Curzio Research YouTube page. I brought up Goldman Sachs’ report, did a great job, about a month ago, outlining why they think copper price is going up by another 35%, which is incredible. But I mean, you’re looking at these guys, hundreds of billions of pounds of copper, and it’s up a dollar just in the past month and a half, two months. That’s a lot of extra money on top of the massive amount of money they’re generating from producing gold at costs that are sub-thousand, you’re looking at a large producer. And wherever, $1,800, $1,900, wherever we are in between that. They’re just printing money right now. It’s incredible. I can tell you, Newmont, Barrick, wait until they report the results. They’re going to blow them out. They’re going to blow out the results, because no one, even their presentations that I went to, they’re not factoring in copper.

Frank Curzio: Iron ore is another one. Iron is taking off. Infrastructure trade is there, not because we’ll get an infrastructure bill, which we’ll probably never get. Again, both sides agree to it for the last six years, five years, but we still don’t have one, so don’t anticipate us getting one any time soon. But that infrastructure trade is alive. I’ve seen a lot of infrastructure stocks do well, now. But Stefan, iron ore, copper, uranium, that’s what I’m looking at. And thanks for writing in. He’s a good friend.

Frank Curzio: Next question is from Eddie. He says, “Hey man, Frank. I agree totally with the brainwashing of our youth,” which I had a rant on the last podcast, talking about the books that they’re reading, saying you’re racist if you believe in capitalism. I can’t tell you how many people wrote in from schools all over the place, guys, all over. In California, in New York, I can’t tell you how many, and there were these parents wrote in, and even teachers wrote in and said, “This is being pushed, you have no idea.” And they shared stories of people getting fired that don’t have that agenda.

Frank Curzio: I mean, I didn’t realize this, right? I’m not in school. I didn’t realize it. And then, I did realize, during these riots, when I see these kids who are privileged yelling the face of a cop who’s working his ass off to help people. Not all of them are great. We understand, bad ones have to be punished. But when you’re yelling and saying, “I hope your kids die, you’re a piece of shit, you’re garbage,” I’m like, where does this anger, where does the anger come from? It’s coming from our schools.

Frank Curzio: Anyway, he says, “Hey man, Frank, thanks.” He goes, “All three of my girls came out of college as flaming liberals after being raised as conservatives. Two of them graduated from North Carolina State, and one from Appalachian State. They’re extremely intelligent, but were literally brainwashed by being bombarded with liberal teachings in college. Two of them were in the Young Republicans club in high school, so it happened in college. Good luck with protecting the education of your girls. I do think my girls will learn more as they grow older in the real world, and learn what they were taught that not everything that they were taught was true to them. But it’s painful watching that to happen. If you confront them about it, it will only push them away. It affects the father-daughter relationships. I hope you fare better than I did. Thanks for all you do.” Paid-up, Curzio One member. Thanks. I appreciate that email.

Frank Curzio: And it’s not about being Republican or Democrat, right? I don’t care. But this is what you’re teaching our kids? I mean, I have plenty of friends that are Republicans that just have different… And plenty of friends who are Democrats, and we have different reasons that we think how to better the country, which is fine, but we’re not saying that don’t work hard. You’re racist? I mean, you’re having them read books, that’s just… If you believe in capitalism that you’re a racist? I mean, really? Come on.

Frank Curzio: Again, small business is the foundation of our country, innovation. You want to unleash these kids. You don’t want to hold them back. This is what we’re teaching them? Are you kidding me? This is what we’re teaching them? I mean, my kids, no way. Holy cow. No way, no way. I’ll go right to the school. I’ll flip. That’s not their job. Make them smarter; educate them. Don’t do your agenda here, especially something like that. Are you kidding me? You wonder why there’s so much anger around. Anyway, it’s pretty crazy.

Frank Curzio: Take a couple more questions. I don’t want to run too late, here. And when I say that, Frankly Speaking, you can ask me a question about anything, stocks, economy, the market, sports. So, I do have a couple of sports questions, and someone asked, “Frank, is Wentz done? Are you a Jalen Hurts fan? The Eagles looked good last week.”

Frank Curzio: I am a Jalen Hurts fan. I think Wentz is done. There’s something there. If you noticed, Hurts did something remarkable. If you’re an Eagles fan, I mean, I saw on second, third down, he rolled out, there was nothing there. He threw the ball away. Oh my God. He slid before he got hit, when he ran. But I’m a big character guy, and to see Jalen Hurts when he went through Alabama, when Tua replaced him and then won the championship. He was on the side the following year. I didn’t think he would come back from that, and then where did he go? Oklahoma, it was Oklahoma, and killed it. And for me, that’s someone that’s resilient. That’s someone that has great character, and that’s why I like him.

Frank Curzio: And you see the team play different. I watched the highlights of that, as well, through Inside the NFL, and they mic the players, and he was giving that speech beforehand. I mean, it’s pretty cool, man. I like him. He’s got an arm. I love that they’ve thrown him into the fire. He’s going to get beat up. But they did beat basically, the New Orleans Saints. I won’t say they’re the best team in the east. Green Bay is, right now. But… And they didn’t have Drew Brees. But the Eagles won. They won, and it was nice, and it was fun, and you saw them come together, and it was really cool.

Frank Curzio: So, yeah, I am a Jalen Hurts fan. I’m a fan of people with that kind of character, where everybody hits bottom, and he hit bottom. To see him come back, and what he did for Oklahoma, and just to see what he’s doing now, it is pretty exciting. The same thing for Lamar Jackson. I don’t know if you saw that Monday night game, best game of the year. Holy cow. Lamar Jackson came out and got hurt, came out and fought down, threw a touchdown, and then drove down for the winning field goal. It was incredible. And look, nobody wanted him either, right? He got drafted at the end of the first round. I’m not saying Hurts is going to be Lamar Jackson, but it’s really nice. It’s pretty cool to see no turnovers and things like that, which is awesome.

Frank Curzio: Let’s go to the next question, Joe, “I’ve been a listener for 10 years, so I feel like I know everything about you, and I want you to name three things we may not know about you. Thanks for all you do.”

Frank Curzio: Three things that you don’t know about me. Okay, I’ll give you three things, since most of you know everything about me. Three things. I scored 52 points in a basketball game once. I’m almost at level 3,000 on Candy Crush. I love it because I love puzzles and figuring them out. If you’re on Candy Crush, you’re going to be like, holy cow, that’s insane. It is. And I benched 300 pounds for the first time two weeks ago. Those are three things that you can talk about. I should have threw a negative thing in, just to have fun. But anyway, those are three things. Good question, though. I like it.

Frank Curzio: Just real quick. This is MPX. “Will you take the Pfizer vaccine? I’m hearing a lot of negative stories out there about the side effects. I’m a little worried.”

Frank Curzio: If you’re under 45… Look, I’m 48, and I’m doing this on COVID, but again, it can impact everyone differently. I wouldn’t. That’s just me. But if I’m 65, I would. And not only that, I think you’re going to see more people take it than what they actually say, because when you take it… Think about it. I mean, you’re thinking of a world with no masks, and going out, and not worrying about this crap anymore. Some people are against it, but I think as time goes on, I think the Moderna vaccine is going to be taken a lot more. But we’ll see.

Frank Curzio: But I just hate the studies that are coming out right now, and people just going against these people, and just saying, “The second dose, and you get…” And they’ll highlight, there’s like 12,000, 15,000 people in phase three studies, and they’ll take three of them and write a negative story about it and post it on a major website. I’m like, come on, man. I mean, this is what you… They want to anger you. They want to scare the shit out of you. This way, you’ll read their stuff even more. There’s a clear agenda behind it. But the second shot, yeah, you’re going to have some side effects. But it will be worth it, especially if you have underlying conditions.

Frank Curzio: But this went through all… I wouldn’t worry about it; it was rushed through, or nothing like that. It went through the proper protocols, and they got it through. So, if you take it, you take it. If I was under 45, I wouldn’t.

Frank Curzio: Let’s go to the last question, here. It goes, “Frank, what’s your favorite tech stock to own right now?”

Frank Curzio: Good question. I do like Adobe. I think Adobe’s a really great company. And you know what, I recommended Dropbox, and we took a small loss on it in my Curzio Research Advisory newsletter. We recommended Dropbox probably about, I don’t know, five months ago? And I was pretty pissed, because when I looked at Dropbox, it was the only technology in that space, storage, cloud, and it did nothing, and I was pissed. But now, it just recently broke out. It’s not up tremendously, but I think it’s 23-24. It’s breaking out, and there’s no news on it. So, someone is really loading up on it.

Frank Curzio: So, just take a look at it. I know I sold out of it already, and at a small loss because it was just dead money for, I think, six months, and I was pissed off, because I could have just literally threw a dart at any other freaking technology company and been up like, 25-30%. But they do have tons of people on this platform, and that’s a massive asset, as we see with Disney and streaming, right? How many people you can get to your platform. Don’t worry about if they’re going to pay a dollar for your services, just get them to your platform. There’s tons of people that use Dropbox. I even use it, and I like it. It’s… Again, this is something from, my company’s smaller. There’s better services out there.

Frank Curzio: But I like what Dropbox is… And at this stage, it’s a cheap technology stock, which I don’t know if that’s a good thing these days, but I think it does have a lot of upside potential. It’s nice to see a breakout. And again, we sold it, I think, a month and a half ago, something like that, two months ago, and now it’s at about 10%, I think, since then, maybe 15%. But nice breakout. So, those are the two.

Frank Curzio: Okay, guys. Now, hopefully you enjoyed the format. I really appreciate it. I was sharing everything about COVID. Let me know what you thought, Last thing here: Tomorrow, we are having a 2020 STO Summit, the biggest event that we’ve had at Curzio Research. To sign up, you just have to go to our homepage,, click the 2020 STO banner, okay? I’ll try to bring that up, for you people who are watching on YouTube. And you’ve just got to click it. That’s the only way you can attend. You’ve got to register for the event, which I’m showing that right now, right here. 2020 Security Token Summit, reserve your seat now, just click the button. It is tomorrow. I’m hosting it. I’m excited, more excited than I am now. Even doing it while I’ve got COVID, it’s okay. But the summit is absolutely for free, absolutely for free. Again, you get to watch and say, “Wow, this guy’s got COVID right now and doing it!” Which is funny. But again, I don’t look so bad, and I have mild symptoms.

Frank Curzio: But I urge you to attend this event, okay? We’re going to talk about our Curzio Crypto Intelligence newsletter, and when you’re looking at our newsletter, this Crypto Intelligence newsletter, it’s going to be the biggest newsletter in our entire company because we are focusing on security tokens. There’s not tons of them, but we have our first recommendation I’m going to give away, a security token. If you’re a member already, you’ve got that recommendation.

Frank Curzio: And this product’s going to be incredible because I don’t know any place else in the world that you’re going to get access to this industry from here. So, this isn’t, hey, it’s another event, or I’m going to tell you about a stock. No. This is an idea. This is something I truly believe. It is something I changed. I base my entire company and my reputation on… And doing a security token. We’re now a publicly traded company at Curzio Research, where anybody can buy and sell our token, and trade our token on MERJ Exchange. We raised $4 million to grow our business. We wouldn’t be able to do that unless we did it through security tokens, which is awesome.

Frank Curzio: So, I’m going to explain tomorrow how any company can do this, any small business. Walk you through that process, and to share ideas with you. Again, our recommendation, you’ll be able to see free videos, teaching you exactly how to play this industry, and I’m going to bring in very, very high profile guests, which include co-founders and CEOs of the largest companies in the security token industry. These are the contacts we have because we’re first in the market.

Frank Curzio: I’m talking about guys like Stephane de Bates, president of Elevated Partners, which has over one billion real estate assets set to be tokenized. Saum Noursalehi, CEO of tZERO, the largest alternative trading platform for security tokens in the world, bringing him on. Kyle Sonlin, co-founder of the STO Group. These guys are amazing when it comes to their research. Then, we’re going to bring in Jamie Finn, co-founder of Securitize.

Frank Curzio: So, you’re going to hear from them as well, not just from me, of this whole entire process, this idea. This is the greatest idea, the biggest idea, over the next 10 years. You’re going to see why I’m so excited, why I base my company’s reputation on this, why it’s important to understand this industry, and how you’re going to get access to these deals. And also, security token offerings during their early stages of growth. And this is how you’re going to do it.

Frank Curzio: So, I’m really, really excited. For me, I look at it as, if you’re an investor, it’s a chance to get in on the ground floor, similar to how you could have bought Amazon, Priceline, Microsoft, in ’96, ’97, the beginning of the internet boom. Or, if you own your own company, and you’re looking to raise money to grow your business, and again, you can’t really go to banks. They’re going to kill you on the rate, probably give you very, very little. If you have that great idea, this is a way to raise money, and it’s cost effective. It doesn’t cost a fortune. And you can be publicly traded 12 months later.

Frank Curzio: This is starting to get huge. You have countries all over the world that are tokenizing assets. You have… Sharing stories of an NBA player. I’m bringing that picture up, right here. Spencer Dinwiddie tokenized his NBA contract, so people could own… And it pays an interest rate. Looking at a luxury hotel, $600 million in this luxury hotel in London is tokenized. Andy Warhol painting: tokenized, sold on a blockchain, one of his paintings.

Frank Curzio: So, this is the market that we’re in. Everything’s going to be tokenized. If you’re looking at, the NASDAQ chairman says, in five years, he believes all assets, and the stock exchange, everything is going to be security tokens and get tokenized. That’s how much I believe in this industry. That’s how excited I am. You’re going to see a lot of that. It’s going to be really cool. And all of this is for free, absolutely for free.

Frank Curzio: So, I suggest you get educated on it, because this is going to create the next wave of billionaires. This is something that makes sense, just like Uber makes sense, just like Amazon made sense at the beginning. Airbnb changed the hotel industry. This is the first time ever Wall Street, which is a boys’ club, is getting disrupted, and this makes sense from every single point of view. You’re going to get everything you need to know tomorrow. Again, register for that event, 2020 STO Summit, our biggest event ever since I started this company. You can do so by going to our website, Curzio Research, and just click that banner.

Frank Curzio: Okay, guys. That’s it for me. I say it all the time, Curzio Research YouTube page. Be sure to subscribe and go there. Again, lots of videos. You’re going to be able to see me here. And of course, we’ll publish everything that we do in videos, and Daniel and I, on the website. Thank you so much for listening. Really, I say this all the time, and I truly mean it, I really appreciate all your support, guys, I really do. I love you, and I’ll see you guys in seven days. Take care.

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Inside this episode:
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