John Petrides: The Great Misconception of Value Investing

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged.

Today’s guest is Managing Director at Point View Wealth Management and one of Wall Street Unplugged’s finest, John Petrides.

Wall Street benchmarks and sectors are shaking up amid recent fears of North Korea and our nation’s ongoing hurricane misfortunes. And as these two major current events develop, John and I discuss where investors should be playing their cards…

In other news, the Russell 1000 growth index (IWF) is up over 17% year to date… while the Russell 1000 value index (IWD) has gained 3% since January. Is it finally time to stop chasing growth?

Tune in as John breaks down what it takes to be a true value investor.

A stock could be down 30… even 50%, but forget it. As John explains, that doesn’t matter. When it comes to value investing, there’s only one question we must ask ourselves.

John then talks Apple. He’s one of the few analysts I know that has been dead-right on the stock in recent years. And his analysis couldn’t come at a better time… Apple is set to launch the highly anticipated iPhone 8 in just a couple weeks.

John’s the type of guest that can bring the conversation in any direction. And today – from geopolitics, oil, and the consumer staples sector to M&A’s and mutual funds – he it covers it all. These are conversations you don’t want to miss.

Good Investing,

Frank Curzio


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