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JDL Gold

Welcome back to Wall Street Unplugged!

This week’s episode is a special one. A lot of ground is covered as I have, not one… but two separate interviews.

I am first joined by CEO Greg Smith. Tune in as Greg introduces his new company, JDL Gold Corp., and explains how they have the recipe to become next “superstar” in the mining industry. Greg talks about the company’s future plans and projects going forward just one week after their IPO.

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This is not your typical mining company… and apart from the insiders, few people have even heard of it. However, JDL Gold might have the greatest shareholder base I have ever seen in the industry. Just wait until you hear this list…

Our second guest is current managing director and portfolio manager at Point View Wealth Management, John Petrides [40:45]. As we enter earnings season, John and I discuss recent stock evaluations. At one point, John compares today’s market to 2008! After six straight quarters of negative earnings growth, John shares his thoughts about Wall Street’s ridiculous expectations.

Then, to end the episode, John and I break down a few stock picks. Including one of the world’s largest tech companies, and a retailer that needs to be on your radar.

Links & Resources

  • Stay connected with our guest, Greg Smith – Here you’ll find all of JDL‘s latest acquisitions
  • Click here to listen to my last interview with today’s guest, John Petrides
  • You can find more of John on his site, Point View Wealth Management
  • Here’s more about one of the most successful exploration geologist of all time – David Lowell

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