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Ignore Italy… Stocks Are Going Higher Over the Next Decade

No… it’s not just you. Geopolitical change is on all our minds.

Right now, everyone’s talking about the turmoil in Italy… but the truth is, this’ll have a minimal impact on the U.S. market. I’ll tell you why on today’s show.

But first, I welcome back Steve Koomar, publisher and editor of Vigilante Investor.

Steve believes stocks are positioned to show great returns over the next decade. He also highlights his favorite trend in tech… one that’s much bigger than AI, IoT, Big Data, and the cloud… and the stocks he believes will benefit most from this remarkable trend.

Later, in my educational segment, I break down the oil sector… including why Russia and OPEC would be crazy to increase production. But there are risks that could push crude lower over the next few months.

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P.S. Tomorrow, Barry Cohen (ep. 618 guest) launches his FREE educational series, The Future of Cryptocurrencies: Why What Comes Next Promises Even Bigger Gains Than 2017. Click here to learn more.



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