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Episode: 507April 13, 2017

Another Gold Stock Ready to Rebound

    gold standard ventures

    Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged!

    After a crazy week and the successful launch of my brand-new newsletter, Curzio Research Advisory… it’s time to get back to business.

    On this week’s show I’m jumping right back into my favorite sector, junior mining.

    Today I welcome back a guest that has made listeners a lot of money over the years…

    He is the co-founder & CEO of Gold Standard Ventures (NYSE: GSV), Jonathan Awde.

    The first time Jonathan was on the show, his exploration company, Gold Standard Ventures, was under 40 cents. Today, the company is over $2.00 per share.

    To start off the interview, Jonathan catches listeners up to date… breaking down their recent game-changing acquisitions.

    Including a 21,000 acre acquisition which increases their holdings at the south end of Nevada’s Carlin Trend by 66%.

    Gold Standard Ventures now holds the second largest contiguous land package on Nevada’s Carlin Trend. It’s known as one of the most “prolific” gold producing areas in the world.

    But this isn’t the best part.

    For such a small exploration company, Gold Standard Ventures has been building an extremely strong treasury.

    As Jonathan will explain in the interview, several significant investors have bought stake in the company since we’ve last talked.

    One corporate investor in particular is Goldcorp. They are the 3rd largest gold producer in the world. And they recently increased their stake in the company over 10%.

    This is a huge factor going forward.

    To add to the story…

    Jonathan gives listeners his 2017 outlook.

    As GSV plans to take on their biggest, most ambitious drilling program in the history of the company, Jonathan claims this is going to be their “biggest year” to date.

    So investors: If you felt you missed the boat last occasion… It’s time to take another look.

    At current levels, the stock looks attractive.

    Plus, the share price is coming off a 27% pullback from it’s highs.

    The company seems to be on the cusp of a rebound considering all the catalysts Jonathan unfolds in front of us today.

    PS – Don’t leave after my guest signs off. Educational Segments are back! On this episode I’m taking the Walt Disney company under the microscope. After Goldman Sach’s recent “buy” recommendation, I’m stepping in to pull apart the truth from all the noise.

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    Stocks Mentioned

    • Gold Standard Ventures (GSV)
    • The Walt Disney Company (DIS)
    • Newmont Mining Corporation (NEM)
    • OceanaGold (OCANF)
    • Goldcorp Inc. (GG)
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