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  • Trump Extends Social Distancing Guidelines To April 30, Backs Off Idea To Reopen Economy By Easter
  • Oil-rich wealth funds seen shedding up to $225 billion in stocks

Former White House insider breaks down the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus

Today, I welcome first-time guest Anthony Scaramucci (“The Mooch”), former White House director of communications and founder of SkyBridge Capital. 

The Mooch gives his thoughts on whether Congress’ historic $2 trillion stimulus package is enough… what he’s hearing from his wide-ranging contacts about market volatility and the global lockdown… and how long he thinks the economic pain will last [35:40].

I also ask him whether President Trump should be doing anything else at the federal level… 

In my educational segment, I explain why this market still scares the hell out of me…. the recent Fed actions… and how to position yourself today for the next big market opportunity [1:02:08].

Inside this episode:
  • Guest: Anthony Scaramucci, former White House Director of Communications and founder of SkyBridge Capital [35:40]
  • Education: How to position yourself today for the next big market opportunity [01:02:08]

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P.S. Earlier today, I released a bonus video edition of Wall Street Unplugged with Ed Karr, a global financial expert living under quarantine in Italy. 

In this comprehensive look at COVID-19 and its global effects, you’ll learn just how bad the economic carnage could be… and what you can do to protect yourself. 

This is one of the best—and most timely—interviews I’ve ever conducted… and it’s critical for every investor to hear.

Frank Curzio
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