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[Exclusive]: Jeff Phillips Unplugged

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged.

Today I have an exclusive interview for you with Jeff Phillips, resource financier and President of Global Market Development.

Jeff is one of the best resource investors in the world. He’s built a small fortune over the past two decades by following a unique and disciplined approach to investing in this highly volatile sector. 

In this 30 minute exclusive interview, Jeff shares some of his insights on what investors should look for before ever investing in a junior mining stock.

[app_audio src=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/sainvestorradio/WSU20EP20440.mp3″]

He then explains the fundamentals behind owing warrants. He says this practice is great for investors but not always good for companies who issue long-term warrants.  

Jeff also breaks down the huge risks of owning small resource stocks since most companies will never see their signature projects go into production. He believes these risks are sometimes overlooked by speculative investors – especially during bull markets like the one we are seeing today.  

Finally, Jeff shares his three favorite junior mining ideas. He says each name has incredible upside potential if gold and silver prices continue moving higher over the next few years. 

As always thanks for listening and good investing.


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