Frank Curzio's WALL STREET UNPLUGGED Podcast

It’s a Stock Picker’s Market… If You’re Smart

Welcome back to Wall Street Unplugged.

This week, my guest is Mike Alkin, editor of Moneyflow Trader and host of the Talking Stocks Over a Beer podcast.

Even though Mike writes his newsletter for Curzio Research, he and I often have differing views on the markets. (Mike is bearish and I’m more of a bull.) Even so, we generally find common ground. I have a lot of respect for his knowledge and opinions.

Today, Mike reviews how he analyzes stock news and what helps him decide whether a company is going to have success in the future.

Then in my educational segment [50:15], I talk market risk factors. The media is hyping three main risks right now: rising inflation, rising interest rates, and a potential trade war. All of these things have investors running for the hills.

But the truth is, they’re not the negative market forces the headlines are making them out to be. Listen to find out why…