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America May Be Entering Its Fourth Economic Revolution

Welcome back to Wall Street Unplugged. I have an incredible show for you today…

I don’t read many newsletters, but I always make a make a point to read Vigilante Investor, edited by today’s guest Steve Koomar. Unlike many newsletter writers, Steve always backs up his thesis with hard facts, and I learn something new from every issue.

Steve and I discuss all the negative headlines about Trump’s new tariffs—propelling fears of a trade war that could ultimately hurt the U.S.

Like myself, Steve believes these news stories have it wrong. On today’s episode, we break down why.

And you won’t believe Steve’s expectations for stock market returns over the next several years…

He explains how the recent tax cuts, combined with deregulation, will lead to the kind of economic expansion we haven’t seen since the New Deal. And one of the best bull markets in a generation.

Later on, in my educational segment [52:00], you’ll learn how the NCAA men’s basketball tournament can help you improve your investing game. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a sports fan; today’s segment will make anyone a better investor.

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