Digital securities unlock trillions in equity for American homeowners

I’ve been talking a lot about how digital securities will disrupt numerous industries. This includes investment banks, stock exchanges, crowdfunding, and royalty companies.

And you can now add residential real estate to that list.

My guest today is Matthew Sullivan, a seasoned veteran in corporate finance. He’s worked for Sir Richard Branson’s corporate finance team—and is the co-founder of a $50 million secured real estate income strategies fund, QuantumRE.

Sullivan has found a way to use digital securities (tokens) to access the trillions in equity sitting in U.S. homes. The best part? American homeowners can tap this equity without taking on any more debt.

Trust me when I say this interview will blow your mind.

We’re in the heart of earnings season, with over 30% of companies posting Q4 results. In my educational segment [43:18], I break down the numbers and share where I’m seeing a lot of great investing ideas.

I also talk about China… the Fed… and this one thing that worries me right now.

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Note: I’ll soon be making history by launching the first-ever digital security offering (STO) in the financial newsletter industry. We’re calling it Curzio Equity Owners (CEO)… where qualified investors will have the opportunity to become an actual equity owner in our business. If you’re interested in learning more about this unique opportunity, click here.


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