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Ep. 421: Oil Insider Sees More Bankruptcies Ahead

oil insider cactus schroeder sees lower oil prices

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged.

My guest today, Cactus Schroeder, is the founder of Chisholm Exploration and oil veteran who has been drilling wells in Texas for more than 40-years.

On this episode, Cactus shares his thoughts about the current state of the oil market and where he believes prices are headed over the next few years.

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He also gives us an insider perspective on how much drilling is actually taking place in the Eagle Ford and Permian Basin right now…

The new technologies companies are using to lower their cost of production…

And which large-cap companies are aggressively acquiring shale assets in Texas.

Cactus then talks about the “real” breakeven price for shale producers – since it’s a lot higher than the $50 a barrel breakeven price that is often talked about in the media.

He sees more pain specifically for oil services companies. But also believes we could see plenty of more bankruptcies if oil prices remain below $55 a barrel. 



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