A post-election roundup

The midterm elections are now behind us. I break down the greatest risk to the markets now that we have a split in power.

Steve Koomar, publisher and editor of Vigilante Investor, joins us once again to talk about a huge risk China is facing that’s much bigger than tariffs.

Steve also breaks down the 5G revolution—including who he thinks the biggest winners will be in this incredible secular growth trend.

I’m finding tons of new ideas in today’s market… cheap companies with incredible growth potential. In today’s educational segment [50:05] I share a few of my favorites…

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Note: If you’ve been following my research on the “trade war” with China, you know I recently predicted a rare window of opportunity to profit from the tariff negotiations.

And that prediction came true… Early investors are up double-digits on this opportunity. And we’ve only scratched the surface of its potential… Click here to learn more.


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