Wall Street Unplugged
Episode: 280January 29, 2015

Interviews With Two of My Favorite Analysts

Today’s podcast begins with guest Marc Lichtenfeld, biotech analyst and editor of several newsletters at the Oxford Club. We discuss the latest JP Morgan Healthcare conference that he attended in San Francisco.  He calls the conference the “Woodstock of Biotech” – since every important person in the biotech industry is usually in attendance.

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Marc has attended this conference for the past 7 years.  He gives us the inside scoop on this year’s biggest themes in the industry, the important studies you need to know about, and what names should be on your watch list.  He also shares his favorite biotech stocks to buy right now.

Then, Kristin Bentz, executive director of PMG Group and expert retail analyst, gives us a post-holiday update on retailers Wal-Mart, Coach, Gap, JC Penney and Lululemon.  Kristin is a “boots on the ground” analyst who visits these stores and talks to executives in the industry on a monthly basis.

Kristin talks about which retail companies will benefit the most from lower oil prices. She also talks about the huge impact mobile phones are having on certain sales trends. Then, Kristin shares her favorite retailer stocks to buy heading into earnings season.

What’s really moving these markets?
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