Frank Curzio's WALL STREET UNPLUGGED Podcast

20-Year Market Vet Shares The Biggest Risks Today… And Her Favorite Tech Opportunity

Pullbacks in the markets can be disconcerting… but recent activity is perfectly normal.

As I’ll explain, it’s actually healthy when stocks pull back gradually… and based on the current fundamental and economic landscape, I suggest using this pullback as a buying opportunity.

I also welcome Lenore Hawkins, 20-year market veteran and chief macro strategist at Tematica Research. Lenore breaks down the biggest market risks for investors… including rising interest rates and the looming potential for trade wars.

Plus, she shares her favorite tech trend… and how investors can still make money on it.

Finally, I break down the recent ruling by the Supreme Court to allow states to legalize gambling, creating a lucrative new $44 billion market.

Following this landmark decision, I highlight stocks that will be the biggest winners―and losers―in that sector.  

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