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The Blockchain Is Here… and Its Potential Is Astounding

Welcome back to Wall Street Unplugged.

I’m so excited to bring on analyst Barry Cohen to talk all things cryptocurrency and blockchain. Barry explains how these technologies work, how you can secure cryptocurrencies safely and easily, how the regulatory landscape is going to change, and more.

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I get a little heated over negative news about Amazon and complaints that it’s ruined businesses across the country—especially when the complaint comes from a company that did its own share of putting others out of business: Walmart.

Meanwhile, other folks are complaining that Amazon has an unfair advantage due to its relationship with the United States Postal Service. Today, I explain why the USPS needs Amazon, despite arguments that the postal service is getting the losing end of the deal. 

I know some of you might be panicking about the scary trade wars talk and how it’s impacted the market. I’ll tell you why we won’t have a trade war… and why tariffs on goods coming into the United States are actually a good thing.  
While stocks have declined on those fears, there are few great investing opportunities I’ll tell you about today…

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0:33 – I’m so annoyed when I see someone who has the same opinion as the president rail against him because of partisan politics.  

1:25 – Lina Khan of the Open Markets Institute.

6:45 – Trump’s tweets against Amazon are a complete joke; Amazon is saving USPS.

10:07 – Walmart has no business complaining about Amazon.

14:24 – Don’t worry about tariffs pushing the markets down; we’re not getting into a trade war.

16:52 – Excited for our guest today, Barry Cohen.

19:30 – Correlation between the cryptomarket and Wall Street.

22:38 – Will cryptocurrencies always move in the same direction?

27:26 – Why Barry is excited about cryptocurrencies.

30:51 – Why regulation is needed for cryptocurrencies.

36:00 – How does someone go about buying cryptocurrencies?

38:44 – Kraken and Coinbase.

42:13 – The different types of cryptocurrency exchanges.


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