What's really moving these markets

The Fed can no longer save us

Andrew Horowitz of Horowitz & Company explains why you shouldn’t worry about the debt ceiling… Why a “taper” might not mean what you think… Which stocks could suffer as the economy reopens… And his favorite ideas today.

Forget intrinsic value… Here’s why you need to buy bitcoin

How labor shortages are impacting travel… Why inflation will get worse before it gets better... The bearish price targets on Tesla are ridiculous… Is sell-side analysis meaningless in today’s investing world? … Bitcoin’s “intrinsic value”—and why you need exposure.

What Axl Rose can teach us about today’s economy

How Native American casinos are regulated… The potential effects of inflation on your stocks… Why some folks get vaccinated while others are reluctant… and why Carbon Streaming’s reverse stock split is great for investors.

Inflation could ruin Christmas this year

Do you need to worry about the U.S. debt ceiling? Plus, why growth stocks are hurt the most by higher rates... Why we haven’t seen a bottom in the supply chain woes... Why you need to prepare for a bad…

There’s still hope for Gen Z investors

Frank’s nephew, Joe Davide, is back on the show to discuss investing from the Gen Z perspective. Learn how to manage winners and losers... and why SPACs could have a lot of pain ahead. Plus, the most important investing lesson…

Why the “central banking cartel” is afraid of crypto

Frank Holmes of U.S. Global Investors explains why he’s bullish on airlines... how the internet has helped retail investors outperform Wall Street... why the “central banking cartel” is attacking crypto and gold… and a country he’s bullish on that may…