What's really moving these markets

This housing market thesis is B.S.

Experts predict the housing market is near a top, but Frank disagrees… David Johnson of Imperial Helium explains why the gas is critical to our economy… Two huge lessons from Best Buy and Dick’s… and the “new normal” for crypto.

13Fs: The secret weapon of great investors

Every three months, big investment firms have to disclose their latest portfolio holdings, called 13Fs. These filings can be a valuable source of stock ideas for even the most experienced investors.

The government is lying to you about COVID

Kyle Fry of Digital Markets breaks down the recent momentum in digital securities… and where the industry is headed. Frank reveals where he finds his data on COVID… and dives into the latest numbers on the Delta variant. Plus, what…

Get ready for a whole new Wall Street Unplugged

Wall Street Unplugged is about to get a major makeover... Plus, new ideas from Frank’s latest boots-on-the-ground research trip… Why some companies are losing customers due to COVID restrictions… What to do with a massive winner… And is Frank still…

Why I’m looking forward to paying crypto taxes

Crypto taxation has become a hot topic in Washington D.C… It’s even addressed in the massive infrastructure bill making its way through Congress. While no one likes paying taxes… the end result could be a long-term positive for the entire…

The secret to successful investing in one quote

Peter Lynch is one of the greatest investors of all time. He built his reputation by sticking to a basic philosophy when it comes to picking stocks... It’s a timeless lesson for experienced investors and beginners.