Frank Curzio's WALL STREET UNPLUGGED Podcast

Chris MacIntosh: World Out of Whack

“Investing is a matter of probabilities… Not how things should be”

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged.

Today I’m joined by the one-of-a-kind, Chris MacIntosh – Co-Manager of the Asymmetric Opportunities Fund and founder & owner of the popular financial publication, Capitalist Exploits.

Chris has a track-record unlike anyone I’ve met.

Whether it’s speculating on events like Brexit and Trump’s victory, to predicting Bitcoin’s uprising or the collapse of the South African Rand – Chris has never been afraid to ask the questions people don’t want to.

He focuses on macroeconomic trends that contribute to massive market disconnects.

He calls it: Exploiting asymmetry in the markets…

Tune in as Chris unfolds his theses on the topics of bitcoin, blockchain, private-equity, European bond markets, and one hated energy sector that will be the darling of the next decade.

In a world riddled with dangerous thoughts and unsound monetary shenanigans, you’ve come to the right place.

Good Investing,

Frank Curzio