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My conversation with a leader in digital securities

Solomon Tesfaye, tZERO’s head of business development, breaks down the outlook for digital securities… ICOs vs. STOs… why Exodus’ Reg A offering is a huge deal… and how tZERO is working with institutional investors and regulators to further adoption.

The ‘Goldilocks’ economy is officially over

Why 2022 will be tough for stocks… and the best ways to protect yourself. Plus, is DocuSign a buy?... Why Frank is bullish on gold AND cryptocurrencies… And why Moneyflow Trader is the best newsletter for these times.

3 secrets to finding a 100x winner

Chris Mayer, author and fan-favorite guest, shares the 3 characteristics of companies that become 100-baggers. Plus, does it make sense to invest in emerging markets? And Chris’ favorite way to gain crypto exposure.

How to prepare for the Omicron circus

Everything you need to know—and do—to prepare your portfolio for Omicron. Plus, the Fed continues to make a huge mistake… Why inflation will get much worse before it gets better… And the perfect strategy for today’s risky market.