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Michael Alkin

Michael Alkin is a hedge fund veteran with decades of hands-on market experience. For 20 years, Mike worked for multi-billion-dollar hedge funds in various roles, including analyst, portfolio manager, and partner.

Today, he edits Moneyflow Trader, an investment newsletter that focuses on low-risk, long-term trades in markets headed for a downfall (but few people see coming).

Mike’s a contrarian and a deep believer in meticulous research. Readers benefit from his thorough–and sometimes unconventional–field investigations. More often than not, he’s on the road conducting “boots-on-the-ground” interviews with company insiders. His research has no geographic borders; Mike has traveled across the globe in search of mispriced industries and stocks.

When he’s not scouring financial reports or doing field visits, Mike can be found in the village of Garden City, N.Y., either in the audience at his daughter’s dance recitals, on the sidelines of his son’s lacrosse and football games, or taking direction from his wife on how not to overcook the steaks again.