Welcome to WSU Premium! In this debut episode, Daniel and I dig into the latest market headlines and earnings results… and reveal our new Dollar Stock Club recommendation. 

Salesforce (CRM) is up over 10% after a strong earnings report. We discuss the impressive results… and the role that activists played in forcing changes.

Best Buy (BBY) and Macy’s (M) also announced their latest results. Daniel and I share how post-COVID macro trends are affecting both businesses… and whether we would buy either stock at current levels. 

Tesla (TSLA) is down over 5% today following its much-hyped investor day. We discuss how Tesla dropped the ball. Plus, we examine how Elon Musk created a devoted client base unlike any other.

Finally, we break down how to spot Wall Street manipulation, especially when it comes to the games analysts play with their earnings estimates. We also dig into this week’s Dollar Stock Club recommendation… why its weak forward guidance is actually a good thing… and how it’s taking advantage of Wall Street’s games.