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Stocks continue to sell off. 

But many pundits believe we’ll see the typical year-end rally as we head into the holiday season. 

What do we think? 

Daniel and I discuss what to expect.

One asset that’s thriving right now: Bitcoin. 

The original cryptocurrency is up over 15% in the past week. 

What’s behind the rally? 

And will it continue?

Find out on today’s show. 

Next, we’re in the heart of earnings season… and auto companies are some of the latest to report.

Daniel highlights some impressive results from O’Reilly Automotive (ORLY)… a word of caution from Harley-Davidson (HOG)… and why GM (GM) pulled its guidance. 

We also discuss some interesting news about electric vehicles (EVs).

Could this be the reason EVs are struggling?

Speaking of green energy—do you know how much this government agenda costs? 

Daniel shares some shocking numbers—and explains why fossil fuels aren’t going away anytime soon. 

Activist investor Nelson Peltz is once again trying to join Disney’s (DIS) board of directors. 

I think it’s disastrous news. 

If you own shares of Disney—or are thinking about buying—this is an absolutely must-hear segment.  

Next, I share my thoughts on Microsoft’s (MSFT) results… the selloff in Alphabet (GOOG)… and what I’ll be looking at when Amazon (AMZN) reports later today. 

Finally, we reveal this week’s Dollar Stock Club pick. 

You might think we’re crazy recommending a stock like this… but the risk/reward opportunity in this crazy market is off the charts.