If you’re worried about the current banking crisis and how it may not only affect your portfolio… but potentially your ability to hold your funds safely and securely…

You need to watch this urgent new episode of WSU Premium immediately.

In this episode, I share a list of 13 banks that are in a concerning position right now…

Big names that you may either be invested in or banking with… which have a huge amount of uninsured deposits and unrealized losses.

This week’s Dollar Stock Club pick is a financial services business that’s been unfairly caught up in the turmoil. We explain why the steep selloff in the stock is overdone. In fact, company insiders are using the opportunity to scoop up millions of dollars’ worth of shares.

We also dive into how the government and short sellers are playing a role in the banking disaster… why the government’s bailout is a terrible idea… and why it should terrify investors.

I continue to pound the table on why you must protect your portfolio right now—and the best way to make a fortune as stocks collapse.

And we give our predictions for next week’s Fed meeting… and why, for the first time in a long time, a rate hike is up in the air.

We end today’s show on a fun note: NCAA March Madness, which kicks off today. I share my final four… a couple of teams to watch out for… and the upset I expect to see in the first round.