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This 'Hybrid' Asset Spits Out Cash In Bear Markets

Unlimited Income

Wanna know why most investors lose in a down market?

It’s because they let fear drive them out of stocks…

Even as the best names go on sale.

But as they say, “millionaires are made in bear markets.”

If you can look past your feelings and watch the data…

It’s clear that RIGHT NOW is the time to buy.

And more than 50 years of hard data suggests there’s one asset class you should buy today to maximize your gains coming out of this market.

See, analysts at the financial research firm Morningstar analyzed the last 12 recessions…

And they found that, time and again, growth-income strategies have generally “fared best during recessionary periods.”

This “hybrid” strategy is Genia Turanova’s expertise.

And she shares her 'hybrid' strategy with Curzio Research readers in her growth-income service, Unlimited Income.

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Genia Turanova
Genia Turanova

Genia is a former Wall Street money manager and an award-winning investment newsletter editor. She has over two decades of experience helping clients successfully navigate both bear and bull markets.

Not only did she manage a $30 million income & growth portfolio at New York’s Leeb Capital through the credit crisis…

But she’s also served as the chief investment strategist and portfolio editor of 4 separate income and growth investment newsletters. Learn more

Genia’s proven you don’t have to sacrifice income for growth

Hannon Armstrong(HASI)
Ameriprise Financial (AMP)
Digital Realty Trust(DLR)
Applied Materials(AMAT)

Investing in securities involves the risk of loss. Past performance is used as an example and does not guarantee future results.

Unlimited Income

Each Unlimited Income issue contains a market overview, updates on portfolio positions, and a detailed stock recommendation.

You’ll learn how Genia analyzes company fundamentals, charts, and market data to select each month’s income stock pick… and how to apply this process to improve your own investing strategy.

Unlimited Income

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