Billionaire investor Leon Cooperman appeared on CNBC this morning. 

Daniel and I discuss some of the points he made…

Is capitalism under attack?

Are stocks really expensive right now? 

And what exactly ARE the major risks to the markets?

I’ll tell you one for sure: Consumer behavior. 

I share some alarming data on consumers… and how it’ll impact the markets in the near term. 

The Biden Administration surprised the markets by canceling the seven remaining oil & gas leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 

I explain why this move is absolutely unhinged… and why I genuinely believe this administration hates the U.S.

Speaking of politics, China has banned government employees from using Apple iPhones. 

How badly will this hurt the tech giant? 

And, as promised on yesterday’s episode, Daniel and I recap the de-dollarization trend taking place across the world… 

And the sectors that will benefit most from the situation. 

This week’s Dollar Stock Club is a direct play on the de-dollarization theme—a hot-button issue you definitely want to be on the right side of. 

I end today’s show with another rant about my favorite “whipping boy” stock: Disney. 

If you haven’t heard me talk about it yet—listen up. 

This once-darling company seems committed to killing itself… and its shareholders. 

If you own it (and it’s likely you do), you need to hear this.