Billionaire hedge funder Stanley Druckenmiller famously helped George Soros make $1 billion shorting the British pound in the ’90s.

This week, he announced his new bearish trade: shorting the U.S. dollar.

As much as I love this country… he’s making a great trade.

It seems like this administration has done everything it can to weaken the dollar.

But I’m NOT recommending you short the dollar.

There’s another way to play the declining dollar that DOESN’T require you to go short.

It’s a unique stock with a history of skyrocketing when the dollar’s on its knees.

A name that TRIPLED the last time we saw a big pullback in the dollar.

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Daniel and I also cover the U.K. government’s quiet plot to hurt a popular tech company that may be in your portfolio right now…

The U.S. government’s conspiracy to take COMPLETE control of your finances—including what you can and can’t spend your money on…

The “rich man’s” asset class that consistently outperforms the S&P, real estate, and gold during volatile periods—and how I recommend getting exposure…

The event happening this August that could TANK the dollar—and how to prepare…

And why Tucker Carlson’s firing is part of a much bigger push to silence controversial voices.

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