2 stocks are “screaming buys” right now…

The first is a defense company poised to soar off the escalating Russia-Ukraine war…

The second is a household name that’s been unfairly punished—but could soon rocket back up in price…

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Daniel and I also discuss yesterday’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) data, which shows inflation trending lower—for now. We break down the most important points from the report… why it’s too soon to say inflation is going down… and why we’ll see another rate hike at the Fed’s May meeting.

I also explain why the major division between political parties—particularly, the debt ceiling debate—spells serious near-term trouble for the markets.

Warren Buffett was on CNBC yesterday to share his thoughts on everything from the banking crisis to Bitcoin. Daniel and I highlight the areas where you should and shouldn’t follow “Uncle Warren’s” advice… and I have a huge bone to pick with him about his take on the bank bailouts.

Another notable interview from yesterday: Donald Trump’s sitdown with Tucker Carlson. We highlight Trump’s unusual behavior (in that he was acting normal)… and why his comments on French President Macron were spot on.

Finally, we discuss how the government is trying to force electric vehicles (EVs) on consumers… whether EVs are really as clean as they claim to be… and whether they’ll make a difference for global warming.

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