In this episode, Daniel and I reveal why we believe we’re about to see “the death of the dollar…”

And why Bitcoin is likely to replace it as the world’s reserve currency.

This isn’t a prediction we make lightly.

If we’re right, it will have stunning implications for every U.S. citizen.

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We also explain why you should focus on big, “boring” companies right now… and mention several large-cap stocks to add to your watchlist…

Plus, I share why I’m excited about 3D printing for the first time in years… and a potential takeover target in the space…

And this week’s Dollar Stock Club pick—a leading retailer with a rock-solid balance sheet. It’s growing revenue and earnings… and rewarding shareholders in a massive way. Plus, shares have pulled back over the past few weeks, which creates a great entry point amid all the market volatility.

Finally, we give our thoughts on the government’s recent crypto crackdown… and why every crypto investor should pay close attention to an upcoming meeting of the House Financial Services Committee.

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